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Dariusburst: Cave & Eighting DLC Packs Enter the Fray

DonPachi and Deathsmiles in Darius?!

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Get ready shoot 'em up fans because here are six more downloadable delights for Taito's latest shmup masterpiece. This time around, we're looking at packs from two of Japan's most respected names in arcade shooters.

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Dariusburst: DoDonPachi Resurrection (Cave) screenshot
DoDonPachi Resurrection is a lot less hellish in Darius form

DoDonPachi Resurrection Cave

Also known as DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu, this sequel to Cave's famously challenging DonPachi series is a worthy successor. However, its bullet canceling gameplay actually makes it one of the easiest in the franchise. This DLC allows you to pilot the DeltaSword which has a powerful laser shot and a hyper mode. The laser is a focused beam that tears through enemies while hyper mode basically makes your attacks stronger and grants you a better score and more items. Even the regular shot is awesome as it consists of a wide and steady stream of bullets. v1d30chumz 18-208-132-74

Deathsmiles Cave

As one of the rare Cave games to actually make it to North America, I remember preordering Deathsmiles a few years back for Xbox 360. The chaotic shooting, intricate scoring system, and collection of interesting characters kept me hooked. Here, you play as Windia who controls differently than most ships as you push two different buttons to shoot left and right instead of pressing a button to change direction. Anyway, holding the target button allows you to fixate on a close by enemy which comes in handy when you want to take down a powerful foe. Whenever you gather 500 items that enemies drop, you can temporarily transform into a slightly more powerful iteration. A very cool inclusion is that an owl follows Windia around which attacks on its own. What a hoot!

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Ketsui Cave

Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi was released in Japanese arcades back in 2003. It features a small yet deceptively powerful helicopter that you can now pilot in Dariusburst. Controlling the AH-Y72 seems simple as all you have is a wide shot and a homing shot with the help of four satellite drones. However, when you consider the fact that you're rewarded for taking on enemy forces at close range with your normal wide shot then things get a bit more interesting. It may not be the best ship but it's fun for a challenge.

Dariusburst: Deathsmiles (Cave) screenshot
Deathsmiles just isn't the same without the Halloween decorations

Mahou Daisakusen Eighting

Eighting is mostly known for their fighting game series Bloody Roar in the west but they developed a bunch of interesting shoot 'em ups in Japan, too. Also known as Sorcer Striker, Mahou Daisakusen is a medieval-themed shmup with large memorable boss fights. In this DLC, you take control of the flying dragon Miyamoto (any relation to Shigeru?) who can actually change his weapon on the fly. Switching between a focused stance, a spread shot, and one that fires homing bullets to take advantage of the current situation adds a layer of strategy. He also has a handy bomb that he can deploy whenever his meter is full but it doesn't have that wide of a radius.

Soukyuu Gurentai Eighting

Soukyuu Gurentai (AKA Terra Diver) seems a lot like Capcom's 194X series at first yet its lock-on system is still a very unique dynamic. At the start, the TO-RYU seems like a weak ship due to its pathetic array of projectiles. However, once you figure out that it has a nifty targeting system like in the original game that launches massive fireballs or lasers (depending on which mode you have selected), you'll soon realise how capable it is. Its bomb is similar to Miyamoto's although this one has a significantly larger blast radius.

Battle Garegga Eighting

Many genre enthusiasts consider Battle Garegga to be one of the best shoot 'em ups ever created. Considering the developers were inspired by Taito's Gun Frontier, it's fitting that it's now DLC in a Darius game. Believe it or not, the ship here is called the Wild Snail. It again features different weapons that you can switch to on the fly. There's a regular wide shot, one where your options rotate around you while shooting outward, one where your options shoot in the opposite direction to where you're moving, and the final formation has your satellites head straight into enemies. How cool is that? The bomb attack is unique as it unleashes a fury of fireballs that target nearby enemies. Overall, it's very capable and distinct which makes it my favourite of the three Eighting ships. I should mention that a PlayStation 4 version of Battle Garegga released a few months ago in Japan so hopefully it arrives here soon!

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Dariusburst: Mahou Daisakusen (Eighting) screenshot
Mahou Daisakusen will make you feel like one awesome dragon-dude

There you have it; another six ships to add to your hangar. Stay tuned because I'm going to take a look at the latest Dariusburst pack next which is themed around three Capcom classics. Have you tried these packs yet? Let's chat below!

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Gameplay video playlist for Dariusburst: Cave & Eighting DLC Packs
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