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Carto: A Step-by-Step Guide

Guidance for aspiring cartographers

Mary Billington

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Carto can be a very tricky game to complete so here is a walkthrough that'll help you if you ever get stuck in this adorable journey.

Before we begin, I should mention that if you ever hit a wall or accidentally mess up your map beyond comprehension, simply pause the game and load from the previous checkpoint which will completely restart the current chapter then follow along from step 1. v1d30chumz 3-236-107-249

Carto screenshot 1
Time to help Carto achieve success!

Chapter 1

  1. Walk north and pick up the map, open it, rotate the east piece and connect it to the top, and walk onto it to find a map piece
  2. Place the new piece, move your current tile so it's connected to it, go to the new piece, pick up a piece, place it, and go to it
  3. Pick up a map piece, place it, go to it, pick up a piece by water, place it next to the forest, go to it, and collect another piece
  4. Place this piece, talk to the man, move and rotate the piece so it's east of the house, and pick up the piece near the new house
  5. Arrange the map so the new piece is connected to the other 2 forest tiles then talk to the boy near the forest and 2 new map pieces will appear
  6. Place the new pieces to form a large forest, go inside the new house, and inspect the shells on the wall to receive a map piece
  7. Connect the new tile to form a small lake, talk to the girl to obtain Shianan's Bag, walk along the grassy coast, and interact with a pile of dirt to collect some soil
  8. Talk to the girl again to get a map piece, place it on the map so the pier is facing north, go there, talk to the bottom-right lady to receive a Boat Carving, and talk to Shianan
Carto screenshot 2
I wonder if this pile of dirt will become useful...

Chapter 2

  1. Collect map pieces by going west and east, place them, talk to the sleeping boy, talk to a sheep, talk to Auntie Tuyaa, collect some Honey Fruit, and give it to the 3 sheep
  2. Talk to the boy again, arrange your map so the bushes surround an empty tile, enter the new area, and return the 4th sheep
  3. Interact with the panicked sheep to get a tile, connect it to the road, and collect a Paper Airplane from Granny and tile there
  4. Connect the new tile to extend the path, head there to get a map piece, talk to the chums, read the signs, and connect 2 straight path tiles next to the sign that points to the bridge
  5. Head to the bridge, get a map piece, place it on the other end of the forked road, move the other curved tile to extend the path, and enter the hut that appears
  6. Arrange your map, head to the back room, talk to Mo's dad Monkar the Mighty, read the plant notebook in the previous room, and talk to Monkar again
  7. Exit the hut to the south, talk to the boy, and find Uncle Ganga by placing the forest tiles around an empty space
  8. Give the Glow Leaf from Uncle Ganga to Monkar through the hut's north exit then go to the small lake and talk to everyone
  9. Move and rotate the tile you're on so that the river is pointing east, talk to Ganga, and then hide with the boy
  10. Connect the bridge tile to extend the river, go to the bridge, and untangle the Ghost Lily
Carto screenshot 3
Get away from me; I'm not a sheep!

Chapter 3

  1. Pick up the Ghost Lily Remains, walk east, talk to the owl, run to the inside of a river curve, and arrange your map so you're surrounded by a circular river
  2. Talk to Chirb, arrange your map so you can reach the new tile, snag 2 pieces there, talk to the men, and move the new tiles to extend the path that you're on
  3. Enter the first new tile, locate the tree with a ribbon tied around it, place the other foggy tile next to the ribbon, move past the ribbon to the next tile, and repeat this process until you discover 2 map pieces
  4. Connect the piece with the path and pick up 2 new pieces on it then talk to the man and his bear
  5. Place a foggy piece next to the path, enter it, and do the same as you did in step 3 except this time, keep going in the direction that the dead tree is pointing
  6. Collect the 2 map pieces at the end, place the one with the stone, pick up 2 more pieces there, and talk to the folks
  7. Connect a foggy tile, enter it, and follow the same process from step 3 but follow the direction that the trees are swaying
  8. Pick up and enter the new tile for another piece and Paper Airplane then connect the 3 thick forest path tiles
  9. Walk to the tree at the end, go inside, arrange your map so it matches this screenshot, and pick up the Wriggling Worm
  10. Arrange the map so it matches this screenshot, place the worm in the hole, rotate the right tile, and exit right
  11. Talk to the owl and man, enter the right tree, arrange the map to match this screenshot, arrange it again to match this screenshot, interact with the boulder to destroy it, and read the sign post
  12. Rotate your tile and connect the tile with the arrow, exit, and then arrange your map to form a grey diamond with 4 tiles
  13. Walk to the middle of this diamond then arrange your map to match the carving on the rock (as pictured here)
  14. Speak to the man in the middle, talk to the men then the old man, nod, and then exit via the south cave
Carto screenshot 4
Now, that's a genuine bear hug

Chapter 4

  1. Enter the Chalet, read the book, read some books downstairs, go upstairs, read more books and walk west to read even more
  2. Arrange the rooms to match this screenshot then in the bottom-left room, find the boots behind the desk
  3. Go all the way upstairs, read The Little Cartographer, exit, run west across the river, and interact with the sign
  4. Back at the Grassland, arrange the map so you can talk to the shepherd who's in the middle of some bushes then talk to the teacher and her 3 students
  5. Arrange the map so 3 curved paths almost form a circle then collect the Dozing Daisies from the middle
  6. Do the same but move 3 yellow bushes to almost form a square then collect the Slumber Stalk from the middle
  7. Move the tile with the small lake then place the solid water tile next to it leaving 1 space between them then head to the newly formed tile to get the Whisper Grass
  8. Go back to the shepherd, keep interacting with him, and then enter the doorway
Carto screenshot 5
Wake up, sleepy shepherd boy

Chapter 5

  1. Walk southwest, collect 2 pieces, talk to the nomads, place the 2 pieces to the west, and then keep heading west
  2. Pick up the first solid desert piece when you reach the end, place it to the west, and repeat until you get 2 map pieces
  3. Place the new tiles above you, interact with the chest, open your map, pick up the tile you're on then rotate it right, left x2, right x3, left x3, right, put it down, and snag the Gold Coin
  4. Unearth the sign, read it, go to the nearest dark sand tile, keep following the footprints by rotating and moving the dark sand tiles to form a path as you go, and collect the map piece when it shows up
  5. Head to the new tile, collect the map piece, talk to the Seekers, and interact with the tree until you obtain a Coconut Shell
  6. Arrange the 3 dark sand tiles so the cactus clusters are in the middle, head to the new tile that emerges, and read the carving
  7. Make note of where the ruin walls are on the dark sand tiles and arrange them to form a U shape with a space in the middle but try to stay on one tile at a time because they shift after every wind gust
  8. Enter the new area, talk to the lady, go to your new tile, and interact with the well then the camel then the well a few times
  9. Give the coconut filled with water to the thirsty lady, run across the dark sand tiles until you see a thing move, open your map, and run to and interact with the altar to place your Gold Coin on it
  10. Receive a map piece from the dizzy rat, pick up the Ancient Lens, and talk to the lady again
  11. Stand under the light, open your map, and arrange the tiles to match the castle outline (the dark sand should fill the shape)
  12. Arrange your map to form a diamond with 4 tiles that have brown triangles on them then place the water tile in the centre
  13. After the cutscene, talk to the sisters around the oasis then talk to the grandmother and descend the revealed staircase
Carto screenshot 6
Talk about a thirst trap...

Chapter 6

  1. Move the Chalet over and enter it, read the book, go upstairs, and read another book
  2. Rearrange your map so the room with 5 lines is at the bottom and above it, stack the cactus then ruins room, read the books in the new rooms, and talk to Shianan
  3. Move the door room to underneath the ruins room, go downstairs, read the book, exit, move the tunnel tile over, and enter it
  4. Talk to the fox guy, move your current tile to connect to the large tile with the grey X on it, and talk to the bird guy
  5. Run all the way northeast to find a map piece within the trees then go to this new tile and talk to Chirb to get Chirb's Doodle
  6. Scroll the map, find a large tree with flashing white squiggly lines around it, move its tile, and interact with the back of the tree
  7. Move the campfire tile close by and talk to the bear there then you'll automatically enter a cave
  8. Arrange the map so you can access the black hole, go down it, arrange the map to get the torch, walk around while lighting all the torches, read the etching, and then put the torch back
  9. Recreate this screenshot with your map and exit via the room that appears
Carto screenshot 7
What's this map piece doing all the way over here?

Chapter 7

  1. Climb the ladder, talk to Thumbo, collect and place the map piece north, and then rotate the middle tile 180°
  2. Climb down the ladder at the top, go south for a scene, head back up the ladder, talk to the girl, use the elevator slab, and collect and go to the new tile after rotating it 90° left
  3. Climb down the ladder, talk to the 2 people, exit, walk over to the volcano, and see how it burns birds that fly over it
  4. After a bird gets burned, move the other piece so it can keep flying and once it enters that tile, move and rotate it so it gets burned again, and repeat until it's done
  5. Go down the ladder, pick up the map piece and Ash-Smoked Bird, give it to the cook, sit at the table, and go up the ladder
  6. Place the new tile north of the west tile, rotate it 180°, go down the ladder, exit via the new room, and use another elevator
  7. Talk to the man, go down the ladder, collect the map piece, go back up, place the new tile above the west tile, rotate it 180°, go down, exit via the new room, collect the map piece, and talk to the girl
  8. Place this piece to the right rotated 180°, go down the ladder, talk to the man at the end, head south, and go up the ladder
  9. Head north and walk into the rock to kick something loose, go up the ladder after falling down, ride the elevator, go down the ladder, go up the ladder at the other end, and take the elevator back to the Grand Lobby
  10. Talk to Thumbo to receive the orange key Carrot, use the elevator, go down the ladder, and up at the other end
  11. Talk to a goat to go to Volcano Crater, talk to the girl to go down, interact with the rope, follow her instructions, and then continuously rotate your current tile when lava surrounds you until a tornado pushes you out
  12. Go to the tile with the people on it then move it far away from the volcano (move the volcano piece as well if you're stuck) and exit the hot springs via the southeast ladder
  13. Talk to the goat, go to the Grand Lobby, talk to Thumbo to get another Paper Airplane, and then leave via the mine cart
Carto screenshot 8
Really?! That's incredible!

Chapter 8

  1. Move your tile over to the Chalet, enter it, move the boxes to the right mat, and go upstairs and talk to the Storytender
  2. Go back downstairs, systematically move the boxes to the right mat, talk to Storytender, and go back down
  3. You'll see a large pile of boxes on the left so simply swap the 2 bottom corners on your map then talk to Storytender
  4. Talk to Shianan on the right, read all the books, exit the Chalet, walk to the pier, and talk to Shianan again
  5. Look at the worm in your inventory then tell Shianan to go in the direction that it's pointing and then the letter that it's shaping
  6. Select Sail toward ELEVEN o'clock! then All of the above! when prompted and talk to the 7 villagers scattered around the map
  7. Go to the boat, talk to Shianan, arrange your map so it looks like this screenshot, and talk to the boy along the south shore
  8. Arrange your map 4 times and each time, make it resemble a different fish drawing from your inventory then catch each fish by interacting with the lake then tap the button when your bobber moves and when done, talk to the head guy to finish
Carto screenshot 9
Carto is a pro cartographer and a pro angler

Chapter 9

  1. Walk southwest to get a map piece and talk to the person for a Winter Scarf then arrange the map like this screenshot
  2. Head to the northeast area, move that piece so you can reach the man, talk to him, move the piece back, and grab his Backpack from the top
  3. Give the man his Backpack, cross the bridge, recreate this screenshot, walk south, and move the bottom piece 2 spaces left
  4. Head north for a map piece, arrange the map as it is in this screenshot, talk to the southwest man, and pick up a map piece
  5. Cross the northeast bridge, recreate this screenshot, pick up the Snowball to the northeast, make the map look like this screenshot, and enter the ice patch
  6. Rotate the square piece 180°, move it so its ice patch is to the west of you, slide left, arrange your map like this screenshot, slide down, recreate this screenshot, and then slide all the way to the exit with the man
  7. Collect a map piece to the north, exit the northwest door, place the Snowball on its base, and recreate this screenshot
  8. Head southeast, arrange the map to resemble this screenshot, head northeast, cross the bridge, talk to the man, recreate this screenshot, and go to the gate below you
  9. Recreate this screenshot, walk to the old man, rotate the piece you're on 180°, cross the bridge and carefully grab the Backpack (you can keep rotating the piece to better align yourself)
  10. Give the Backpack to the old man and then arrange your map 3 times to activate the monolith by recreating these map layouts: screenshot 1, screenshot 2, and screenshot 3
  11. Arrange the map to match this screenshot, move pieces around to work your way to the new piece, talk to the people, and collect the Paper Airplane
  12. Talk to Shianan, talk to the guy next to her for a Message in a Bottle, talk to everyone else, and talk to Shianan again
Carto screenshot 10
I hear that's hard to get out of fur

Chapter 10

  1. Enter the Chalet, read the book in the middle room for a Scroll of Paper, and arrange the map so it looks like this screenshot
  2. Move to and enter the door that appears, interact with the lever, enter the tree, and then talk to Shianan
  3. Finally, connect all of the pieces on all of the maps - you can replicate these solutions if you're stuck: screenshot 1, screenshot 2, screenshot 3, screenshot 4, screenshot 5, screenshot 6, and screenshot 7
  4. When you're done, place the piece with the airship next to the one that you're on to finish the game
Carto screenshot 11
What wonderful adventures await Carto?

Thanks for reading my Carto walkthrough. Please leave a comment to let me know if it was helpful or if you need any further assistance!

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