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A Link to the Past vs. Super Metroid

Clash of the SNES titans

Alex Legard

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Super Metroid are 2 groundbreaking action/adventure games. Considering they're the only entries in their respective series on SNES, let's take a look at both of these classics to see which one is better.

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I love when Link gets whisked away to the Dark World

Hyrule or Zebes?

Zebes is the Space Pirate home world and Samus is there to rescue a baby Metroid which is the last of its kind. It was stolen from the research station by Ridley at the start of Super Metroid's story and the space pirates will breed a new species of Metroid unless you do something about it. Meanwhile, the Kingdom of Hyrule is Link's home within the Light World. Speaking of which, you also go to the Dark World which turned to despair after Ganondorf wished it so with the Golden Power. v1d30chumz 3-235-186-94

Both game worlds have a huge amount of locations to explore and tons of collectibles. Zebes consists of 7 zones filled with bosses, space pirates, handy missile expansions, animals, Ridley, and one baby Metroid in distress. The environments look as spooky as you'd expect while exploring a dangerous alien world. A Link to the Past's Hyrule has much more charming graphics. You're also more involved with the story throughout the campaign. For example, picking up the Master Sword and visiting the Dark World are really cool events. There are also 11 massive dungeons to explore throughout the world which may be the most out of any Zelda game; please correct me if I'm wrong. Overall, I find exploring the Light and Dark Worlds of Hyrule to be more enjoyable than Zebes.

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This is everything that you need to know about Samus

Super Metroid's Samus Aran is an arsenal of destruction who slowly becomes more powerful as you find weapon and armour upgrades. She also has a morph ball form which is a very fun way to explore otherwise inaccessible areas and you can even turn on and off upgrades if you wish. The mobility upgrades (gravity suit, morph ball, and screw attack) are awesome when you find them but one thing that I don't like about Samus is that her movement is very difficult to control whenever you're in water or in some alien's pincer.

Link in A Link to the Past is your good old sword-carrying hero who seems to have endlessly deep pockets. How else could he store all of the items that he finds? Although having more toys than Batman is kind of cool, it can also be cumbersome to configure. This category is difficult to decide but I like Samus' equipment progression more and using her arm cannon is very satisfying so she wins here.


I love A Link to the Past's pixel-perfect graphics, especially Link's sprite. I also love the music as you can't walk anywhere without iconic Zelda songs playing. By the way, my favorite tracks play during the Dark World overworld and its mountain/forest area. Super Metroid has some great music, too, but not as great as A Link to the Past's. My favorite area is probably Norfair because of how much there is to explore there and how eerie it is. Overall, I like A Link to the Past better mainly because of its awesome music.

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Can you honestly tell me that Link isn't adorable?


There are a few bosses in A Link to the Past that are not fun or creative, especially Moldorm in the Tower of Hera because he keeps knocking you off the ledge until you hit him 6 times in a row. Also, Kholdstare in the Ice Palace and Arrghus in the Swamp Palace simply aren't creative. After you reach their second phases, both of them just bounce around the arena until you kill them. Meanwhile, I was very impressed with the bosses in Super Metroid even though there are far fewer of them. The difficulty is higher and it's terrifying once the Ridley boss theme or the Kraid boss theme starts playing. I enjoyed pretty much every boss in Super Metroid so it wins here.


Hyrule has tons of special gear for Link to find as well as 24 pieces of heart plus tons of unremarkable chests containing rupees, arrows, and bombs. Zebes has loads of cool gear as well including 46 missile, 10 super missile, and 10 power bomb expansions which increase Samus' ammo capacity. The collectibles in both games are great but I found it to be much more satisfying achieving 100% in A Link to the Past. Doing so is not easy in either game but finding everything in Super Metroid is doubly difficult because you have to check inside every wall with well-placed power bombs if you're not using a guide so the winner here is A Link to the Past.

Super Metroid screenshot 2
This is only missile expansion number 346

My nostalgia meter is off the charts but I have to pick either A Link to the Past or Super Metroid as the winner and it's...

Winner A Link to the Past

While this comparison ended up very close, I have to award A Link to the Past as the overall winner. It has 2 massive overworlds, 11 cleverly designed dungeons, and possibly the best soundtrack out of any SNES game. There's so much that I love about it that it's difficult to summarise everything in one short paragraph. That being said, Super Metroid has better bosses and Samus' arm cannon is just awesome but overall, A Link to the Past is a more enjoyable and memorable experience.

That's just my opinion. Agree? Disagree? Vote now!

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