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Balan Wonderworld: How to Change to Any Costume

Enter the changing room

A.J. Maciejewski

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Balan Wonderworld is a lovely game but it doesn't have a very good tutorial so allow me to explain how to change your costumes easily.

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Balan Wonderworld: changing room screenshot
That room with Louise Belcher's hat above it is where it's at

I absolutely loved my time with Balan Wonderworld and plan on playing it even more. However, many gamers have been having trouble with it as well as making silly assumptions about how tedious it is. I've even seen comments about how collecting extra costumes makes your third one disappear. So, I'm happy to say that all of these seemingly frustrating aspects are easily remedied with one simple core gameplay element that a surprising amount of gamers appear to have missed: the changing room. v1d30chumz 3-239-112-140

Before getting to it, I'll explain how the costume system works because there's a lot of confusion surrounding it. Whenever you pick up a costume after unlocking it with a key, it gets added to an array of up to 3 that you can swap between on the fly. Whenever you get hit, your current costume gets destroyed and you'll then equip the next one in the line. Therefore, you can essentially consider costumes and keys to be Balan Wonderworld's health system. Here's where things get confusing. Once you collect a fourth costume, you equip it and it might seem like your third one disappears but it does not; it actually goes into your inventory!

That's right; Balan Wonderworld has a costume inventory system but how do you access it? It's really quite simple. All you do is stand on any checkpoint, wait a few seconds, and a changing room will emerge. If you're in a world that you already completed, you'll also get doors that lead to the hub area and the other 2 stages. Anyway, once you enter the changing room, you can completely change your costume loadout by choosing from the costumes that you've saved up. So, an important part of playing Balan Wonderworld is acquiring extra costumes to add to your inventory because doing so will allow you to progress and reach secret areas without the need to replay levels over and over again. In other words; is Balan Wonderworld a tedious game? Definitely not now that you know all this!

Balan Wonderworld: costume select menu screenshot
Now, you can use whatever costume wherever you want!

Thanks for visiting and reading all about Balan Wonderworld's costume inventory system. If you have any questions then let me know!

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