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Elden Ring: All Spirit Ashes Checklist

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Elden Ring's summon system adds a lot of fun to combat so here are all of the Spirit Ashes that you can find for your Spirit Calling Bell.

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Elden Ring: Spirit Tuning screenshot
Levelling up your favourite Ashes via Spirit Tuning is a must

Notes about Spirit Ashes

In total, there are 64 Spirit Ashes to find in Elden Ring. Each one allows you to summon an enemy, horde of enemies, or special character to fight alongside you. However, you'll need to acquire the Spirit Calling Bell before you can use any of the Spirit Ashes. v1d30chumz 3-239-112-140

The purpose of this guide is to help you keep track of which Spirit Ashes you've found and which ones you still need to get. I recommend watching short YouTube videos for any that you're missing because watching someone show exactly where they are located is much easier than trying to follow written directions. Anyway, all of the Spirit Ashes in these checklists are in the order that they appear in Elden Ring's menus by default which will make it easier for you to check off the ones that you already have.

Ashes Checklist

First up, there are 42 regular Ashes in Elden Ring that are divided into 2 groups; the first primarily consisting of beasts and monsters while the second mainly includes soldiers and guards. These Ashes can be upgraded by speaking with Roderika, Spirit Tuner then exchanging Grave Glovewort bolstering materials; of which, there are 10 varieties with the tenth being Great Grave Glovewort.

First group / 20 total

Second group / 22 total

Elden Ring: Death Rite Bird boss fight screenshot
Fighting the Death Rite Birds with a Mimic Tear Ashes clone by your side makes things much easier

Special Ashes Checklist

Next, there are 22 Special Ashes (also referred to as Renowned Ashes) in Elden Ring. 6 of them are Legendary Ashen Remains which are required for a trophy / achievement 🏆 while the last 6 are Puppets. All of the Special Ashes can be upgraded with Ghost Gloveworts and there are 10 varieties of them with the final one being Great Ghost Glovewort. Please note that obtaining Nepheli Loux Puppet and Dung Eater Puppet can be tricky and you can't get both of them in 1 playthrough due to the fact that you can only give 1 character Seluvis' Potion. In my first playthrough, I unfortunately missed out on these Puppets entirely because I gave the potion to Gideon Ofnir. 🙄

Special Ashes / 10 total

Legendary Ashen Remains / 6 total

Puppets / 6 total

Elden Ring: Spirit Ashes in Inventory screenshot
Now that I have all of the Spirit Ashes, what should I collect next?

Best Spirit Ashes

After experimenting with different Spirit Ashes, I found that using the Mimic Tear Ashes made boss battles and tricky areas a lot easier. Therefore, I definitely recommend levelling up the Mimic Tear Ashes to +10 via Spirit Tuning. Another cool thing about it is that it uses a bit of your HP to summon instead of FP so if you're looking to keep your FP topped-up and don't mind losing a little health, it'll help with that. The downside is that if your character isn't very good, a clone of it obviously won't be good either. In that case, I recommend using Black Knife Tiche or Dung Eater Puppet if you have them as they can be quite relentless and powerful. Other great choices include Stormhawk Deenh as it occasionally buffs your attack power and Jarwight Puppet which will throw all sorts of pots at enemies. 😊

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