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What we're all about

This site was created with the idea of friendly and interesting video game content in mind. The name "Video Chums" is inspired by the moments when you hang out with friends and play video games. No one wants to hang out with obnoxious people, so you won't find any cynical articles about such trivial topics like the console wars here. Please enjoy your stay and don't be afraid to contact us and leave comments even if the article is ancient. We'd love to hear from you!

Review standards

Video Chums takes pride in our reviews. What makes us stand out as an awesome video game review site is that by the end of reading each review, you should have a firm understanding of what to expect from the game and feel as if you've already played it.

Prior to writing a review, our reviewers are strongly discouraged from reading other reviews and researching scores. This ensures that our reviews consistently come from unique perspectives and are scored genuinely without reinforcing already established opinions.

Our reviewers finish each game before reviewing it. If a game is unfinishable, the reviewer will play it to the point where they have experienced everything that the game has to offer. Reviewers must write about all applicable aspects of every game that they review.

Reviewers will only review games that they are unbiased towards. For example, if someone dislikes platformers then they will not review any platformers. However, if someone likes platformers then they should review them since they know what aspects to judge a platformer by. Because of this, a game will be judged by how good of a game it is and not by what kind of game it is.

Something that our reviewers will not do is make excuses for a game. If a part of a game is bad then it should be pointed out as such and not excused by saying something like, "The graphics are bad but the game is fun so that's okay." Instead, it would be better to say, "Although the game is fun, the graphics are bad." In other words, if a game is bad, then it's a bad game, even if the reviewer enjoys it.

We review on a game-by-game basis with no defined structure or restrictions. As a result, our reviews are not broken up into categories with individual scores (for example, graphics, sound, gameplay, story, etc.). Certain categories may not matter as much for some games and therefore the final score should not be heavily weighed down by them.

A game's price has no place in a review of it. Free games can be terrible and shouldn't be given higher scores just because they're free. Inversely, a game may be unprecedentedly expensive but that doesn't mean that its score should suffer as a result. After all, overpriced games tend to go down in price quickly. As a review reader, you're savvy enough already to decide if a game is worth the asking price or not after reading one of our reviews.

Review scores

We score games with the following ratings in mind:

  1. Completely unplayable
  2. Terrible
  3. Bad
  4. Unsatisfactory
  5. Just playable
  6. Satisfactory
  7. Good
  8. Great
  9. Awesome
  10. Absolutely perfect

If a game falls between two ratings, the reviewer will give it a fraction according to where it lies between the two ratings. For example, a game with a rating of 5.3 is playable but only a little bit satisfying. A game with a rating of 9.7 is almost perfect but may have some very minor flaws.


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From time to time, we may have to remove visitor comments. The following is a list of unacceptable content:


We do not tolerate plagiarism which is defined as the theft of another's ideas. For example, if you're stuck writing a review and reword portions of one of our reviews then we will find out and demand that you remove it. Failing to remove it will result in further action.

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