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Console Exclusive Game of the Year Awards 2019

Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft's best

A.J. Maciejewski

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As with our annual tradition, we wrap up our Game of the Year Awards with the best console exclusives so here are our picks.

A.J. has been obsessively gaming since the late '80s and is just as passionate about video games in 2022. 🐻

Ghost Giant screenshot
Ghost Giant is one of the few video games that truly made me feel something

Days Gone PlayStation 4 Exclusive of the Year

As I said when this fantastic game won our Survival Horror Game of the Year award, Days Gone is one of the most underrated games of the year. It's also the best PlayStation 4 exclusive so if you enjoy fending off onslaughts of zombies, you won't regret picking up a copy of this stellar experience. Congratulations, Bend Studio; you deserve this award and we can't wait to play more games from you! v1d30chumz 35-175-107-185

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Ghost Giant PlayStation VR Game of the Year

It's been a solid year for PlayStation VR games yet none were as original or as touching as the superb Ghost Giant. Zoink has some amazing games in their catalogue and Ghost Giant is certainly one of their best. When I started playing it, I couldn't stop until the gripping tale concluded and once it did, I wanted much, much more. I just hope to see Louis Lafleur star in another game down the road.

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Melbits World PlayLink Game of the Year

I love PlayStation 4's line of PlayLink games and my favourite one so far released this year from Melbot Studios. Melbits World is a simple yet impressively challenging co-op game that'll have you and a few friends scramble to save a handful of adorable creatures. It's literally the cutest game that I've ever played and I highly recommend it for any fan of couch co-op games.

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Blaster Master Zero 2 screenshot
Blaster Master Zero 2 is awesome enough to win 2 awards

Blaster Master Zero 2 Switch Exclusive of the Year

Yes, Nintendo's Switch has seen some top-notch exclusives this year from Fire Emblem: Three Houses to Luigi's Mansion 3 and Astral Chain to Super Mario Maker 2 yet none of their first-party titles excited me as much as Blaster Master Zero 2 did. It's one of the greatest retro-inspired games ever made complete with a rewarding level of challenge, awesome characters, and tight gameplay. Get it now!

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Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth 3DS Exclusive of the Year

Although the 3DS is gradually fading into the horizon, it's certainly a must-have console for its oodles of incredible games. Our favourite exclusive this year also won our Portable RPG of the Year award and it's of course Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth. It's one of the craziest and most satisfying dungeon crawlers out there and every Shin Megami Tensei / Persona fan needs to check it out.

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Gears 5 screenshot
Gears 5 features a handy tutorial for how to make your own ketchup

Gears 5 Xbox One Exclusive of the Year

Last but not least, Gears 5 already won our Third-person Shooter of the Year award but it's such a phenomenal game that it's also taking home our Xbox One Exclusive award. It's so visually stunning that it's almost as fun to watch as it is to play and the action-packed campaign will keep your eyes glued to the screen as you tear through hordes of demonic creatures. Plus, playing it online is a blast!

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Gameplay video playlist for Console Exclusive Game of the Year Awards 2019
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