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A Sip of Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course

An interview with Studio MDHR

A.J. Maciejewski

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Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course will soon make its debut so I asked Studio MDHR what fans can expect from the brand new DLC.

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It's awesome to see shoot 'em up levels make a return

[A.J.] Cuphead is an iconic game so what made you decide to release The Delicious Last Course as DLC as opposed to a separate game? v1d30chumz 3-223-3-251

[Maja Moldenhauer, Studio Director & Executive Producer] For us, The Delicious Last Course is the realization of a long-held goal of doing justice to the story of The Legendary Chalice, and how she becomes Ms. Chalice. When developing Cuphead, we always envisioned her as an integral part of a core trio of heroes, but the constraints of releasing our first game meant that we had to make the tough decision to leave that larger tale on the cutting room floor. After Cuphead's release and the unbelievable fan response, we found ourselves returning to discussions of Ms. Chalice and her story. While we could have spun her adventure off into its own game, we knew that her narrative was integrally tied to Cuphead and Mugman, so it only felt right to situate it within the main game. Taken all together, we feel that the Cuphead experience is finally the complete one we always envisioned!

[A.J.] So, everything is now complete with The Delicious Last Course; awesome! Will there be any tie-ins with The Cuphead Show on Inkwell Isle?

[Maja] While we're huge fans of The Cuphead Show, and so proud of what the team at Netflix Animation has created, it represents its own unique take on the story and the characters. Throughout the process of the show's creation, we were on-hand to consult as needed, but The Cuphead Show and The Delicious Last Course are very much their own distinct projects. There won't be any specific show-related tie ins in the game, beyond core characters like Cuphead, Mugman, and Ms. Chalice that happen to appear in both!

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Looks like you'll get an audience for this fight!

[A.J.] As we've touched upon, fans will be able to play as The Legendary Chalice who's now simply known as Ms. Chalice. How does she play differently to Cuphead and Mugman?

[Jared Moldenhauer, The Delicious Last Course Co-Director & Design] Ms. Chalice has a brand new playstyle defined by a unique move set. A few of the big differences players will notice right away include her ability to double jump, a "roll" move which includes a window of invincibility, and the fact that she automatically parries pink objects by dashing into them. She also has her own completely unique "Super Art" moves that we don't want to spoil! Taken all together, we feel like Ms. Chalice offers a lot of creative variety in how you approach the game's bosses and platforming stages. For players who didn't click immediately with Cuphead or Mugman, we'd suggest trying her out - but we think seasoned players who want to test their high score or shoot for new clear times will enjoy playing as her as well.

[A.J.] Sounds great! Are there any other new gameplay mechanics that fans can look forward to in The Delicious Last Course?

[Chad Moldenhauer, The Delicious Last Course Co-Director & Art] This is a tricky question to answer without spoiling things, so I'll say this: we made the conscious decision not to bring back platforming stages this time around. Instead, players will earn coins to purchase weapons and charms in an all-new way which uses one of our existing game mechanics in a creative new way. We think it will challenge players to think outside the box, and can't wait for folks to experience it, including on Nintendo Switch!

Cuphead screenshot 1
Re-playing these bosses with Ms. Chalice is going to be a blast

[A.J.] I'm sure fans will love playing through the original campaign with Ms. Chalice and the new mechanics. Can they also look forward to new challenges while doing so?

[Chad] Part of what we loved about the games that inspired us growing up was the way that players could create their own sense of challenge. From speed runs to no-hit boss runs, we always enjoyed pushing ourselves to play games in new and creative ways. We think that between Ms. Chalice's new move set and super, and the game's new weapons and charms, the amazing Cuphead community will surprise us by showing off entirely new ways to experience the original game. And now with The Delicious Last Course launching for the Nintendo Switch, players will have a new way to share the Cuphead gameplay experience, since it will allow them to take the game on the go. It feels reminiscent of the childhood "word of mouth" experiences we had sharing games on the playground.

[A.J.] Yes, I fondly remember sharing high scores and such with friends in elementary school. With accessibility options becoming more widely adopted, will Cuphead or its DLC feature any settings to allow more gamers to enjoy the undeniably high degree of challenge?

[Maja] To echo Jared's points about Ms. Chalice, this is one of the things we're arguably most excited about with her character. We think that she offers players a bigger toolbelt than ever, so to speak, with which to approach the game's bosses and stages. When designing her moveset, we did extensive playtesting of the original game, and revisited bosses to see where there might be shortcomings in the way Cuphead and Mugman controlled that could be reflected in a new character's moves. Between both playstyles, we think there are more ways than ever to take on the challenges of Cuphead and The Delicious Last Course.

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Ms. Chalice sure has some swanky new moves

[A.J.] Before we go, can you describe the boss that you are most excited for fans to enjoy?

[Jared] If only I could! I would say one of my favourite parts of the original Cuphead experience was seeing the amazing fan reactions to our boss transformations, and I wouldn't want to ruin that surprise for anyone. What I'll say is this: we have often heard people compare the original Cuphead boss battles to the "final boss" stages of other games. With The Delicious Last Course, we consciously tried to design these bosses to feel like they were all the final bosses of a Cuphead game. We can't wait to see which ones emerge as people's favourites!

[A.J.] Finally, are there any Easter eggs that you're excited for fans to discover in The Delicious Last Course?

[Chad] Of course there are! But what would be the fun in spoiling those? 😉

Cuphead screenshot 2
It would be awesome to play these bosses again with new challenges

The folks at Studio MDHR sure are leaving a lot of things as surprises which makes the upcoming release of this DLC all the more exciting so look forward to Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course when it launches for Nintendo Switch on June 30. 😊

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Gameplay video for Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course
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