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There are tons of multiplayer indies available so let me help you decide which ones are worthwhile by exploring 8 recent 4 player games.

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Boomerang Fu Review Xbox One ★★★★☆

If the concept of a game where you play as food while throwing boomerangs at your opponents sounds fun then here's an indie for you! v1d30chumz 3-235-186-94

Boomerang Fu screenshot
These foodies are in for some frantic fun

Boomerang Fu is a simple game at its core and that's what makes it so much fun. You basically pick your favourite character from an array of adorable anthropomorphic food items then partake in overhead arena battles. The core gameplay involves running and dashing around while throwing or slashing your boomerang. If you throw it, you'll have to collect it again so you have to be careful when you're defenceless. One awesome implementation is that there's a wide variety of stages that feature their own hazards and tricky layouts with nifty moving parts. This makes the gameplay stay fresh for much longer than you'd expect. Another clever aspect is that there's a shield system in place which ensures that the leading player has a tougher time claiming victory. This is great because it allows each player to have more of an opportunity to sneak to the front of the pack. It's a brilliant multiplayer game and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

In the end, Boomerang Fu's developers definitely proved that they know how to make a supremely enjoyable multiplayer experience.

Boomerang Fu gameplay video →

Drink More Glurp Review Switch ★★★★☆

I love Olympics-style games that boast a wide range of enjoyable events and if you do, too, then check out Drink More Glurp.

Drink More Glurp screenshot
I gone done drink all them Glurp and me smarter than ever

Drink More Glurp is as hilarious as you'd think. Not only is the silly premise of a goofy sponsor-ridden sporting event funny, the gameplay is also full of laughs. You basically rotate the sticks to control ridiculous spherical characters. Each stick controls one of their arms so the goal is often to get into a good rhythm in order to make them run fast. However, there are other events that'll task you with touching highlighted objects, throwing stuff, and bouncing all around annoying stages. It's tricky to control for sure and that's why it's so fun because it's not frustrating to play; it's really quite simple. With that in mind, it remains challenging enough to create a consistently fun-filled atmosphere. Needless to say, if you like playing mini-games with friends then you'll thoroughly enjoy Drink More Glurp.

As far as mini-game-fueled indies go, the amount of silly lighthearted fun in Drink More Glurp certainly makes it a stand-out title.

Drink More Glurp gameplay video →

Headsnatchers Review PlayStation 4 ★★★★☆

If your friend has a big head and you want to rip it off then you're a strange individual but you'll also love the very fun Headsnatchers.

Headsnatchers screenshot
I'm gonna win but don't lose your head over it!

Headsnatchers is yet another competitive mini-game fest. Just like Drink More Glurp, its core gameplay remains a constant no matter which stage you're playing. However, Headsnatchers is less about tricky controls and more about playing aggressively so you can rip off your opponents' heads and score points with them in clever ways. Each stage presents a different challenge and you'll end up using heads to kick them into soccer goals, dunk them into basketball nets, shoot them out of cannons, feed them to sharks, and much more. There's a huge variety of stages to master and the gameplay is more enjoyable the more folks play because matches can be rather short if you only play with 2 players. Anyway, it's a silly premise that lends itself well to the huge variety of situations that it presents.

It's a simple game at its core but the amount of variety within Headsnatchers makes its gameplay shine as a must-have multiplayer romp.

Headsnatchers gameplay video →

Dunk Lords Review Xbox One ★★★☆☆

As a fan of arcade basketball games, I had to play Dunk Lords but does it live up to genre classics? Let's head to the court and find out!

Dunk Lords screenshot
I wish real basketball was this exciting

Dunk Lords is definitely not a conventional basketball game. At its core, it features all of the gameplay elements that make a basketball game: passing, dunking, shooting, stealing, etc. Additionally, there are many elements thrown into the equation such as character-specific special moves, beat 'em up aspects, and special panels that are scattered across the court. All of this adds up to make an exceptionally involving gameplay formula that takes a long time to learn how to play effectively. On the plus side, this means that mastering the gameplay is more rewarding but it also means that the gameplay isn't very intuitive and can be rather clunky. This makes it a fun game while playing solo but it doesn't have a pick-up-and-play feel so playing it with friends can be rather difficult to enjoy.

I wish Dunk Lords featured streamlined gameplay because there's certainly a fun formula here but it's buried under complex mechanics.

Dunk Lords gameplay video →

Aeolis Tournament Review Switch ★★★☆☆

Here's a game where you use a gun which both sucks and blows. What the heck does that mean? Let's play Aeolis Tournament and see.

Aeolis Tournament screenshot
Invite all the furries over for a few rounds of fun

Aeolis Tournament is another mini-game collection which features a central mechanic. This time, you select a cute furry fellow equipped with a gun that can suck and blow and you use that device to accomplish things such as placing coloured balls in your goal, playing hockey, and having snowball fights. It's a very simple game to play which is great as it allows friends to enjoy it together without much need to practice. On the downside, this mechanic gets quite stale after playing for a while even though there are a decent variety of arena-style mini-games to enjoy. As a result, I'd say that Aeolis Tournament is best suited for a multiplayer game playlist and not for the main event. It's fun, looks lovely, and is mechanically sound yet it simply doesn't stay as fresh as many other multiplayer indies.

It's a capable multiplayer funfest yet Aeolis Tournament's core gameplay could use more variety to help keep it fresh and exciting.

Aeolis Tournament gameplay video → Let's Play Aeolis Tournament video →

Brunch Club Review Xbox One ★★☆☆☆

Plenty of indie games are intentionally irritating to control but does Brunch Club actually offer fun with its food-fueled frustration?

Brunch Club screenshot
Playing with my food made me more annoyed than hungry

On the surface, Brunch Club is a solid idea for a multiplayer indie game: you possess utensils and food then control them by flopping them around tables and countertops. Each stage presents its own unique challenge such as making players butter toast, assemble sushi, and cook bacon and eggs while a sniper shoots at you for some reason. This may sound fun but there's very little in-game instruction which means that most of the challenge relies on your ability to figure out what to do on your own. For example, we could not figure out how to pass the stage with a sniper in it because we kept getting shot constantly. On the other hand, we did figure out how to butter the toast but even after we did, it didn't really offer much entertainment which is a shame because there's some potential here.

I didn't enjoy the intentionally clumsy gameplay of Brunch Club and neither did my gaming chums yet it surely has a promising premise.

Brunch Club gameplay video →

Gerrrms Review Switch ★★★☆☆

There's nothing quite like enjoying a game where you spread germs during a global pandemic so let's get ill and play some Gerrrms.

Gerrrms screenshot
I hope we don't start another pandemic...

Gerrrms has you and a few friends control, well... germs by rotating around nodes within single-screen arenas. You basically hold a button to begin rotating then let go to send your germ flying. You can also dash which helps give you a boost. Anyway, there are a handful of fun modes such as capture the flag where holding the flag for a certain amount of time grants you the win and deathmatch where you use a predefined power-up like a homing missile to defeat your opponents. It really is a simplistic game that's easy to pick-up-and-play and the cartoon visuals are actually rather appealing with the silly germ sprites. It's a solid indie for some easy breezy multiplayer fun.

It's not the most fleshed out multiplayer indie but Gerrrms still provides some good times through its intuitive and enjoyable setup.

Gerrrms gameplay video → Similar game: StarDrone VR

Ultra Foodmess Review Switch ★★★☆☆

Didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with your food? Well, now you can in the delightful 4 player indie Ultra Foodmess.

Ultra Foodmess screenshot
Warning: never give a bazooka to an actual slice of pizza

We've come full circle! Boomerang Fu is a competitive arena game that stars a bunch of food items and Ultra Foodmess is exactly that as well. However, whereas Boomerang Fu features clever core gameplay and adorably stylish visuals, Ultra Foodmess is much more back-to-basics. You'll play simple and intuitive mini-games such as trying to paint the stage in your colour, aim and shoot at each other, and avoid hazards such as saws, lava, and ketchup which is made trickier considering players can bounce off one another. The amount of variety is substantial and there's plenty of simple fun to be had yet nothing really stands out as all that innovative which is a bit disappointing.

Ultra Foodmess is a fantastic multiplayer game for kids who are looking for intuitive and accessible yet ultimately frantic gameplay.

Ultra Foodmess gameplay video →
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