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Call of the Sea: A Step-by-Step Guide

Find your way through the jungle

Mary Billington

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Call of the Sea is a very intriguing yet often tricky game so I wrote this handy walkthrough to help you easily figure out how to progress.

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  1. Swim to the exit, pick up the red diary and gloves, examine the suitcase, investigate the diary in your inventory, and enter 506 to open the briefcase
  2. Pick up the photo and turn it around then pick up the relic and drawing and exit the room
Call of the Sea prologue screenshot
I'm sure you'll find out soon enough...

Chapter 1

  1. Turn left and walk into the cave until you reach the end and make a note in your journal then leave the cave and walk along the beach taking the exit on the left
  2. Turn right at the end of the path and inspect the box to open it and pick up the piece of paper inside
  3. Go back down the path you came from and take the first left, examine the stone next to the flowers on the floor, and pick up the wooden disk
  4. Turn around again toward where you found the box and place the wooden plug on top of the pedestal to the right of the wooden door then pull the lever and pull the other lever to open the door
  5. Continue forward and pick up the photo at the campsite then inspect the ship manifest
  6. Take the rightmost path and inspect the red carving when you come to it then keep going forward and investigate another red carving on your left
  7. Take the path to the right and investigate another carving then turn around and turn right to continue on the path
  8. Inspect the red carving with the birds on it then inspect the lever to open the door and go back to the beach then walk back through the door you unlocked earlier and go to the puzzle in front of the wooden contraption
  9. Spin the wooden pieces and reference your diary to match up the symbols: the top piece should be sun followed by bird, mountain, sea, and fish then cross the bridge and continue down the path
Call of the Sea chapter 1 screenshot
This puzzle's not all that tough when you think about it

Chapter 2

  1. Inspect all 3 tikis in front of the huts as well as the emblems above the entrances
  2. Inspect the box inside the second hut to the right then examine the photos inside the opposite hut
  3. Exit this hut, walk behind it toward another hut, and inspect another tiki here then go inside the hut and walk to the back, turn around, and look to the right to examine a shark carving then investigate the grave and the piece of paper in front
  4. Walk back to the clearing and go forward up a path behind a hut to find another hut
  5. Inspect the ripped-up paper to the right and piece it together, investigate the turtle carving, and inspect the piece of paper on the floor
  6. Arrange the tiki pillar as in the screenshot below to reveal a secret compartment then enter it and pick up the stone
  7. Cross the bridge and examine the telescope to see the stranded ship
  8. Walk back down to the clearing and use the stone in the gap in the giant slab then press the button
  9. Enter the medical tent and read the notes in the box, inspect the photos, and then exit the tent and walk around the hole then go down the ladder
  10. Inspect the 3 eyes with black ooze coming out of them, walk through the opening and examine the papers on the table, and pull the lever at the end to lower the bridge
  11. Cross the bridge and enter the hut then walk across the bridge to the contraption on the desk, use the levers and buttons to make 6 imprints on the fabric in front that match the markers in your diary (see this screenshot for reference), and then place the lens in the telescope
  12. Go back down the ladder and use the new diary entry to press the buttons in the right order (the golden star is the first one, marked as black in the diary) then press the button
Call of the Sea chapter 2 screenshot
Hey, what are you looking at?

Chapter 3

  1. Swim forward until you come to a clearing then swim toward the glowing eyes
  2. Enter the shipwreck, climb the ladder and take the first left, pull the levers in this order: 3, 2, 4, 1, pull the separate lever, and turn around and pull the lever at the junction
  3. Turn left and walk toward the radio, investigate the paper on the desk to the left, investigate the device with numbers on it, climb back down the ladder and exit the shipwreck, and pull the lever at the exit to light up the camp ground
  4. Go toward the camp and pull a lever to light up a cave, go in the cave and inspect the papers on the desk inside the tent, examine the calendar, inspect the paper inside the box, examine the keyboard, and interact with each key
  5. Go back to the radio in the shipwreck and investigate the device with dials and stones, turn it on then turn each knob one at a time right one click starting from the left and keep repeating this until all the stones rise and all lights turn green
  6. Exit the shipwreck and climb the stairs behind it, turn left at the top to reach the organ platform, inspect the piece of paper in the box, go down the staircase in front of you to the right and investigate the sea wall
  7. Go back to the cave and examine the slideshow, select the one with the small triangle at the bottom of the diamond, inspect the projected picture, and go back to the organ
  8. There are slabs on the walls and you need to open only the ones that match with the 3 Hz readings converted to symbols and converted again to new symbols using the image from the projector (up means the slab is open, down means it's closed) so go around the area and ensure that only the following 3 are open: 2 triangles on top of each other (392Hz), diamond in the center (262Hz), 2 diamonds next to each other (267Hz); there's one slab at the entrance, 4 along the walls at the top of the organ, and 1 down each of the 2 staircases off the organ
  9. Change the mechanism in the center of this area so that the diamond points to the black circle, press the button on the organ to make a bridge appear, walk across it, press the button, read the letter in the box, press all the buttons on the panel, and go to the new opening
Call of the Sea chapter 3 screenshot
This handy key will help you choose the correct symbols

Chapter 4

  1. Walk forward and at the top, turn right then inspect the stone with a gold carving on your left, keep walking toward a small tent on your left, turn around, and go up the stairs to your right
  2. Walk toward the mechanism and go around it to the other side, inspect the paper, go into the amphitheatre, and then examine the glowing carving
  3. There are 3 stone pillars in this area and a 4th off the path with the small tent; each one has a gold carving above it that depicts a symbol in the large glowing carving so press the corresponding button below each carving to match its position in the glowing one
  4. Walk down the stairs to the left of the large stone door, inspect the grave and you'll see that a wheel is turning, go behind the wheel, and press the yellow button under the left wheel enough times so that the dot on the left is pointing down
  5. Go around and pull the right lever then repeat this process for the other 2 levers, inspect the dial to the left, press the 2nd button clockwise and 2nd button counter-clockwise from the one that is lit up, and then pull both levers in the shack
  6. Turn around and walk forward until you see another shack, pull the lever here and inspect the photos and papers, climb the ladders outside, and pull the lever at the top
  7. Walk toward the bones then under them, follow the path, investigate items as you come to them, enter the house and continue moving forward while investigating items, and inspect the music box
  8. Walk to the amphitheatre then to where you found the crumpled piece of paper, pull the lever, go to the microphone, and sing
  9. Go through the new opening, inspect the carvings as you walk by them, read the note on the box to the left, press the elevator button, inspect the papers on the boxes and on the desk, read the letter on the bed, inspect all 4 giant gold carvings, check out the white circle on the wall, and then look at the alcohol stain on the wall with the numbers on it as well as the wall itself
  10. Facing the wall with the numbers, turn the leftmost panel so it's pointing up, the next one pointing right, the next pointing down, and the final panel should be facing down then go through the door and examine the note
  11. Interact with the 3 circles for a game of Simon and hit them in this order: center / left, right / center, right, left / left, center, left / right, right, left, center / left, right, right, center, center, center then inspect the handprint
Call of the Sea chapter 4 screenshot
I wonder if SpongeBob ever stayed here

Chapter 5

  1. Swim toward the surface and interact with the handprint when you see the purple gate
  2. When you surface, walk forward to another gate and interact with it, swim toward a gate with a dial on the front and make sure the triangle is facing down, interact with the diamond connected to the longer path first and then the other one a couple of seconds later, and then enter the gate above now that the current has changed
  3. Swim close to the surface and interact with the gate to be sent to the top and walk down the ramp
  4. Head right and go down a tunnel, examine red, yellow, and white handprints as well as markings on another pillar, and from bottom to top, you need to press the buttons around this area represented by each handprint in that order; also, examine the black ooze pits as you come to them
  5. Push the button to the right of the entrance to the area (white), go up the longer stone walkway and press the button at the top (yellow), head down and press the button next to the red handprints, and finally press the button inside the tent with the white fingerprints then walk up the shorter walkway and press the button at the top
  6. Go back down the tunnel and press the button, walk along the new walkway, and interact with the handprint
  7. Examine the dial in front of you and move the triangle to the opposite direction then interact with both diamonds again to change the current, swim to the left and interact with the large gold carving, look to your right and interact with another gold carving, interact with another dial behind you, and change the current to the opposite direction
  8. Swim behind the tallest gate and you'll see a yellow button, push it then enter the gate, follow the current to the new entrance, traverse the path and interact with the handprint to go to the surface, walk along the walkway then press the button, turn around and walk through the new tunnel, and examine the handprint at the end of the tunnel
  9. Swim down and change the current then swim through the gate
  10. Interact with the handprint, examine the gold carving as well as another one up some stairs to the left, go back down and climb up the other stairs, read the letter on the left, and then inspect the notes on the wall and tables
  11. Go back down the ladder and to the back of the room, complete the timing puzzle the same way you completed the current puzzles by interacting with the buttons clockwise from the top, and get on the boat that appears
Call of the Sea chapter 5 screenshot
Stone tents are more comfortable than you'd think

Chapter 6

  1. Walk forward and interact with the letter at the tent, examine the notes on the hanging fabric, turn around and walk toward the other camp, interact with the fish statue and look at the photo in the box, and examine the camera
  2. Head to the gate in the middle of the room, interact with the syringe and the handprint, and then go through the new entrance
  3. Examine all 4 constellations and the big gold carving, inspect the gold pentagon in the shallow pit, press the buttons on either side of the pit, and activate all 4 of the discs except for the disc on the top-left corner when facing the eye marking on the floor
  4. Go through the new entrance and interact with the fish statue to get a new marking
  5. Head back to the stone slabs and deactivate any that are active (do this for all subsequent puzzles), activate the new marking on just the bottom-left and right stones, go through the new entrance, and obtain a new marking then return to the slabs
  6. Activate the new marking on the bottom-left, the original marking on the bottom-right, and the new marking on the top-right then go through the new entrance
  7. Interact with the handprint, swim forward through a square opening, interact with another handprint, examine the fish statue, and return to the stone slabs
  8. Activate the C-shape marking in the top-right, the original marking in the top-left, and the C-shape marking on the bottom-left then go through the new entrance and down the stairs
  9. Interact with the center button so that the animals are pointing toward you and to the right, push the right button so that the animal is pointing to the left, and walk across the slabs to the new set of buttons
  10. Press the left and center buttons enough times so that the corresponding statues point up and down then press the right button so that the statue points left
  11. Go back to the original set of buttons and press the left one so that statue points toward you and to the right, push the middle button so that the statue points toward you and to the left, press the yellow button then walk across the walkways to the next fish statue, and return to the slabs
  12. When standing at the eye-marking on the floor, activate the leftmost marking in the top-left, C-marking in the bottom-left, the original marking in the bottom-right, and the middle marking in the top-right
  13. Walk through the entrance and interact with the markings on the floor and the mirror then follow the walkway as it appears
  14. Follow the walkways for the rest of the game and save before making the final decision so you can load and see both endings
Call of the Sea chapter 6 screenshot
Finally, the correct path has been created!

Thank you for reading my Call of the Sea walkthrough. I hope it was helpful! If you need any more help or would like to give me any feedback on this guide then leave a comment below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. v1d30chumz 35-172-230-154

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Gameplay video for Call of the Sea
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