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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Boss Guide

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A.J. Maciejewski

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It's no secret that DK's latest adventures can be extremely challenging and these bosses definitely won't go down easy. Therefore, I put together this comprehensive and easy to reference guide so you can know exactly what to do to beat these baddies.

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Pompy, the Presumptuous Lost Mangroves (Big Top Bop)

Before starting this boss fight, be sure to break the barrel when CK is showing so you can fight with Cranky Kong on your side. The goal of this boss is to hop on its back when it slides on the half-pipe. Therefore, Cranky's cane attack comes in handy. To use it, simply jump then press and hold the jump button to smash down onto enemies. When the boss fight starts, Pompy will slide down so feel free to give him a stomp. When he throws enemies at you, jumping on them sometimes awards you with hearts so you can replenish some health if you happen to take damage during the fight. A couple points of warning: the sea urchins are dangerous so try to avoid those and also, jump over Pompy when he rolls instead of slides down the half pipe. Finally, he'll get stunned from time to time so jump on him whenever he seems dizzy. After a bunch of successful hits, this dastardly seal will go down hard. v1d30chumz 35-172-230-154

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - Pompy, the Presumptuous screenshot
Don't get careless, DK!

Skowl, the Startling Autumn Heights (Mountaintop Tussle)

You may want Dixie Kong as a partner for this fight. When this boss starts, avoid the array of feathers that Skowl throws at you then when it summons its hatchling Hootz, hop on their heads to flip them over then pick one up and throw it at Skowl as soon as he's in range (it might take a short while for him to descend). Meanwhile, be careful of the spiky snowballs! Dixie Kong makes a decent partner due to her jump ability that will help you evade Skowl's attacks, especially when he charges towards you. However, try not to jump off the edges! I know it sounds obvious but it's hard not to when you're avoiding so much stuff at once. To prevent him from charging you, be sure to time your throws so you hit him before he begins to swoop in.

At one point, a barrel will appear so hop in to ascend to another arena. Here, run against the wind while hopping on as many enemies as you can. Some will drop hearts and others will flip over so you can pick them up. If you're holding an enemy and manage to hop on three consecutive owls in a row, you can throw it at the peak of your last hop with Dixie's help in order to hurt Skowl. When he drops a ton of feathers, hop into the barrel on the opposite side to take cover. Doing this when he charges is effective, too.

Another barrel will appear so hop in. Avoid the feathers by running between the clumps then when the Pointy Tucks come in, run to the gaps to avoid them. Eventually, a Hootz hatchling will appear so jump on it and pick it up then throw it at Skowl when he descends to the side of the arena. Next, giant eggs will start falling so run and roll around like crazy to avoid them while trying not to fall off in the process. When Skowl emerges, he'll be stunned so jump on his head. At this point, just one more hit will take him out for good!

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - Skowl, the Startling screenshot
Skowl sure isn't messing around...

Ba-Boom, the Boisterous Bright Savannah (Triple Trouble)

If you use Cranky Kong for this fight, it will make jumping on the boss a lot easier. At first, the baboons will swing around the arena so try and jump on them when they're not holding a weapon. Next, a couple will charge up and roll around so simply jump over them and hop on them once they get dizzy. As soon there are only two left, they'll start throwing spiky bombs so just avoid them and when they throw watermelon bombs, pick them up and throw those suckers back! Soon, they'll land on the ground and you might be tempted to jump on them but don't. Instead, wait until they are dizzy then go in for the attack.

When only one of them is left, it'll summon its deceased partners as ghosts so avoid their swinging attack and bombs that they throw. Once a watermelon bomb drops, aim it for the main baboon and hopefully, he'll get what he deserves. When they start swinging individually, keep an eye on the main guy then when he leaps down without a weapon (after throwing a bomb), try and hop on him. It may take a few tries but I believe in you! The final part will be like the first part of this phase except there are a lot more bombs so carefully jump around and after you hit the main guy with a watermelon, he'll finally be defeated. That's another boss in the bag!

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - Ba-Boom, the Boisterous screenshot
Am I the only one who finds this boss fight a bit creepy?

Fugu, the Frightening Sea Breeze Cove (Fugu Face-Off)

That's one big pufferfish! In my opinion, this is the toughest boss in the game. Warning: avoid all the walls during this fight. Also, keep an eye on your oxygen meter. You should have enough to last a while but you don't want to run out by accident, right? Anyhoo, dash away when Fugu sucks in and dash towards it when it blows out. Then, when Fugu starts rolling around, dash into its bum to damage it. When Fugu spawns three smaller fish, you can dash into them then they'll bounce away and hopefully damage Fugu in the process. Feel free to dash at Fugu to get another attack in whenever it swims around in its unpuffed and spikeless state.

It'll eventually suck in and blow out some stuff so dash accordingly and try to smack some of the fish that it blows out. If you miss with a fish then you can simply dash into Fugu's bum yourself to damage it. At one point, Fugu will suck in enough to take up half of the arena so carefully swim around it and try not to touch anything. It'll then blow everything out so dash towards it so you don't get snagged on the wall. Give it a few more whacks after this part and the pufferfish will finally pop. Yay!

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - Fugu, the Frightening screenshot
This boss can seriously go Fugu itself

Bashmaster, the Unbreakable Juicy Jungle (Punch Bowl)

For this fight, summon Dixie Kong to help you. Wait, is Donkey Kong the bad guy this time? He ruined Bashmaster's popsicle... Anyway, lure him to smack his hammer down and dodge out of the way then jump on the back of the hammer to jump on him. Be careful not to jump on the hammer's handle because that hurts you for some reason. Next, he'll jump on the iceberg so watch his shadow to predict where he'll land. When he pushes ice blocks towards you, break the one with the watermelon bomb and throw it at him.

He'll then make ice cubes smash down to the arena so stay out of their way when they fall, use them for leverage when he charges at you, and jump on him when he's dizzy. At this point, when he jumps onto the iceberg, he'll send shockwaves across the arena so be sure to jump over those. Dixie Kong makes it much easier to jump over them so hopefully you still have her as a partner.

After damaging him a bit more, the ice columns that he pushes will start to get bigger so plan your jumps carefully so you don't get pushed off the edge. Also, he'll start to charge his swings when he pushes ice at you and they'll fly a lot faster and spikier! He'll act as if he's going to swing sometimes but instead, fakes it just to be annoying so don't fall for that nonsense. After he charge-smashes his hammer, it'll send a shockwave out. Quickly jump on it then jump on him but if you don't have enough time, you can wait for the second or third swing. Finally, Bashmaster will hit columns of ice towards you with occasional spiky ice balls which is a tad trickier but he'll likely be defeated with the next hit. First, DK ruins his popsicle; then, he beats him up. Donkey Kong can be kind of mean sometimes.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - Bashmaster, the Unbreakable screenshot
As if polar bears need hammers to be dangerous

Lord Fredrik, the Snowmad King DK Island (Volcano Dome)

Phew, the last boss! Dixie Kong makes a good partner as she helps you jump over things easier. First, he'll jump to the background and make enemies rain down after blowing the Horn of Winter. Dodge them, hop on one, pick it up, and throw it while you're lined up with Fredrik who moves around the background and occasionally stops. Jump over him when he charges at you and try to land on his back to hurt him. He'll jump between segments to make them fall into the lava so keep hopping around while avoiding getting crushed.

Next, he'll make icicles come down so avoid them and notice that the arena is now slippery; oh, no! To hit him with the Tucks when he's in the background, wait for him to either lose his balance, stop to laugh, or shake his head because he's much trickier to hit now. Keep up the fight and use Dixie when he charges towards you so you can jump on his back easier.

When he smashes down to make all the platform segments rise, stay on the last one that rises and jump towards the first one while the one you're standing on falls to guarantee that you don't end up in the lava. When he makes Tucks appear, they hop around this time so watch out for that! He also charges much more rapidly. Finally, he summons ice dragons that you can avoid by jumping over low ones and ducking under slightly higher ones. After one or two more hits, Lord Fredrik will be bested and you officially completed Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze! That actually wasn't that hard, right? I still think Fugu's the hardest boss out of all these suckers.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - Lord Fredrik, the Snowmad King screenshot
I'll show Lord Fredrik where he can put his precious horn!

Thank you for reading my boss guide for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze! I hope it helped but if you're still having troubles then feel free to leave a comment below and I'll try my best to help you out as soon as I can.

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