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Brook Vivid Wireless Controller for Switch Review

An excellent Pro alternative

A.J. Maciejewski

Written by for Opinions on 🎮

If you need an extra controller for Nintendo Switch then you may want to check out the awesome new Brook Vivid Wireless Controller.

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Photo of Brook Vivid Wireless Controller next to its box, manual, and packed-in extras
There's a lot more in the box than I thought there would be


Of course, the most important aspect of a controller besides the fact that it's functional is its comfort factor and I'm happy to say that the Brook Vivid Wireless Controller is high quality stuff. One thing that surprised me is just how lightweight it is considering there's a lot of technology packed in. In fact, it's very similar to the Pro Controller as it also features gyro sensors for motion-controlled games and vibration functionality. I don't think it's as intricate as Nintendo's HD rumble but the fact that you can feel something is still superb. v1d30chumz 44-210-77-106


Next, let's look at some cool features that make the Brook Vivid Wireless Controller stand out. For starters, there are 4 additional buttons (turbo, settings, AL, and AR) and an extra switch to toggle Macro and Shoot modes. These come together to add a few new ways to play. First, you can apply Turbo to any button very intuitively which will especially help with shoot 'em ups that don't have in-game rapid-fire. Next, you can record 30 second Macro sequences of button presses which could help with auto-grinding in certain RPGs and pulling off combos in tricky fighting games. Finally, you can enable Shoot mode which makes the sticks more precise (half as sensitive) as you hold the appropriate AL or AR button which are both located at the back of the controller. I'd like to see a Pro Controller do that! 😄


In the Brook Vivid Wireless Controller box, you also get a USB-A to USB-C charge cable, 4 cute paw print rubber analogue stick covers (2 different coloured sets), and a sticker sheet with an adorable anime girl who I assume is Brook's mascot. Is her name Brook? Probably. Another great inclusion is a phone mount which snaps right onto the controller and allows you to play mobile games with your phone attached via Bluetooth on an Apple, Android, or Windows device. I wish that it was big enough for the Switch but perhaps it's too heavy. Oh, and the battery apparently lasts for 15 hours although I didn't do extensive testing with it so I'll take their word for it; it's lasted me a long time so far. I also like that you can push the Home button to wake the console up just like you can do with the Pro Controller.

Photo of Brook Vivid Wireless Controller next to a Nintendo Switch with Mega Man: The Wily Wars shown onscreen
Time to put this controller to use and play some Mega Man: The Wily Wars

That's about all I have to say about the Brook Vivid Wireless Controller for Switch. I'll be sure to update this review if I come across any issues or discover any features that I may have missed. Overall, whether you're playing on a regular Switch, Switch Lite, the OLED Model, PC, or some sort of mobile device; this is certainly one impressive controller. 🏆

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