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Cheap Switch Exclusive Indie Games

5 Nindies that are easy on the wallet

A.J. Maciejewski

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We've already taken a look at dozens of cheap indie games for Switch and Switch exclusive indie games so here are 5 recently released Nindies that actually fit both of those descriptions.

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Gato Roboto Review Switch ★★★☆☆

Metroidvania games come in all varieties but I've never played one with only 2 colours before so let's check out the cute Gato Roboto. v1d30chumz 3-235-186-94

Gato Roboto screenshot
Great! Can I have some tuna now?

Gato Roboto has you control a kitty named Kiki after her human space ship pilot companion crash-landed on a planet and became stuck in his ship. It's your job to explore this alien world and figure out a way to take off. I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that the visuals have only 2 colours as everything is adorably animated and the cool music and satisfying effects make for an appealing soundscape. Gato Roboto's gameplay is stereotypical of the genre but one cool mechanic is that you can enter and exit a suit. Outside of it, Kiki can climb walls and swim and inside of it, she can shoot and have an actual life bar. It all works quite well although it's very short with only a few hour long campaign. Also, I found the simplified graphics to be annoying at times because enemies can blend in a little too well so you really have to keep a keen eye on your surroundings at all times.

If you want a simple Metroidvania adventure that you can complete in 1 or 2 gaming sessions then Gato Roboto is the cat's pajamas.

Gato Roboto gameplay video → Let's Play Gato Roboto video → Another Meowtroidvania: Hunter's Legacy

Hungry Baby: Party Treats Review Switch ★★★☆☆

Here's a game that sounds like some sort of parenting sim but it's far from it so let's wake up the baby and feed it some junk food!

Hungry Baby: Party Treats screenshot
I don't think babies are supposed to eat ice cream and hot dogs

Hungry Baby: Party Treats features 2 modes: Party and Campaign. No matter which one you play, the gameplay remains similar as you basically control a food item to hop along a grid and the goal is to wake up the baby then enter its mouth. Campaign can be played cooperatively although there's still a competitive aspect and Party mode allows 4 players to compete in various events that change up the gameplay slightly. The primary mechanic is that you never know what will happen when you hop on each square as the playfield is full of death traps. So, you slowly uncover them while restarting whenever you inevitably bite the dust. Eventually, you'll uncover the paths to each alarm clock then the baby itself and claim victory. The graphics are goofy and the music is super-annoying but in a fun way that'll actually make you laugh. All of that being said, the randomness of it all definitely makes it a frustrating game at times.

With basic yet clever gameplay and an over-the-top presentation, Hungry Baby: Party Treats is a fun albeit short-lived party game.

Hungry Baby: Party Treats gameplay video →

Akane Review Switch ★★★☆☆

If you've ever wondered how many people you could kill if you were ambushed by seemingly endless bloodthirsty foes, Akane is for you.

Akane screenshot
How many killers can you kill before you get killed?

Having just watched John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum, Akane felt right at home. You basically play as a lone warrior who wields a katana and firearm and you're tasked with slaying all of the encroaching enemies who also have swords and guns. The controls are spot-on as you can easily slash someone dead then quickly aim your gun and take out someone else. There are a couple of special moves as well such as Adrenaline Mode, Dragon Slash, and Dragon Slayer that you can activate when you build your tension gauge high enough. Plus, being able to defend and dash is essential whenever you're in a tight situation. Anyway, you basically play the game until you die then start over and over again. However, you can unlock gear with earned points which can ease the difficulty.

Akane contains intense action with fantastic controls but the repetitiveness of it all ends up making it a somewhat limited experience.

Akane gameplay video →

Chicken Rider Review Switch ★☆☆☆☆

It's essentially a law that any game with Chicken in its title will be bad but does Chicken Rider break this long-standing rule?

Chicken Rider screenshot
Well, that's the first time I've ever seen a polar bear riding a chicken...

As expected, Chicken Rider is an endless runner and considering there are so many of them on Switch, why anyone would want to play this is beyond me. Where do I start? Well, one gaming rule that's been around since the NES days and maybe even earlier is that the longer you press the jump button, the higher you'll jump. However, these stupid chickens seem to only be able to jump to a specific height. This alone makes Chicken Rider virtually unplayable because it's incredibly difficult to time your jumps in order to avoid hazards and collect power-ups, especially when the stage is zipping by at ridiculous speeds. You can purchase upgrades and stuff to make matters easier but everything is insanely expensive. Who would actually play this enough to save up to buy anything worthwhile?

If you thought the Wii had some terrible chicken-themed games then you probably haven't played Chicken Rider. It's clucking awful.

Chicken Rider gameplay video →

Gunlord X Review Switch ★★★★☆

Back in 2012, NG:DEV.TEAM released Gunlord for NeoGeo and Sega Dreamcast and now, you can play an upgraded version on Switch.

Gunlord X screenshot
If this screenshot looks awesome to you then you need to play Gunlord X

Gunlord X is a run 'n' gun game with stages that feature plenty of verticality. You play by running, jumping, and shooting and you also have the ability to roll via Wheel and use a bomb via Sideflash whenever you're in a sticky situation. As you explore each of the massive stages, you'll gather a couple different sized gems that act as Gunlord X's collectibles and you'll change your current weapon regularly as you collect power-ups. The amount of weapons in Gunlord X is ridiculous. I've played for quite a long time and I'm still coming across weapons that I haven't encountered before. Overall, the controls are tight and the difficulty is just right to provide plenty of challenge while also feeling fair. That being said, it can be extremely tricky to see what's going on at times due to the screen filling with both your and your enemies' projectiles. I wish the dangerous ones were highlighted better so you could avoid them easier.

Gamers who enjoy retro run 'n' gun games will get a huge kick out of Gunlord X with its grueling stages and rewarding boss fights.

Gunlord X gameplay video →
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