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Down in Bermuda: A Step-by-Step Guide

Escape a puzzle-filled paradise

A.J. Maciejewski

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Down in Bermuda is a cute game but it's also quite a perplexing adventure so this guide will help you complete each of its tricky islands.

Down in Bermuda: Intro screenshot
This turtle is surprisingly relatable

Turtle Island

  1. Slide the bottom-right slab up, put the bottom-left one in position to match the symbol, the second top-left one slides down 2 then right, slide the top-left one into position, and then slide the remaining 2 into position
  2. Pan the camera left, press the red button with the cursor, slide the red switch, rotate the camera, pull the lever down, and press the buttons and pull the slider
  3. Click the 2 blue wheels to rotate them and form a triangle then collect the orb from the turtle
  4. Press the triangle-shaped button, pan up, collect the Star Map from the now-open door, and consult the map from the pause screen to find all 7 stars
  5. Push the triangle button again, collect the orb, snag the photo to the right of the tall narrow arch that had a star in it, and press the button on the orb gate to exit
Down in Bermuda: Turtle Island screenshot
These stars sure can be hidden in some clever spots

Secret Base Island

  1. Pan right to see a boathouse then collect the Star Map from the nearby boat, a photo to the left of the boathouse, and the yellow key in a chest behind the boathouse
  2. Use the key on the keyhole to receive 2 lost relic triangles, collect another one in a chest between 4 mines, and another one from a rock behind the lighthouse island with a 5-point * on it
  3. Consult the Star Map to find as many stars as you can; some are underneath blowfish, behind hatches, in clam shells, and within contraptions and flowers that you'll need to click multiple times
  4. Press the button and slide the switches on the back of the lighthouse island, slide the top switch, right switch, bottom switch, and then push the left button
  5. Push the button on the sea floor to the lighthouse's left, spin the wheel to meet D.A.V.I.D., and press buttons 3, 2, 4, and 1
  6. Slide the purple knob, tap the 4 buttons, tap 4 more buttons, slide the lever at the top-back, and toggle the new lever
  7. Open the panel on the bottom-left, slide both switches, press the 4 buttons on the new column, spin the top of it, pull the lever on the previous column, and then match the symbols while moving the shutters to see behind them
  8. Get the orb, remove the loosened panel, collect the 2 stars, tap the red button until the gauge is full, and spin the wheel
  9. Toggle the lever, spin the top and bottom moveable pieces on the monument, and toggle the lever again for another orb
  10. Tap Milton in the boat a few times then tap the creature in the cave for 3 more stars and push the triangle button near the boathouse once you've collected all the stars
  11. The symbols for the island with 4 red switches can be found around the map or you can see what to change them to in the screenshot below for simplicity's sake
  12. For the cannon part, shoot barrels with these lever configurations: vertical down, horizontal 2; vertical up, horizontal 2; and vertical center, horizontal 1 then grab the last orb
Down in Bermuda: Secret Base Island screenshot
This solution should help you with the 4 door symbols

Forest Island

  1. Click on the 3 dangling fellows a few times each, get the orb, snag the Star Map on the dock attached to the sheep island, and collect as many stars as you can
  2. Some stars are in huts, 1 is in a chest, 1 is in the greenhouse, 2 are under lily pads, and 3 are acquired after pressing 6 mushrooms in this order: top, bottom-left, top-left, bottom-right, bottom, top-right
  3. Collect a triangle from the chest near the greenhouse, keep tapping the bunnies nearby to guide them home and get 3 more stars, and then press the triangle button once you have all the stars
  4. Rotate the owl columns so red is facing west, yellow is south, and green is north (check your Star Map if you need help with directions) then grab the orb
  5. Obtain a photo from the bench on the east side of the island, pick up the green key from under the hollow dome rock nearby, and there are 2 similar rocks around with triangles under them
  6. Talk to the fellow with a backpack full of junk, pull the lever a few times, press the 4 buttons, pull the console up, press the button on it, and flip all 4 switches
  7. Pull a new tower up, pull its 2 panels out, and then quickly tap the 4 buttons on both sides of them then pull another thing up, slide the switch on the back of it, pull the gauge out, and rapidly tap the button
  8. Push the 2 buttons, push the 4 buttons, open the hatch, make its colours match the order that's on the green column, and pull the levers right, left, right, left
  9. After getting another orb, click on Milton who's west of the center of the island by a beehive, and then solve the puzzle by guiding the water right, down, right, down twice, left, up, left twice, down, right, and down
  10. Get the orb then solve another water-guiding puzzle for the final orb (see the screenshot below)
Down in Bermuda: Forest Island screenshot
Here's how to guide the water to the fountain for the last orb

Shipwreck Island

  1. Scroll down-right until you see the triangle button then snag the Star Map from the desk behind the trees to the right of it and collect as many stars as you can
  2. Some stars are under rafts, behind a ramp that moves after you tap a wheel, and on a boat that you raise by tapping its skull flag and that star is next to a chest with a triangle in it
  3. Get a photo in the southeast on a rock next to where you started then press the triangle button after you find all the stars
  4. Move the cannon so it's pointing at the column then time it so it hits the bottom-most X and repeat thrice then do the same for the other 2 columns after moving the cannon along the track
  5. Whenever needed, you can change the cannon's direction in the northwest loop by circling it once
  6. At the northwest loop, point the cannon at the weak spot on the ship to receive a triangle and blast the weak wall and ship south of it for a couple more triangles
  7. There's another triangle in the southeast ship, in the rock to the west of it, and you can shoot the stone with an X on it just south of that
  8. Change direction, finish the southwest column, blast another X stone nearby, blow 3 holes in the central ship, and then guide the kraken into the whirlpool by pushing it with cannon blasts
  9. Change direction again, shoot through the hole where the first X used to be for 2 more triangles in a chest, and then on the far east side, tap the big wheel on the south rock face
  10. Move the cannon to where it started and shoot the weak rock for the blue key and an orb
Down in Bermuda: Shipwreck Island screenshot
Why do I feel bad for sinking this lonely little ship?

Lava Island

  1. Scroll up-left to get a photo by a hexagonal ring, retrieve the Star Map from the hut in front of the triangle button, and commence your star search
  2. As you're looking for stars, find 3 hollow dome rocks with triangles underneath and one with the red key inside
  3. 2 stars require you to pull levers on the back of small stone monuments and another can be found by pushing a stone face's nose
  4. On the island with 8 holes, stars can be acquired by tapping holes then quickly grabbing them when they rise from other holes
  5. Push the triangle button after getting all the stars, collect the orb, go to the south island, and press the buttons on the south side of the south snake monument
  6. You have to copy the teeth from the north island statue onto those panels: south is ◻◼◻◼, east is ◼◻◻◻, north is ◻◼◼◻, and west is ◼◻◼◼
  7. Next, turn the dials on each outside island to match the symbols on the north island statue (refer to this screenshot to make it easier) then push the 4 buttons
  8. Solve the puzzle as seen in the screenshot below then defeat the fire god and its minions by tapping on the holes
  9. Find the seesaw with Milton on it, press the other side, and keep flinging him to eventually uncover 3 triangles and the final orb
Down in Bermuda: Lava Island screenshot
This may be a small puzzle but it's still kind of tricky

Pro tip: if you skip to the Relic Monument chapter below before completing Labyrinth Island, you'll get some bonus scenes with Milton. v1d30chumz 3-238-104-143

Labyrinth Island

  1. Pan up and snag the Star Map from the pink rock right of the triangle button, pick up the photo east of the tile-sliding puzzle across the chasm, and collect the stars
  2. As you're searching, you'll find 2 triangles in a single chest, another one on a pink rock in the northwest, and one to the east of that on a large pink rock
  3. Press the triangle button when you're done then solve the tile-sliding puzzle that's near the starting point (its solution is pictured in this screenshot) and then press the 3 buttons
  4. Press the left and right orange buttons, rotate 180°, press the left yellow button and the middle blue button, and then press the 3 buttons and turn the 3 handles
  5. Memorize the pattern in the mushrooms then press them in order starting with whichever one you prefer and solve the path puzzle as pictured in the screenshot below
  6. Guide the mine cart to 3 blue nodes then move it to where you solved the path puzzle and get the purple key from the turtle
  7. Use the key on the back of the current platform then solve the towers that emerge; most of which simply involve creating paths and matching shapes by rotating the segments
  8. The trickiest tower is the one with symbols on it but all you need to do is make a red line and then a blue line on the opposite side then match the shapes at the top and bottom
Down in Bermuda: Labyrinth Island screenshot
Talk about taking the long way home!

Relic Monument

To activate this final island, we need to collect all 30 triangle relics from every island so let's revisit them with our newfound keys!

  1. Turtle Island: use the blue key on the keyhole in the northeast to get the orange key
  2. Secret Base Island: use the green key on the underwater dome and solve the puzzle for 3 triangles; left lever left, middle lever right, right lever left, middle lever right, left lever left, middle lever right, right lever left
  3. Forest Island: use the red key on the sheep fence then tap the sheep to make them hop until they're all on the correct sides to receive a triangle relic
  4. Shipwreck Island: use the orange key on the fence behind the skull island, watch the mine cart rollercoaster, and get 2 triangles
Down in Bermuda: Relic Monument screenshot
Too bad Milton can't enjoy this ride
Gameplay video for Down in Bermuda thumbnail
Gameplay video for Down in Bermuda
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