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Final Fantasy XIII-2 OST DJ Mix

My tribute to an incredible soundtrack

A.J. Maciejewski

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When Masashi Hamauzu, Naoshi Mizuta, and Mitsuto Suzuki worked on this epic soundtrack, they crafted something truly unique. I decided to create my own DJ mix from a selection of their work on this awesome soundtrack so I hope you like what you hear!

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Photo: Final Fantasy XIII-2 game and original soundtrack
A highly underrated game beside an equally underrated soundtrack

About the DJ Mix

I wanted to do something special with this DJ mix so before I even began mixing, I created my own edited versions of six of the tracks by using elements from both the original and "Aggressive Mix" versions of the same song. This created more musically dynamic pieces and after these came together, I put a lot of thought into which tracks would be included. One thing I wanted to do was begin with Wishes and end on Memories seeing as both of those tracks feature the same melodies yet the latter includes fantastic vocals from Frances Maya. In between, I simply wanted to start slow and have the music gradually escalate only to end up at the Overture which leads into Historia Crux. I found that the vocals of Historia Crux matched the acoustic guitar in Hope's Theme so the brief moment that they overlap is quite lovely. Anyway, I hope you enjoy listening to this DJ mix as much as I loved putting it together. v1d30chumz 3-223-3-251


  1. Wishes 願い
    Masashi Hamauzu 浜渦正志
  2. Starting Over スターティングオーバー (A.J. Re-Edit)
    Naoshi Mizuta 水田直志 feat Joelle
  3. New Bodhum ネオ・ボーダム (A.J. Re-Edit)
    Mitsuto Suzuki 鈴木光人 feat Origa
  4. Parallel Worlds 並行世界 (A.J. Re-Edit)
    Mitsuto Suzuki 鈴木光人 feat Origa
  5. Paradigm Shift パラダイムシフト
    Naoshi Mizuta 水田直志
  6. Etro's Champion 女神の騎士
    Masashi Hamauzu 浜渦正志
  7. Eclipse エクリプス (A.J. Re-Edit)
    Mitsuto Suzuki 鈴木光人 feat Michiyo Honda 本田みちよ
  8. Omega's Battle Theme オメガのバトルテーマ
    Mitsuto Suzuki 鈴木光人
  9. Worlds Collide 衝突する世界
    Naoshi Mizuta 水田直志 feat David Whitaker
  10. Unseen Intruder 不可視の侵略者 (A.J. Re-Edit)
    Naoshi Mizuta 水田直志 feat Aimee Blackschleger
  11. Village and Void 壊れた郷 (A.J. Re-Edit)
    Naoshi Mizuta 水田直志 feat Joelle
  12. Overture オーバーチュア
    Masashi Hamauzu 浜渦正志
  13. Historia Crux ヒストリアクロス
    Mitsuto Suzuki 鈴木光人 feat Origa
  14. Hope's Theme (Tomorrow's Dream) ホープのテーマ ~託す想い~
    Masashi Hamauzu 浜渦正志
  15. Serah's Theme (Memories) セラのテーマ ~記憶~
    Masashi Hamauzu 浜渦正志 feat Frances Maya


You can listen to the mix via the YouTube video below or download it directly using the following links. I also created a cue sheet for audio nerds like me who still enjoy burning CDs. Note: if the page simply refreshes after you try to download a file then an anti-virus program on your computer or an extension of your browser is disabling you from downloading it.

Photo: Final Fantasy XIII-2 original soundtrack book, case, and discs
If you enjoy this DJ mix then you should definitely check out the complete OST

Thank you for listening to my Final Fantasy XIII-2 DJ mix. Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 OST DJ Mix thumbnail
Final Fantasy XIII-2 OST DJ Mix
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