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A Memoir Blue: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Mary Billington

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A Memoir Blue is a relaxing story to enjoy at your own pace but there are occasional moments when you might be wondering how to progress. For those instances, I've written this walkthrough for how to complete each scene and move on to the next.

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Note: currently, this guide will allow you to finish the game without getting stumped. I may add steps to earn every achievement later. v1d30chumz 3-223-3-251

A Memoir Blue: intro screenshot
Time to go on a reflective journey


  1. Pull the radio down into the water
  2. Tap rapidly on the medal
  3. After a few seconds, the phone will ring so slide the slider on the phone, click the phone button, touch the text bubble, and then touch the green circle
  4. Pull all 3 ice cubes to the bottom of the glass
  5. Turn the radio knob clockwise until the marker reaches the end
  6. Pull the sun down to set it
  7. Pull the radio into the floor
A Memoir Blue: Radio screenshot
I think someone took the phrase "pirate radio" a little too seriously


  1. Keep pulling off the top piece of paper
  2. Put both coins into the machine, press the large person button then the small person button then the ticket button, align the stamp so that the blue lines line up, put a ticket under the stamp and pull the handle downwards to stamp it, put the ticket in the slot to the right, and then repeat with the other ticket
  3. Keep tapping different areas of the newspaper to uncover the picture, repeat with the next picture, and tap the wheel then rapidly move the right stick to make the train move
  4. Keep tapping the larger footprints
  5. Keep tapping the top of different jellyfish
  6. Drag pieces of wood from the top of the water down to form a bridge then drag the ticket booth down
  7. Move the hand to put the money in the ticket master's hand
  8. Put the key in the keyhole then rotate it clockwise, press the green button, and pull the lever up
  9. Direct the boat to the left then stop at the pier
A Memoir Blue: Tickets screenshot
I wish the actual news had stories like this


  1. Move the leaves off the screen
  2. Move the photographs around to have them develop then tap on each one when it has cleared up
  3. Pull the red fish towards the photograph
  4. Interact with the 3 strings holding the curtain to cut them
  5. Interact with the picture in the top-right, tap the 2 leftmost lights to turn them on, and drag the roller along the picture on the left to clean it
  6. Pull up the handle at the bottom of the grate
  7. Tap the light then pull the handle down from the top to close the grate
  8. Tap the call button
  9. Tap the boxes as they appear then pull the tape up on the last box then tap it 6 times total to remove all items
  10. Tap all 8 collections of folders and drag them to the desk one by one
A Memoir Blue: Photographs screenshot
Oh noes; steer clear of that scary shark!


  1. Keep tapping on each TV until the picture matches the one on the larger TV, tap each TV again to change the picture, and then repeat one more time
  2. Keep tapping along the path from the character to the escalator to create footprints
  3. Tap and drag to clear the dirt
  4. Keep pulling the seaweed to loosen it
  5. Pull the end of the rope and hook it on to the left pole, tap some of the balloons to have all of them fill with air, lift up each fish on the ground and place it on the pedestal, and then pick up each wooden stand and pull them onto the pedestals
  6. Pull the fences up
  7. Pull the handle down then turn the wheel clockwise then tap and drag to clear the condensation from the screen
  8. Pull down the weights on either side of the pedestals then pull down the green banner
  9. Pull the seaweed attached to the door upwards to disconnect it then rotate the wheel clockwise
  10. Attach the 2 lights to the bar, pull the cloth off from both speakers, pull the handle up, and press the white circles on the phones to take photos
  11. Tap the wardrobe to open it then tap each item to make them fall to the floor, pick up and drop all items on the table, and then knock the chair backwards
A Memoir Blue: Pedestals screenshot
You know the swimming competition is hard when the medal ceremony is underwater


  1. Pull the bottom-right corner of the book, open both curtains, move the books to the left and right of the desk, and put the tape into the tape deck then close it shut
  2. Pull the bottom-right corner of the book again, pull out all the books and the pencil case from the desk, unzip the pencil case, and then open the book
  3. Pull the bottom-right corner for a third time, hold the action button, and move the stick forward to jump into the water then hold down plus the action button to swim forward until you reach the end
  4. Keep tapping the speakers
  5. Keep tapping the coral until it lights up
  6. Tap all 6 lights to turn them on
  7. Pick up and assemble the mirror pieces, tap the mirror each time the picture changes, hold the action button, and push right to turn the carousel
  8. Move the trophies to the side to make way for the pictures
A Memoir Blue: Healing screenshot
Is she listening to some lo-fi beats to study to?
Watch Mary play A Memoir Blue thumbnail
Watch Mary play A Memoir Blue
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