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.hack//G.U. Last Recode Impressions: vol. 2//Reminisce

A legendary RPG continues

Mary Billington

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Now that I finally completed the second volume of this epic collection, allow me to share my thoughts on the experience so far as someone who's still somewhat new to this highly underrated JRPG series.

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Heavens Doom? More like Heavens Goof!

Trapped inside The World

When I first started up Reminisce, I found myself trapped inside The World with no option to Log Out. I eventually discovered that everyone else was having the same problem and we were actually in a cloned server set up by AIDA to make us think that we were still in the regular World. AIDA has begun experimenting on the players but thankfully, the gang manages to crack into their server and shut it down thus allowing them to go back to the normal world and giving them the option to actually leave the game if they so wish. Atoli has recovered from her attack at the end of vol. 1 but one of her hands is paralyzed in the real world and she can only talk through instant message which comes across as muffled audio when she does so. I find the connections between the real world and the online world to be quite interesting and as the game continues deeper into the story, there's more and more talk about what the players are experiencing in the real world. v1d30chumz 18-204-56-185

.hack//G.U. vol. 2//Reminisce screenshot 2
Alkaid may be gone but it is just a game... right?

Discovering the identity of Tri-Edge

Once the players are freed from AIDA's servers, our old moody pal Alkaid shows up and convinces Haseo to enter the arena in order to take out Sirius. According to Alkaid, he's been taken over by AIDA and needs to be defeated so that he can be freed. Rising in the ranks of the arena was much easier this time around and it felt pretty cool to achieve Emperor status in two tournaments. I gained a few new party members in the process, too, including Endrance who I originally thought was a dork but he's actually quite a handy party member. Additionally, I lost Alkaid as a party member when she was taken out by Bordeaux who is also infected by AIDA. After defeating Sirius, we found out that Sakaki from the moonlight guild had been infected with AIDA as well and after a lengthy dungeon, I took him out. After, Atoli's arm was healed and her voice returned to normal. Now I can use her again which is great because she's a valuable healer.

Just when I thought vol. 2 was over, Haseo's mysterious friend Ovan appeared. After a long conversation with Haseo, we discover that Ovan is actually Tri-Edge and that he took out Haseo's friend Shino and put her into a real-life comma in the process. The boss fight with Ovan was tough at first but after leveling up to level 92, it was a breeze. I must say, Ovan being Tri-Edge was a surprise to me. Usually, things like this can seem obvious and it's funny when the main players are flabbergasted but this time, I was the speechless one!

.hack//G.U. vol. 2//Reminisce screenshot 3
Indeed; Atoli should be on the cover of the next Vogue

Mostly more of the same

The main thing that made an impression on me in vol. 2 is how nothing really changed much since the first volume other than the story. The world is the same except I unlocked a new town and a new dungeon style. The town is quite cool-looking and I like its background music but it's tiny and simply not enough to keep things interesting. A lot of the enemies are the same or just variations on existing ones. I'm not counting on vol. 3 shaking things up too much but hopefully, it's not too long and doesn't get boring. It actually took me longer to play vol. 2 due to it feeling so samey. It's just less appealing when it feels like you've already been there and done that.

.hack//G.U. vol. 2//Reminisce screenshot 4
You might eat those words, Sakaki!

Well, that's all for vol. 2//Reminisce. I hope that vol. 3 offers more variety. The story is definitely interesting and there's a lot to be wrapped up so I'll be heading into vol. 3 right away. What did you think of the second volume? Let's chat below!

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