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E3 2017 Highlights: The Aftermath

An underwhelming year for the expo

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For over 20 years, the Electronic Entertainment Expo has been showcasing all of the noteworthy upcoming games and gaming technology. Now that E3 2017 has wrapped, let's take a look at some highlights (and lowlights) from the expo.

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Xbox One X photo
Why not just make the Xbox Deuce already?

E3 2016: Part 2

E3 2017 featured a lot of repeated content from last year. Obviously, we now have more in-depth looks at what was previously announced but that doesn't change the fact that there were a lot of the same games this time around. Whether it's Days Gone, Cuphead, God of War, Crackdown 3, or Detroit: Become Human; gamers have already been aware of these games prior to the convention. Now that we've seen more extensive gameplay of these titles, it appears as if we're in for a mixed bag of disappointment and surprise. For example, Detroit: Become Human's complex narrative is definitely intriguing while God of War's gameplay seems toned down from the intense and visceral nature of previous games in the series. v1d30chumz 3-215-190-193

Of course, Microsoft's Scorpio is now known as the Xbox One X. Technical aspects aside, who's naming these consoles? Xbox One is still one of the worst-named consoles of all time yet they add an X to the end which makes it a real mouthful. What next, the Nintendo Switch N or the PlayStation 4 PS? Anyway, obviously playing in 4K and having superior technical aspects in general is great for those who care about the superficial aspects of gaming but I'm not personally sold on any of these console upgrades. The only thing that'll pique my interest is if they released exclusive games yet Microsoft have stated that there won't be any.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle screenshot
It may be colourful but I think I played this already...

Nintendo dials back their creativity

For decades, Nintendo has been filling their consoles' libraries with innovative games that make fans keep coming back for more. However, I must say that their showing at E3 this year was kind of disheartening. Most of the revealed games are either updated versions of previous games (Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions, Pokkén Tournament Deluxe, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon), sequels in long-running series (Kirby, Yoshi, Pikmin 4, Metroid Prime 4, Metroid: Samus Returns), or follow-ups to recent successful titles (Splatoon 2, Xenoblade Chronicles 2). The only game that comes across as unique and exciting is Super Mario Odyssey which Nintendo had revealed previously. You can't go wrong with a fresh take on the Mario series!

Finally, let's discuss Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. When I first heard of it, I was pumped as I'm a fan of both Mario and the Rabbids. Now that gameplay was shown, I can't believe how it shamelessly rips off two of my favourite strategy RPGs. First, the entire core gameplay is blatantly stolen from XCOM. Heck, even the icons seem like they're ripped straight from the game. Next, the system where characters can give each other boosts is straight from Chroma Squad (which is a highly-underrated indie gem that I fully recommend). Both Ubisoft and Nintendo should be ashamed for taking gameplay from other games and slapping a colourful presentation on it.

Moss screenshot
Gosh darn, that's one cute little mouse!

A few surprises

As someone who doesn't own a PlayStation VR yet, I must say that Sony's showing at E3 this year made me much more curious about the device. The most impressive showcased title is Moss which stars an adorable mouse who goes on a Zelda-style adventure. I'm not the kind of person who enjoys scary games so I'd probably never play The Inpatient but it looks impressively atmospheric and creepy. That's one game horror fans will want to keep on their radar. Last but definitely least, Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV features VR fishing with Noctis. And here I thought XV was boring enough on its own... Now you can go on a bromantic fishing trip!

Enough VR, let's discuss some sequels. I may sound contradictory for faulting Nintendo with announcing so many sequels then saying this but there are a couple of sequels that I never thought would come out and I'm very excited to play them. First, Beyond Good and Evil 2 may not look as cartoon-like and charming as the first but if the awesome action adventure gameplay is back then I can't wait to try it out. Next, Knack 2 is on its way despite the first game being mostly underwhelming. I'm hopeful that they'll fine-tune the experience and learn from their mistakes but only time will tell. Speaking of sequels, Ni no Kuni II is looking mighty awesome as well.

Lastly, I don't usually like comic book related media but Marvel's Spider-Man is probably my most anticipated game announced at E3 2017. Seeing as it's developed by Insomniac Games (who created the phenomenal Ratchet & Clank series), this interpretation of the web-slinging superhero appears to be one of the most action-packed and seamless comic book games ever created.

Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV screenshot
Anyone up for some Final Fantasy Fishing? Yeah, I didn't think so...

Well, that was E3 2017. Definitely some great games to look forward to while others have a lot to live up to. What are your thoughts on this year's gaming expo? Were there any announcements that you're excited about? Let's chat in the comments below.

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Gameplay video for Marvel's Spider-Man
Which Kingdom Hearts Character Are You?

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