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Tips for life on a dragon's back

Mary Billington

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Originally published January 12, 2023

Drago Noka is a cute and fun village building sim with a lot of gameplay elements mixed in but it can be a little confusing to understand. In this guide, I've collected in-depth tips to help you enjoy various areas of this sandbox experience and get the most out of it.

│ Nothing causes more disappointment than hype so at Video Chums, we avoid hyping games prior to playing them for ourselves. 🤩

For some of these, it took me almost 10 hours before I could figure them out so I hope that they help you understand more quickly! 😅 v1d30chumz 35-172-230-154

Drago Noka: village screenshot
Who knew you could run a farm on a dragon?

Find free items in your villagers' storage

When building a home for each villager, you will inevitably be asked to create and place some kind of storage for them. The work put into creating the storage actually pays off quite well, though, as you can often rummage through the storage of each villager and find random items including furniture that you can take and gift to other villagers. 🎁

Drago Noka: find free items in your villagers' storage screenshot
I hope they don't mind if I borrow a few things

Fertilize and inspect your crops

When you grow crops repeatedly on the same patch of land, its nutritional value will decrease thus lowering the quality of the crops. In order to increase it again, you can place Fertilizer. It's not obvious how to use Fertilizer but it's actually quite simple: place a Fertilizer bag in the middle of a 3x3 square of tilled tiles and leave it there. Eventually, the Fertilizer will be absorbed into the earth (and the bag, too! 🤭) and the nutritional quality will go up. Note that you won't be able to see the quality of the soil until you unlock the magnifying glass. 🔎

If you haven't yet unlocked Fertilizer, here's how. After unlocking a villager with the ranching skill, they'll give you a Poopoo egg that you can place anywhere outside and wait for it to hatch. When it does and the Poopoo animal is fully grown, it will start to drop Animal Poop periodically. At this point, you will need to complete the requests of the villager with the farming skill to the point that you unlock the Make fertilizer assignment. When unlocked, approach the same character and for each collected Animal Poop, you will get Fertilizer. 💩

Drago Noka: fertilize and inspect your crops screenshot
This land is now ready for a fresh batch of crops

Raising and feeding the dragon

You'll eventually be given the task of feeding the dragon that your village is on the back of. The reason you want to feed them is to increase their HP so that you can take on Giants with a chance of winning. You can just keep feeding it low level items and slowly increase its HP from the starting 300,000 to the expected 500,000 but this will take a very long time.

Instead, you should be focusing on creating extremely processed meals. As you house villagers and complete their requests, you will unlock new ways of processing food and the option to combine more than one item to create a meal. The best way to make a meal that will increase your dragon's HP is to send a food item through as many processes as possible such as drying, roasting, and putting it in the Wine Barrel. Focus on completing the cook's requests to unlock these forms of food preparation. You can create meals that provide a boost of HP in the thousands by feeding the dragon these processed meals instead of a measly 10 points via raw materials. 🥧

Drago Noka: raising and feeding the dragon screenshot
After this quick chat, I'll be back with some treats for Grant

Create Medicine to heal villagers

When a villager gets sick, their efficiency drops and you'll see a skull and crossbones ☠️ above their head. In order to create Medicine, you will need to complete a variety of tasks. Firstly, if you just want to heal someone of a level one illness then you can do so with a piece of Wood or Cotton Wool. If you're looking to heal someone with a higher sickness level, you'll need a rarer item.

In the next paragraph, I'll explain how to process the item and generally speaking, you're looking for an item that can first be processed into a powder type and then into Medicine. Examples include Wood Powder, Cotton Wool Powder, and Mushroom Powder but there are others. If you can't find anything in your inventory, know that Mushrooms will heal up to level 2 and Glowshrooms up to level 5. Refer to the next section to learn about how to go underground to find Glowshrooms. 🍄

Once you've got your item to process, you will need to use synthesis to turn it into Medicine. To start, you'll need a Furnace which is available via the Build › Special menu. It's unlocked after completing a request from the blacksmithing villager. After building the Furnace, use it to craft a Mortar and Pestle as well as a Test Tube Set. The Mortar and Pestle is simple to create but the Test Tube Set requires Sand. Place the Mortar and Pestle somewhere and process Clay with it to create Sand. Now, you can create the Test Tube Set and place it. The final step is to process the item first through the Mortar and Pestle to create a powder and then process the powder through the Test Tube Set to create Medicine. If you don't see your item as an option when using the Mortar and Pestle, make sure you toggle "Normal/special results" (Y button if you're playing on Switch) to make it show up.

Drago Noka: create Medicine to heal villagers screenshot
Can you believe it took me 10 hours to figure out how to do this?

Dig deeper underground and find Gems

To go underground, you must unlock the Excavation Drill then create it via the Build › Special menu and place it somewhere. The recipe will unlock after completing a request from the blacksmithing villager. After placing it anywhere in the village, wait for the countdown above it to finish (a full 24 hours) and when it does, a hole will appear. Now, go back to the Build › Special menu and create a Downwards Staircase. Place the Downwards Staircase on the hole and use it to go underground.

Some items such as Gems cannot be found on the first floor so you'll need to dig deeper. To do so, look for either Glowshrooms (green glowing mushrooms) or steam coming from the ground. Both can indicate that there is a hole nearby; however, it doesn't necessarily mean that there is one. If there is a hole, you will see it clearly as it's indicated by a hole with steam coming from it. If you don't see one close by then look around for the next Glowshroom or steam patch. Once you find a hole, you don't need to excavate it but you do need to build another Downwards Staircase in order to use it. Note that when you get to an area surrounded by lava, you can traverse it by unlocking and building a Wood Bridge. 🌉

Drago Noka: dig deeper underground and find Gems screenshot
Time to make like Jamiroquai and go deeper underground

How to fight a Giant

At one point in the story, your game will be interrupted and you'll be given the following tasks: Make some weaponry!, Kick out a pest!, and Defeat a giant!. To make weaponry, you must complete the requests provided by the blacksmith and eventually build an Anvil using the Stonecutting Table. When using the Anvil, you'll see the Cannonball and Iron Claws weapons. They both require Iron which can be obtained by pushing Iron Ore up the staircase while underground then processing it with the Blast Furnace. 🔥

I recommend creating both weapons as the Iron Claws are good for melee combat and the Cannonball is for ranged attacks. Go to the left of the village and talk to the villager there to equip the weapons on the dragon. To get into a fight with a Giant, go to the map menu via Manage › Look Around and look for a Giant with similar HP to your dragon. Select the Giant to have your dragon slowly walk towards it. Eventually, the dragon will walk right up to the Giant and as soon as the dragon approaches close enough, you'll get a warning that a fight will begin. Now, go back to the villager on the screen to the left of the village and choose to Fight the Giant to battle.

Drago Noka: how to fight a Giant screenshot
With Iron Claws and a Cannonball; how could we lose?

How to defeat a Giant

The battles are pretty basic and as long as you have your HP up to a reasonable level, you should be able to win. The key is to use long-range weapons and walk backwards if the Giant gets too close and is doing a lot of damage. When they're close, it's also an opportunity to use your melee weapon. When defeating a Giant, it will take time for your dragon to get their HP back up so don't go into another fight right away. Also, look around for a Giant Fragment somewhere in the village that can only be found after winning a battle. 🏆

To complete the Kick out a pest! mission, stay in the area around a Giant long enough and a pest will appear on the edge of the village. There's a variety of them and you'll know you're close to one when you see a speech bubble (it looks similar to when the butterflies say flutter 🦋). To kick the pest out, literally push it off the edge of the map and you'll be given a Pest Fragment as a reward. 🏅

Drago Noka: how to defeat a Giant screenshot
I wonder if Godzilla has a village on its back

Craft Light Crystals

Items that generate lights such as lamps require Light Crystals but it's not obvious how to find them. For starters, you'll need a Wyvern. A Wyvern Egg is received from the ranching villager as a request reward and once you acquire it, just place it on the ground outside and wait for it to hatch. While you're waiting, travel to the Dark Dragon as you'll need Lunaflowers and these spawn in the vicinity of the Dark Dragon. When the Wyvern has hatched, you'll be able to hop on top of its back and choose to go "To surface". 🥀

Drago Noka: craft Light Crystals screenshot 1
This is what a Lunaflower looks like

On the surface, collect Lunaflowers and return to the dragon's back. The next part relies on you having a Microscope built from a special recipe received through completing requests from the synthesis villager. Simply process the Lunaflower with the Microscope and you will receive a Light Crystal. You can now create items that light up their surroundings. 💡

Drago Noka: craft Light Crystals screenshot 2
Time to put this newfangled lamp to work!

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