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E3 2018 Highlights: The Aftermath

Samurais and Smash Bros.

A.J. Maciejewski

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The yearly Electronic Entertainment Expo always brings about awesome game announcements and upcoming technology. This year, the focus was definitely on the games side of things so here are some highlights from the expo.

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Swords > guns

My two personal favourite game announcements at E3 2018 are both samurai-themed action adventure games. First, Sucker Punch Productions unveiled their latest project Ghost of Tsushima at the Sony Interactive Entertainment press conference and it looks absolutely stunning. The combat seems visceral and the fact that you can kill or die in one hit reminds me a great deal of the classic fighter Bushido Blade although this is obviously much bigger. Its graphics are some of the best that I've ever seen, too. v1d30chumz 3-235-173-74

Next up, FromSoftware's Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice sees Hidetaka Miyazaki go in a new direction with an action-intense adventure featuring stealth elements. Although it's entirely single player and lacks the RPG elements of the Souls series, I can't wait to hack and slash my way through all sorts of demonic entities. Miyazaki's also directing the PlayStation VR game Déraciné which looks intriguing.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice screenshot
Hidetaka Miyazaki tries something new with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Microsoft kills it

I wasn't counting on much from Microsoft this year but I must admit; they knocked it out of the park with their show. For starters, a brand new Battletoads game is coming! Almost nothing is currently known about this reboot but it will feature cooperative gameplay for up to three players so it definitely sounds promising. Although a couple other games that they announced are merely sequels, they seem to be taking their corresponding series in exciting directions. Forza Horizon 4 takes place in a gorgeous rendering of the United Kingdom and its seasons system and online mechanics are nothing short of impressive. Finally, Gears 5 puts you in the capable shoes of Kait Diaz who first appeared in Gears of War 4 and it looks like one captivating story where Kait makes a decision to tread an unlikely path.

Nintendo proves they're all about the fun

Great news; Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is on its way! Arriving on December 7, it's the most complete Smash Bros. title to date with an enormous character roster featuring every character ever. Do I really need to say more? Everyone's going to buy it and have a great time so I'll see you in the arena! One game that I'm very excited about that not many people are talking about is Super Mario Party. I'm a huge fan of Mario's shindigs and own almost every game in the long-running series. I can't wait for more mini-game fun!

Nintendo also announced Daemon X Machina which is an upcoming mech combat game. Not much is known at this point in time but the fact that Nintendo isn't just pumping out sequels and trying something fresh definitely has my interest piqued. Speaking of sequels, Fire Emblem: Three Houses will mark the series' Switch debut and its first console game in over a decade.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate screenshot
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has so many characters that it's ridiculous

Ubisoft is looking mighty promising

As expected, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is shaping up beautifully. I wasn't expecting it to be such an epic space opera but what was shown during Ubisoft's conference was jaw-dropping. Let's hope we get treated to some gameplay footage soon. Another sequel that I'm super-pumped about is Trials Rising. The developers outlined features that cater to Trials novices which is great because it's such a difficult series to master. Hopefully, it'll reach a whole new audience now. Ubisoft also has a couple of new IPs releasing in the form of Skull & Bones which is a pirate-themed strategic action game and Starlink: Battle for Atlas, an action adventure game set in space with a toys-to-life component. Needless to say, I'm definitely looking forward to getting my hands on both of these original titles.

Capcom reinvents Evil

Fans of Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy certainly have something to look forward to with the release of Resident Evil 2 Remake. It's been more than 20 years since the original debuted and as the most iconic entry in the franchise, the fact that they're completely reimagining the entire game for modern consoles is just awesome. However, that's not the only Evil that Capcom is reviving as Devil May Cry 5 is on its way featuring Nero and a dishevelled Dante. Ninja Theory's DmC was great but this looks phenomenal.

Devil May Cry 5 screenshot
Dante's back and looking super-homeless in Devil May Cry 5

A few delightful surprises

One game that blew me away was that EA announced and released Unravel Two at the same time. I finished and reviewed it already so trust me; it's an outstanding game! Koei Tecmo teased both Dead or Alive 6 and Nioh 2 and I'm psyched to play both of those. Bandai Namco unveiled Jump Force which looks like a radical new crossover starring characters from Dragon Ball, Naruto, and One Piece and also revealed Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition which was previously only available for Xbox 360 in North America.

PlatinumGames and Square Enix teamed up to create the awe-inspiring NieR: Automata and they're at it again with Babylon's Fall. I wish I could see it in action but you can trust that it's going to be incredible. On the other end of the spectrum, the ridiculous Metal Wolf Chaos by FromSoftware is making its worldwide debut in Metal Wolf Chaos XD from Devolver Digital. Man, does that look like a hilarious game, especially with its crazy main character who wears a powerful mech-like body suit and just happens to be the President of the United States. Finally, a couple of awesome sequels that I'm looking forward to are Just Cause 4 which looks insane and Overcooked 2. I loved the original Overcooked so the fact that the folks at Team17 are releasing a sequel is fantastic news.

Kojima's still Stranding

Although it was announced back at E3 2016, we finally got more of a taste of what to expect from Hideo Kojima's possible magnum opus. I'm as big of a fan of Kojima as any gamer worth their salt but I really don't know what to expect from this very strange experience. The more throat babies and naked Norman Reedus they show, the more questions fans have and even after the new trailer was shown this year (complete with some fresh gameplay footage), people still want to see much, much more.

Death Stranding screenshot
I don't know much about Death Stranding but I do know that Norman Reedus is nude in it

E3 2018 was definitely an impressive game-focused expo that showed off many new titles and reignited gamers' passion for already announced projects. What are your favourite moments from this year's E3? Let's chat in the comments below!

By the way, you can listen to a podcast via the YouTube video below where RC and I discussed E3 before it all started.

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RC's E3 2018 Podcast with A.J.
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