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Final Fantasy XV: Chapter 10 to 12

A bromantic train ride

A.J. Maciejewski

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Noctis and his constant chums may have just had their confidence shaken up a bit by recent events but they're journeying onward like the brave bros they are. I am, too, so please enjoy these chapter summaries and my opinions on the adventure so far.

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Bros for life!

Chapter 10: The Heart of a King

The gang went off to their next destination: Gralea (the capital of Niflheim) in search of the crystal. On the way, we took a detour to a tomb where we uncovered a new royal weapon after defeating a Malboro. Man, that thing was tough! Maybe I didn't understand how to battle it properly but I found it to be the most difficult enemy yet. Back on the train, everyone theorized why nights have been longer. It could be because Luna died but maybe it's just winter. v1d30chumz 18-204-56-185

Chapter 11: In the Dark

Ardyn and his mechanical troops attacked the train so Prompto and Noctis defended it from oncoming attacks. It's a pretty cool battle where the train has a health meter and you have to slay as many robot soldiers as possible while prioritizing the self-destructive ones. I wish there were more moments like these because that situation was the most amount of fun I had in quite a while during my time with Final Fantasy XV and it wasn't even that great. Anyway, after boarding the train again, Noctis saw Ardyn threatening Prompto so he pushed him aside but Ardyn swapped places with Prompto so Noctis ended up pushing his friend off the train instead. Poor guy, but at least he won't stop us dead in our tracks to take photos for a while. I'm sure he'll be back, though... right?

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Prompto and Noctis make quite the robot-slaying team

Chapter 12: End of Days

Luna's older brother Ravus was killed after being blamed for what happened with the Hydraean. As a result, the Oracles' bloodline now ceases to exist. This inspired Noctis to seek the crystal's power even more. We also found out that Aranea retired from the army in order to assist those wounded from the war and that Ravus wasn't that bad of a guy after all. Still continuing via train, the gang was stopped by monsters and a heavy blizzard likely caused by Shiva. Unexpectedly, it turned out that Gentiana (Luna's right-hand woman) was the goddess Shiva all along. She freezes Ardyn who seems to constantly be onboard the train and Noctis finds out that the bugger is immortal. Great. So, it's off to Gralea... wait, these three chapters were just one train ride to the bros' next destination?

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Leviathan may be menacing but she sure is majestic

Where the party at?

One aspect of previous Final Fantasy games that I'm missing is having a party full of diverse and interesting characters. It's exhausting travelling with just four dudes who all generally look the same. Sure, you get the odd guest who joins from time to time but it's not often enough to keep things fresh. Therefore, I've been thinking about replaying Final Fantasy VI for the umpteenth time because that game had an incredible cast of characters. You get to play as a half-esper, a thief, a gadget-savvy king, a gambler, a ninja assassin, a feral boy, a little girl painter and her enemy-copying grandfather, a moogle, a yeti, and an ambiguously-gendered mime. I wonder if Final Fantasy will ever go back to these magical times where the word "Fantasy" was prominent in the experience and the varied cast of characters were a joy to play as. Only time will tell but this is yet another disappointing aspect of Final Fantasy XV.

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Don't blame Aranea for everything, Noctis

Thanks for reading my thoughts on Final Fantasy XV. I'm almost done so let's hope something amazing happens that changes my opinion before I get around to writing my full review. Please leave a comment below and we can chat about all things Final Fantasy XV.

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