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Symphony of the Night - A Step-by-Step Guide

Conquer a castle of chaos

A.J. Maciejewski

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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is perhaps the greatest game ever and it can often be confusing so here's a complete walkthrough.

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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Alucard, Maria, and Richter screenshot
I don't think Alucard's imagining the same Belmont

This walkthrough will guide you through the entirety of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. At the start, the guide will be more hand-holdy then it'll gradually open up as you progress and become more comfortable with the ins and outs. It's structured in this manner because Symphony of the Night is simply more enjoyable to explore on your own and as you unlock traversal abilities and master its gameplay, it becomes much more rewarding to uncover every nook and cranny. That being said, I will cover every single spot at which you may get stuck as well as a wealth of secrets so there is plenty of useful guidance ahead to make your playthrough a smooth and fulfilling experience. Oh, and feel free to refer to this handy 100% map as you play which is complete with colour-coded areas: v1d30chumz 3-223-3-251

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Complete Area Map →

As I mentioned, there are oodles of secrets in Symphony of the Night so you can read about many of them in these fun top 10 lists:

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Final Stage: Bloodlines

In the prologue of Symphony of the Night, you play as Richter Belmont who has some wicked moves:

  • Forward, forward = run
  • Hold attack button then press directional buttons = whip flail
  • Down, up + jump = upward attack
  • Down + jump = slide
  • Down + jump, jump = slide jump attack
  • Up, down, down/forward + attack = blade dash (can be used in mid-air)

Anyway, when you begin, head up the stairs then attack the inside of the brick doorway overhead to reveal a switch. Attack that to lower a hidden staircase and keep exiting and entering rooms as you smash things to fill your hearts to 99. When you're ready, make sure to have the cross as a sub-weapon and proceed to commence the fight with Dracula.

This fight is pressure-free because Maria will heal you and make you invincible if you run out of health. However, if you do well in this battle, Alucard will receive various bonuses such as starting items and slight stat boosts depending if you don't use your item crush (top face button) or don't take damage, etc. Either way, the bonuses aren't a big deal so just try your best and take the victory.

The first phase of Dracula will have him warping around the room so attack his head with your whip and regularly throw crosses (up + attack) at his head level while avoiding attacks. The flames can be whipped away while the dark energy balls must be ducked under and jumped over. The second phase is easy as he's a big moving target so go nuts relentlessly attacking him and he'll go down in no time.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Final Stage: Bloodlines screenshot
If only Dracula was always this easy...


  1. Alucard has much simpler controls with the 2 side face buttons corresponding to each hand, a jump button, and a backward dash button so forge ahead while slaying wargs, zombies, and bats and you'll soon enter a room with a big rock
  2. Attack the left side of the rock for a Pot Roast, exit right, attack the bottom of the stairs in the next room for a Turkey, and you'll meet Death after
  3. Follow along and attack the skeleton to receive a Short Sword (equip it), head to the left and up to slay another skeleton for a Red Rust, and exit left for your first save spot
  4. Keep moving along while collecting the Cube of Zoe which materializes items, enter the Alchemy Laboratory, and toggle the floor switch to lower the gate with a Hide Cuirass behind it (equip it)
  5. You can save by exiting up-right in this next room, find a Leather Shield in the bottom-left (equip it), and then exit left, slash the floor in this column room for a Life Max Up, go back, and slash the left wall for a Heart Max Up
  6. As you ascend the columns, grab the dagger sub-weapon which you'll want to hold onto, snag the Resist Thunder potion, exit top-left in the room with the crate while trying not to get poisoned by the skeleton's drops, and you can save to the left of the next column room
  7. Exit top-right for your first boss (Slogra & Gaibon) and to slay them, hold up and rapidly tap attack to launch a flurry of daggers at whoever's grounded then attack normally if you run out of hearts and duck once Gaibon lands to launch a succession of fireballs
  8. Keep going right after the fight then down an elevator for some Sunglasses (equip them), go down again and attack a cannon for a Basilard (equip it because it has super-fast attack speed), and then go up the elevator and head back left
  9. Save to the mid-right of the room then exit top-right, grab a Potion in the bottom-left of the big room, exit right to Marble Gallery, and save to the right after falling down
  10. Next, we can optionally head left for a difficult stretch that will reward you with the Spirit Orb relic, a Shield Potion, and a shortcut; go all the way back when you're done and head top-right to meet Maria
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Maria screenshot
That doesn't seem like a nice way to greet someone

Master Librarian

  1. After the conversation, keep running right, exit down-right when you have a choice, and you'll eventually end up at the Outer Wall; grab the Zircon from the vase then head up and go left for a save spot
  2. Optional: go back right, head down, and slay the big knight with a barrage of daggers from a distance (he's tough!) then enter the room, break the left wall for a Pot Roast, stand in the wall, wait, and a secret elevator will carry you to a room with Jewel Knuckles and a Mirror Cuirass (equip both)
  3. When you're ready, exit up-right from the save point to fight Doppleganger which can be tricky but it's easy if you have the Jewel Knuckles as long as you don't corner him
  4. After the fight, collect the Gladius, hop the right gap for a Life Max Up from a vase, go up all the way to the top, save to the left, go back down 2 screens and attack the contraption to your left to activate the elevator
  5. Grab the Soul of Wolf 🐺 from the elevator shaft below, head back to the contraption, transform into the wolf, and double-tap forward to run then hop the gap to get another Heart Max Up from the vase
  6. Enter the elevator, go down once, exit left to the Long Library, go up at the junction, follow along, collect the Faerie Scroll relic from the top-right, and then go all the way left to reach the Master Librarian
  7. While you're here, you must purchase the Jewel of Open then spend the rest of your cash on armour pieces to increase your defense as much as possible; I recommend the Elven Cloak

By the way, don't waste money on the Magic Scrolls. Instead, use the following commands to permanently unlock the spells for free:

  • Hold up for a few seconds then move your thumb in a half-circle to down and tap attack once you reach down for Tetra Spirit
  • Press left, right, up, down + attack for Summon Spirit
  • Tap up, down, down/forward, forward + attack for Hellfire
  • Perform a half-circle from left to up to right then tap attack once you reach right for Dark Metamorphosis
  • Tap left, perform a half-circle from right to down to left, tap right + attack for Soul Steal
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Master Librarian screenshot
It's always a joy to visit the Master Librarian


  1. Now that we have the Jewel of Open relic, exit the library, go up, enter the first left door, tap up to warp, lower the gate, collect a Heart Max Up, and keep heading up and to the left
  2. Exit top-left after the leftmost save spot in Alchemy Laboratory to unlock a blue door and meet Maria again then enter Royal Chapel and save to the left
  3. Go up, grab an Aquamarine from the left vase, keep trekking right, exit up-left in the big room for Goggles, exit bottom-right for a Knight Shield, and then enter the top-right doorway
  4. Climb all the way up to get a Life Max Up, Str. Potion, and Silver Plate then exit top-right, continue along, collect a Zircon at the top, and you'll face Hippogryph which is an easy boss
  5. Keep going right to discover a much-needed save spot, collect a Potion and Cutlass above, enter Castle Keep, and exit up-right after the little moving platform ride for the Tyrfing
  6. Go left and claim the awesome Leap Stone in the bottom-left so you can finally double-jump then grab the Turquoise above and smash the wall for a Turkey
  7. Head back and enter the bottom-right door, warp to Outer Wall, journey back through Marble Gallery, exit up-right at the first big room, and activate the floor button
  8. Run left and enter the new hole in the floor to access Underground Caverns, get the Zircon from the vase, and then save down a bit and to the right
  9. If you move all the way left, you'll get a Heart Max Up and smash the left wall for a Bandanna then you can descend and go up after entering a doorway to your left for a Life Max Up
  10. Upon descending all the way, walk right for a save point then go down and right for a battle with a Scylla Wyrm; afterwards, quickly move as the water fills the room and you'll eventually confront Scylla herself
  11. After dispatching the Wyrms, simply stand on the middle column and throw a steady stream of daggers at her to end the battle quickly and you'll get the cool Crystal Cloak for your efforts
  12. To the left of the save room, push the box to drown the spear knights, snag a Life Max Up behind the big waterfall, meet the Ferryman ahead, and grab the Merman Statue relic at the end
  13. Head back and jump up a room as soon as you can to open a shortcut to the Entrance and grab another Life Max Up
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Ferryman screenshot
I think I saw that fellow in a telescope earlier...


  1. Next, go back to Marble Gallery's big clock room with a clock sub-weapon in-hand; you can acquire one on the left side of the hallway with the hole in the ground that leads to Underground Caverns
  2. Use the clock sub-weapon in the clock room to get an Alucart Shield, Heart Max Up, Alucart Mail, and Alucart Sword from the top-right room
  3. Wait in the clock room for the top-left passageway to open and enter it to access Orlox's Quarters then break the bottom-right wall in the big room for some Cheese, Onyx, and Broadsword
  4. Head left to explore and master the Colosseum for some awesome items like the Shield Rod and you'll acquire the Form of Mist 🌫️ after defeating another double-boss
  5. Afterwards, go back to Orlox's Quarters, activate the warp room on the top-right, and travel back to Long Library, double-jump to a ledge with a save point, and then explore the area ahead
  6. You'll fight a Lesser Demon who's easy as long as you duck then you'll discover the Takemitsu, Onyx, and Frankfurter and jump and transform into mist to receive the Soul of Bat 🦇
  7. With all of our new gear, let's go back to the Underground Caverns via Marble Gallery, save in the room, go down a bit, and transform into a bat to cross the chasm
  8. At the end of this segment, save to the left, and fight Succubus to the right in order to get the Gold Ring then fall down the column to save at the bottom room
  9. Head down, slash at the ice floor to reveal a hidden path, and the Ferryman will be here thanks to the Merman Statue that we acquired earlier
  10. Stay on the boat and you'll get the Holy Symbol relic which lets you breathe underwater then explore underwater for goodies and work your way to the big waterfall
  11. Fly across the chasm with the bat then push the button on the wall to summon a skeleton ape, collect the Herald Shield, go back to the room before the waterfall, and exit right
  12. Head back into the room, get rid of the frogs and toads to make this less chaotic, and then lure the skeleton ape to the wooden bridge and get him to throw the barrel at the bridge
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Succubus screenshot
It's going to take more than that to seduce Alucard


  1. We can finally explore the depths below so enter the Abandoned Mine, save in the bottom-right, fight Cerberus, go left at the junction down the shaft to find the Demon Card relic, and head back up
  2. Enable the Demon Card from the Relics menu and when you reach the top-right ledge, the little fellow will reveal a hidden area which has the Ring of Ares then smash the left wall for a Turkey and a room with more items
  3. Back at the junction, go right, warp thrice to Orlox's Quarters, fly up the column as the bat, enter the large area, get the Sword Card on the right, open a shortcut after the bottom-left hallway, and exit top-left in the large area when you're ready
  4. Use the bat to fly through the narrow path then fight Orlox who has 2 phases and receive the Echo of Bat for your efforts then warp twice (back to the Abandoned Mine)
  5. Head down and left for a couple of items, go right to enter the Catacombs, and walk left for a save point and the Bloodstone with a breakable wall next to it which contains the Cat-Eye Circl.
  6. Go all the way right and when you enter the dark room, transform into the bat and keep tapping the top face button to deploy Echo of Bat which will light up the room as you carefully navigate to the end
  7. After the long corridors, you will get the Spike Breaker armour and there will be a Library Card in the wall behind it then head back while using the Spike Breaker armour in the now-lit spike-filled room
  8. Optional: you can explore the rest of the Catacombs for the valuable Walk Armor and a fight with Granfaloon which can be defeated easily by combining the Shield Rod with the Iron Shield (tap both buttons simultaneously)
  9. When you're ready, warp twice to Castle Keep, keep walking left, and you'll eventually reach a spike-ridden hallway in Royal Chapel so use your Spike Breaker armour, transform to mist halfway through, and you'll get the Silver Ring at the end
  10. Travel all the way back to the big clock room in Marble Gallery, grab the Gravity Boots relic from up high, and equip both the Gold Ring and Silver Ring at the big clock; below, you'll see Maria, fight a boss, and receive the Holy Glasses which is the most important key item in the game
  11. Last but not least, travel to Castle Keep and face Richter with the Holy Glasses on while attacking the green sphere that follows him around; if you want to see the bad ending first, fight him without equipping the Holy Glasses
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Richter screenshot
Richter sure knows his ancient history

Inverted Castle

Well, we still have a long way to go! However, this is where Castlevania: Symphony of the Night really starts getting fun and considering there aren't any more tricky parts to figure out, it's best to explore the inverted castle at your leisure without using a guide. That being said, I will outline your objectives.

The first thing you should do is explore the regular castle and collect any missing items that you want. For example, in the Clock Tower (which we didn't touch yet), you can smack 4 gears on the walls in the column rooms with Harpies in them until you hear a click for each one in order to unlock a room which has a Steel Helm, Gold Plate, and Star Flail. You can do this in the Reverse Clock Tower, too. Another tricky part is that in the big rock room in Entrance, you can walk to the right through the big rock as the wolf then fly left through it as the bat in order to reveal a doorway in the bottom-left that goes to a secret room with a Life Apple and Jewel Sword in it. Finally, head to the bottom-left of Long Library to see a narrow passage in the ceiling which leads to the Librarian's chair. Keep using the Gravity Boots (down, up + jump) to push him in the air and you'll eventually receive the Dracula Tunic, Axe Lord Armor, and Ring of Arcana.

In the Inverted Castle, you're tasked with obtaining 5 of Dracula's relics then returning them to the big clock room. Each one is acquired after defeating certain bosses (which all happen to be inspired by the bosses from the original Castlevania), namely:

  • Medusa in Anti-Chapel for Heart of Vlad
  • The Creature in Reverse Outer Wall for Tooth of Vlad
  • Akmodan II in Death Wing's Lair for Rib of Vlad
  • Darkwing Bat in Reverse Clock Tower for Ring of Vlad
  • Death in Cave for Eye of Vlad

On your way to achieve this, you might want to keep defeating Schmoos in the Forbidden Library to acquire the Crissaegrim as a rare drop which is by far the most powerful weapon in the game. Once you have this and all 5 relics, travel to the big clock at the center of the castle in Black Marble Gallery to unlock the final room which contains the last boss and your long-awaited good ending. Congrats! 😄

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Dracula screenshot
You should be used to losing by now, Dracula!
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Uncovering the Clock Tower's Secrets thumbnail
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Uncovering the Clock Tower's Secrets
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