EON Super 64 Review

EON Super 64 Review

A simple Nintendo 64 HDMI solution

A.J. Maciejewski

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Nintendo 64 has a vast library of games that are enjoyable to this day and the EON Super 64 is here to bring new life to the console.

Photo: back of a Nintendo 64 with the EON Super 64 attached
The EON Super 64 not only looks cool, it's also very functional

What is the EON Super 64?

Simply put, it's an adapter that plugs into the Nintendo 64's A/V out slot and you can plug an HDMI cable into it. More technically speaking, it converts the N64's S-video signal into 480p and displays it on your HD TV via HDMI. There is no need for batteries, external power, or anything of the sort as all you need to do is plug it in and enjoy. Finally, there's a button that allows you to toggle Slick Mode which smoothes out jagged pixels around edges. Although this is a neat feature, I much prefer my retro visuals to be jagged and pixelated than slightly blurry and I'm sure if you've been playing games for as long as I have, you'd agree. v1d30chumz 34-231-247-88

How cool is the EON Super 64?

Now that you know what the EON Super 64 is, is it any good? Well, yes. First, I plugged my Nintendo 64 directly into my HD television and played Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards for a bit. Then, I set up the EON Super 64 and played it to see the difference. I must admit, the graphics aren't a massive step up but there is a noticeable positive difference. Also, there is virtually no input lag which is a common problem with playing retro consoles on modern TVs. Overall, I find the convenience of being able to plug an HDMI cable into my Nintendo 64 to be a substantial benefit, I'm delighted by the visual improvement, and the lack of lag is definitely a nice bonus.

Yoshi's Story screenshot
Yoshi's Story looks even cuter with the EON Super 64

Live Gamer Mini compatibility

A few months ago, I reviewed the awesome capture device that is AVerMedia's Live Gamer Mini. The only negative thing that I had to say about it was that it's only directly compatible with HDMI cables so retro consoles can't easily be used with it. However, with the EON Super 64, this is no longer an issue. I even recorded 4 gameplay videos while using the EON Super 64 and Live Gamer Mini together and you can watch those in the playlist below to see the level of quality that these products have to offer for yourself.

Live Gamer Mini Review

GameCube compatibility

Although the EON Super 64 isn't advertised as being GameCube compatible, I figured I'd plug it in anyway and see if it is. To my surprise, it works perfectly! That being said, you may want to check out EON's GCHD instead as it works with the GameCube's analog and digital A/V out slots which has the potential to offer an even better picture quality. I can't say for sure, though, because I don't have a GCHD so I can't compare it to the EON Super 64 but I am impressed with how GameCube games look while using the EON Super 64.

SNES compatibility

The only other console I can think of that has the same A/V out slot as the Nintendo 64 and GameCube is the Super NES. However, the EON Super 64 does not fit in the back of the SNES because it hits the wall surrounding its A/V out port. I really don't feel like cutting up my console to see if it works but if you're crazy enough to do so then please leave a comment below and let me know if it works. Oh, and if a Nintendo A/V cable extension cord exists then you wouldn't need to alter your SNES but I don't think it does.

Super Mario Sunshine screenshot
Yes, the EON Super 64 even works with GameCube!

It may be pricy but the EON Super 64 sure is cool, especially considering it works with GameCube. I hope my review helped you decide whether or not to purchase this nifty device. If you're still on the fence, feel free to ask any questions below.

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Playlist of videos recorded with EON Super 64 18:14
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