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Elden Ring: All Cookbooks Checklist

Plus Whetstones and special Bell Bearings

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There are a lot of Cookbooks to find in Elden Ring so here's a checklist for them as well as all of the Whetstones and special Bell Bearings.

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There are a lot of Cookbooks and each one is worth getting

Notes about Cookbooks

There are a total of 59 Cookbooks in Elden Ring that are divided among 8 types. All of your collected Cookbooks are located in the Key Items section of your Inventory and each one unlocks from 1 to 5 items in the Item Crafting menu. After you collect every single Cookbook, you will be able to craft a total of 132 different items. However, you will need the Crafting Kit before you can craft anything which can be purchased from Merchant Kalé at the Church of Elleh in Limgrave. Also, some craftable items require containers to store them and in total, you can carry 20 Cracked Pots, 10 Ritual Pots, and 10 Perfume Bottles. As with most items, the best way to find missing Cookbooks is to watch brief YouTube videos that show exactly where they are located. v1d30chumz 44-212-99-248

Cookbooks Checklist

Here is the interactive checklist of every single Cookbook in the default order that they're presented in Elden Ring's menus:

Elden Ring: Item Crafting screenshot
The Bewitching Branch from Fevor's Cookbook [3] is one of the strangest items in Elden Ring


Next, here are all 6 Whetstones. These unlock more affinity options in the Ashes of War menu when you rest at Sites of Grace.

Bell Bearing Hunters

Finally, there are 4 special Bell Bearings in Elden Ring that allow you to purchase 11 additional Consumables and Crafting Materials after offering them to the Twin Maiden Husks at Roundtable Hold. Each one is obtained by defeating a Bell Bearing Hunter boss which spawn during night near specific Sites of Grace. These Bell Bearings carry over to New Game Plus so try to acquire them on your first playthrough. To keep track of which ones you have, give all of your Bell Bearings to the Twin Maiden Husks then ensure that these items are available in infinite supply via the generic Purchase option (the location of each is in brackets):

Elden Ring: Purchase Item via Twin Maiden Husks screenshot
Being able to purchase however many Boluses you want sure is handy

With all of the Cookbooks and Whetstones collected as well as every Bell Bearing Hunter defeated, crafting items and customizing weapons will now have a lot more possibilities. Which craftable items and weapon affinities do you find invaluable? Let's discuss below!

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