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Devil May Cry vs. God of War

The origins of extreme 3D action

A.J. Maciejewski

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With so many awesome action games out there, I figured I'd revisit 2 iconic entries in the genre and see which one reigns supreme.

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Note: this article is exclusively about the first Devil May Cry and God of War games, not their respective series in general. v1d30chumz 3-235-186-94

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Game covers don't get much more badass than these classics

Dante vs. Kratos

Of course, a 3D action game wouldn't be cool if it didn't feature a kickass protagonist. Thankfully, Devil May Cry's Dante and God of War's Kratos are a couple of gaming's greatest bad boys. For starters, Dante is the son of a human mother and a powerful demon named Sparda. He has plenty of 'tude to spare as shown in his cocky demeanour and tendency to show off. In contrast to him, Kratos is a tough Spartan warrior with a tragic past who defies the gods on his quest to become the new God of War. Although I find Dante's cheesy one-liners and stylish moves to be rather awesome, Kratos is a much more engaging protagonist as you constantly wonder where his story will take him. Dante may have gradually developed over the franchise to be less one-dimensional but God of War's Kratos wins this category.

Devil Arms vs. Blades of Chaos

Both of these classics are extremely combat-heavy so which one has more satisfying gameplay? Well, if it wasn't for Devil May Cry then God of War probably wouldn't exist. Also, Dante's ability to use a combination of melee weapons and firearms on the fly is impressive and extremely fun, especially when you unlock more weapons throughout the campaign and find which combination works best for you. All of that being said, the combat in God of War is much more multifaceted with light and heavy attacks, grapple moves, 4 distinct magic attacks, and the ability to roll and evade using the right stick. Both characters also have the ability to temporarily transform into more powerful versions of themselves which helps in sticky situations. In the end, Devil May Cry laid the foundation for fun 3D combat but God of War took these fundamentals to a whole new level with its top-notch gameplay so it wins here, too.

Devil May Cry screenshot
Hey, Dante; you may want to turn around...

Demonic Castle vs. Ancient Greece

Having a memorable world is a must for any 3D action game. Devil May Cry is primarily set in a demon-infested castle on Mallet Island which contains many unforgettable locales such as the living Cathedral, the spooky Ghost Ship, and the massive Coliseum where you fight a super-tough Griffon. God of War takes place in a fictitious version of Ancient Greece and begins with the classic scene where Kratos traverses wrecked ships while fighting a Hydra. From there, he'll travel to Athens and the Desert of Lost Souls until he reaches the intricately designed Pandora's Temple complete with plenty of puzzles and mythical creatures. Oh, and the Underworld is pretty cool with its succession of battles. Honestly, even though Kratos' journey is filled with immersive and unique environments, Devil May Cry stands out to me as having a much more memorable world due to its consistently creepy setting that feels like it's alive so it wins here.

Mundus vs. Ares

Devil May Cry features some very cool boss fights including the giant spider Phantom, the demon swordsman Nelo Angelo, the bio-weapon Nightmare, and the epic showdown with Mundus. Meanwhile, God of War has Kratos face off against a Hydra, Medusa, a Minotaur, and Ares. These fights are far flashier and even feature quick-time events while Devil May Cry's bosses require much more skill to defeat. In short, God of War's bosses are quite the spectacle but Devil May Cry wins due to its tough and varied battles.

God of War screenshot
There's the Hydra! Slice his throat! And grab his scroat!

Wow, revisiting these 2 classics was quite the trip but I have to pick an overall winner which is...

Winner God of War

Although I find Devil May Cry's boss fights and game world to be more impressive than God of War's and it's generally considered the pioneer of this specific breed of action games, God of War definitely took the formulas that Devil May Cry established and evolved them into more fulfilling core gameplay. Plus, Kratos is a layered protagonist who you want to see succeed in his quest for power while Dante is mostly style over substance, especially in the first Devil May Cry game. In the end, I highly recommend playing through both of these classic games if you haven't already so you can revisit the roots of 3D action games.

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Gameplay video playlist for Devil May Cry vs. God of War
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