Final Fantasy Explorers: Crystal Hunting with Style

Final Fantasy Explorers: Crystal Hunting with Style

Is that a Moogle in your pocket?

A.J. Maciejewski

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When it comes to spin-offs, very few video game series have as many as Final Fantasy. The recently released Monster Hunter inspired tale Final Fantasy Explorers is definitely one to keep on your radar. Here, I'll highlight my favourite aspects from my journey so far.

Final Fantasy Explorers screenshot 1
Migrant Moogle Merchant Mogroe sells some pretty useful stuff

Familiar faces

Shortly after creating my character (who looks absolutely nothing like me), I met some of the Libertas locals. Lo and behold, one of them is the famously named Cid. He seems like a friendly and helpful chap. Then, of course it was time to run around the town aimlessly and who did I see? A Moogle was chilling on the outskirts by his lonesome. Fun fact, I have a hamster named Moggle that I named after these adorable little critters. Upon completing only a few quests, I saw a chocobo running around a field. I don't know if I get to ride one later but I sure hope so! It's great that they use so many familiar creatures and characters since it makes a long-time fan such as myself feel right at home. I'm excited to keep playing and see who'll show up next. After watching the trailer, it appears as if classic heroes become unlockable at some point. If I get to play as Sabin then you wouldn't be able to pry my 3DS from my hands, but I won't count on it. v1d30chumz 44-192-25-113

Final Fantasy Explorers screenshot 2
It's early on in the adventure and I'm already slaying dragons? Awesome!

Rewarding quests

Taking on quests is such an easy process. You basically select whatever you want to do next along with some optional subquests then head out to the field. Once you slay the monster, gather the items, or perform the desired move, you're judged on how well you did. Earning extra gil and Crystal Points with a high multiplier then reporting the additional subquests that you accomplished to get even more rewards just feels awesome. I haven't played that long but I already have a load of loot for my efforts.

Intuitive character growth

I love the fact that there are so many aspects involved in growing your character's capabilities. Not only do you equip weapons, armour, and accessories, you also set up shortcuts for learned abilities, choose a suitable job, and obtain various upgrades in the town. You can learn additional abilities (such as magic spells) by redeeming Crystal Points at the giant Central Crystal, get bonuses at a fortune teller, forge and upgrade equipment at the workshop, and buy goodies at the local shop and from Migrant Moogle Merchant Mogroe whenever he decides to show up. There really is a lot to do and it's all handled so intuitively.

Final Fantasy Explorers screenshot 3
Relax, chocobo, I just want to give you some Gysahl Greens

Action-focused combat system

The battle system is much more action-oriented than most other Final Fantasy titles. It's great that you can actually avoid attacks as you wait to unleash a devastating blow. One aspect even ensures that you keep the action up by giving you Resonance points. Saving up enough will allow you to perform a Crystal Surge that can harm enemies or make you more powerful. It's fun to discover new Crystal Surges because you never know what power they're capable of unleashing until you actually put them to use.

Effortless online play

If you prefer to do your exploring alongside peers then playing online is simple. All you do is change the play mode and join an existing room or make your own. You can play with local folks, too. The only problem that I have is that everyone seems to be at a much higher level than me and I don't want to bog anyone down. However, I'm looking forward to playing online once I'm confident enough.

Final Fantasy Explorers screenshot 4
When I decided to take a trip to the beach, I didn't expect an Adamantoise to show up!

Although I've barely scratched the surface of this pocket-sized Final Fantasy adventure, I know that the journey ahead will be full of surprises. Have you played Final Fantasy Explorers yet? Leave a comment and let me know how your crystal-hunting quest is going.

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Official trailer for Final Fantasy Explorers 1:49
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