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Demon's Souls: All Rings Checklist

Get the King of Rings and Rogue's Trophy

A.J. Maciejewski

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Obtaining every single ring in Demon's Souls is a lot trickier than it sounds so stay on top of your collection with this helpful checklist.

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Pro tip: put all of your repeat rings into storage so you can keep track of them easier

Notes about Rings

There are a total of 30 rings in the Demon's Souls remake; 26 in the original release. Unlocking all of them will award you with the King of Rings trophy in the remake while you get the Rogue's Trophy for doing so in the original PlayStation 3 game. I decided to make this list after struggling to find a comprehensive one while trying to get the platinum trophy in the remake. The fact that it's interactive is an added bonus that I programmed just for you. As with any of these kinds of collectibles, YouTube videos are the easiest to follow so simply type in the name of any ring that you're missing and watch the shortest video for the most efficient explanation of how to acquire it. v1d30chumz 3-239-112-140

Rings Checklist

Here is the interactive checklist for every ring in Demon's Souls in the order that they appear in-game. Please note that rings marked with a * are only available in the remake. Also, some rings have different names in the remake; specifically, the Friend's Ring was renamed Ally's Ring and the Ring of Disease Resistance was renamed Plague Resistance Ring. There are other minor name discrepancies as well.

Demon's Souls: Rings in inventory menu screenshot
Wearing the Ring of the Accursed for a whole playthrough would sure add challenge

Best Rings

Like with any piece of equipment that provides specific advantages, I recommend changing your rings based on your character build as well as the circumstances that you're in so there really aren't any definitive must-wear rings. For example, if you're facing a boss that uses magic and you're a melee character, the Ring of Magical Dullness can be of great help. Of course, the Cling Ring is excellent for whenever you're in soul form and I recommend the Eternal Warrior's Ring if you want to attack with more frequency. If you're a heavy build, the Ring of Great Strength may lessen your equip load and if it's less than 50%, your character will be more agile. However, if you're in an area where you don't face much threat then consider equipping the Ring of Avarice as you'll earn more souls as you cut through enemies.

In short, Demon's Souls is a challenging game so equipping rings to gain advantages like this can turn the tides of combat in your favour.

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