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There are loads of PSVR games to choose from so here are 4 that'll make you feel cool for playing them.

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Rush VR Review PlayStation 4 ★★★★☆

BASE jumping is dangerous but it's not when you're doing it in VR so strap on your headset and get ready to soar! v1d30chumz 3-235-186-94

Rush VR screenshot
Good thing my wingsuit is extra insulated!

Rush VR has you jump from high above a massive environment then you must guide yourself through rings in a first-person perspective. There are 3 main modes: Race where you race against either CPU or online opponents, Time Attack, and Score Challenge which has you try and earn as many points as possible by aiming for certain areas within each ring. Meanwhile, there are 4 gorgeous unique environments including Verdant Valley, Frozen Alps, Sunburst Canyon, and Misty Mountain. Each of these environments has a huge selection of courses so Rush VR definitely isn't short on content. Anyway, the basic gameplay has you steering through tricky courses that are outlined with arrows and there are plenty of control options. You can use the DualShock 4 controller or PlayStation Move controllers and steer by either aiming or tilting your head. All the while, the graphics are beautiful and the electronic music soundtrack is fantastic.

The only fault (if I can call it that) of Rush VR is that it feels much more relaxing than a rush as the title would lead you to believe. I found smoothly guiding myself through each course to be a very Zen-like experience so if you adjust your expectations accordingly then you'll have a great time with Rush VR. Oh, and you also have to learn how not to crash because that can definitely suck.

Rush VR is a beautiful and enjoyable wingsuit VR racer with a ton of content. If that sounds fun then you won't regret giving it a try.

Rush VR gameplay video →

Gungrave VR Review PlayStation 4 ★★☆☆☆

Here we have a virtual reality reimagining of a classic niche PS2 anime action game but is it any good?

Gungrave VR screenshot
Who cares where he came from? I'm gonna shoot him anyway!

Even though I played hundreds of PlayStation 2 games, I've never played Gungrave. As far as I know, you play as the resurrected Beyond The Grave (or simply Grave) who's on a mission to slay monstrous targets. Gungrave VR has three gameplay modes: third-person action, first-person shooting, and air bike mode. The main mode is third-person action where you unleash a variety of shooting and melee attacks with the Cerberus and Death Coffin, respectively, as well as a couple of special moves known as Demolition Death Aura and Demolition Chaos Shot. You can also slow down time and cool your weapons off whenever you need to. The first-person shooting mode is played exactly the same except you're completely stationary and the air bike mode essentially just has you move and shoot.

Although all of this sounds fun, Gungrave VR has some serious problems. For starters, it's incredibly easy to get cornered and have the hulking bosses completely obstruct your view. The character animations are super-janky, too, as you see Grave and his enemies instantly move from one position to another with no transition. Also, the stages go on for way too long and act more like endurance tests than skill-based challenges which is counterintuitive for an action game. I could go on all day but I'll just say that Gungrave VR is rough.

Gungrave VR will make you feel cool as you shoot your foes while dodging and occasionally reflecting their projectiles but it's so sloppily put together that it's hard to enjoy the action for longer than a few minutes at a time.

Gungrave VR gameplay video →

Transpose Review PlayStation 4 ★★★★☆

If abstract VR experiences are more your thing then the mind-bending puzzle-oriented Transpose will definitely be up your alley.

Transpose screenshot
Slowly working out complex stages like this one is quite rewarding

Transpose has you control a strange green entity who's on a mission to solve various puzzle rooms by dropping cubes into receptacles. This may sound simple but the process of doing so if often extremely complex. Basically, you must make copies of yourself by playing to a specific point in the stage then starting over while past versions of yourself perform tasks such as flipping switches and throwing cubes. There are dozens of mind-bending stages to work out and each one provides a unique scenario that's always satisfying to eventually master. Meanwhile, the detailed yet abstract world and ambient soundtrack make the gameplay even more immersive. My only complaint is that trying to pick up cubes off the ground is often frustrating. I hate having to reset the camera just to pick something up.

Gamers who enjoy complex puzzles that take a while to gradually unravel will absolutely love their time with Transpose. Its breathtaking world and clever situations are awe-inspiring and solving each puzzle room will make you feel like a genius.

Transpose gameplay video → Similar game: Replay: VHS Is Not Dead

Space Pirate Trainer Review PlayStation 4 ★★★☆☆

It's often fun to simply enjoy an action-packed shooting gallery game and Space Pirate Trainer is just that but with a few twists.

Space Pirate Trainer screenshot
Do space pirates do anything aside from shooting robot drones?

Space Pirate Trainer has you stand on a dock in space while robotic drones swarm around and you must blast them all away before they shoot you. When a bullet approaches you, time slows down and you can move out of the way which is very similar to Superhot VR. The coolest thing about Space Pirate Trainer is that your guns can transform into a bunch of different weapons so figuring out which ones work best is rewarding stuff. You also have a shield that you can use to deflect incoming projectiles and it can transform into a Volton melee weapon that allows you to grab enemies as well as activate 2 powerful turrets that stand behind you. There are many different modes and configurations but the core gameplay merely involves surviving for as long as possible while trying to maximize your score.

I wish Space Pirate Trainer featured a comprehensive tutorial because it basically tasks you with figuring everything out on your own. Sure, there's an information board that has a few useful tips but it's nowhere near thorough. Another issue is that playing over and over again from the beginning becomes tedious rather fast even with the included variations. Finally, grabbing the shield from your back doesn't always work so you can't rely on being able to quickly deploy it whenever you need it so it's best to grab it well before things start getting hectic. Instead, I wish you could equip it by merely tapping a button.

Space Pirate Trainer is a fast-paced and fun high score chaser but it has a few annoying aspects and is a rather short-lived experience.

Space Pirate Trainer gameplay video →
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