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Elden Ring: All Crystal Tears Checklist

Fill your Flask of Wondrous Physick

A.J. Maciejewski

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Collecting all of the Crystal Tears in Elden Ring can be a confusing task so here is a handy interactive list of every single one of them.

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Opaline Bubbletear sounds like a tasty drink

Notes about Crystal Tears

Elden Ring currently features a total of 32 Crystal Tears with 29 of them being unique. Specifically, the Crimson Crystal Tear, Cerulean Crystal Tear, and Ruptured Crystal Tear have 2 iterations of each and if you combine them, they become doubly potent. v1d30chumz 44-192-38-248

Here, you will find a simple checklist for every single Crystal Tear which is presented in the default order that you'll see them in Elden Ring's menus for simplicity's sake. I decided to make this list after struggling to find a comprehensive one for myself. You see; after obtaining Elden Ring's platinum trophy back on March 12, I've been trying to collect every item which is quite fun to do so if you're trying to do the same, I'm sure you'll appreciate the ability to check off items as you collect them.

By the way, I find videos of item locations to be far easier to follow than written guides so for any Crystal Tear that you haven't found yet, simply type its name into YouTube and you're bound to see a whole list of helpful videos. I always click the shortest one. 😊

Crystal Tears Checklist

Here is the list of every single Crystal Tear in Elden Ring:

Elden Ring: Crystal Tears Wondrous Physick Mix screenshot
You can't go wrong with a mix of 2 Crimson Crystal Tears

Best Flask of Wondrous Physick Mix

I wouldn't say that there's a definitive Flask of Wondrous Physick Mix because it all depends on what kind of situation you're in. For example, you may want to guard yourself against a certain enemy's elemental attacks or help with status ailments in a particularly rough area. However, I mostly used a combination of both Crimson Crystal Tears because my health meter ended up being quite large so having the ability to fully restore it proved to be invaluable in many situations. If you don't have as much health or you're magic-oriented then this blend probably wouldn't be as valuable so try to mix Crystal Tears with your character build's needs in mind.

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