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Final Fantasy XV: Chapter 4 to 6

The bromance continues

A.J. Maciejewski

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Even though it's been out for only a couple weeks, Final Fantasy XV is already becoming quite a divisive game. Since we last left off, I've completed the next three chapters so let's see what the bros are up to. Of course, spoilers are ahead.

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You don't say, Ignis...

Chapter 4: Living Legend

Noctis has been getting some pretty bad headaches. It could be all the fumes from the Regalia but the gang has another idea. They travel to meet an enormous Titan who they believe Noctis has a connection with. I must admit, the following events were surprisingly cool. Although the gameplay was limited to navigating through corridors, it was awesome seeing the Titan make all hell break loose as the earth around the party shifted to cause quite a chaotic uneven landscape. Battling the Titan felt like a lengthy quick-time event as Noctis parried each oncoming attack. After the epic battle, Ardyn helped everyone escape via his airship but their precious Regalia was lost in the commotion. What's a bunch of boys to do without their swanky car? v1d30chumz 18-204-56-185

Chapter 5: Dark Clouds

As if one giant god wasn't enough, this chapter begins with Ramuh (the lightning god) reaching out for Noctis' allegiance. Considering our car was missing, we took chocobos to various runestones then Noctis finally gained the ability to summon Ramuh. Cindy informed us that the Regalia is locked away within an imperial base so the best buds head over to infiltrate the compound and reclaim their vehicle. Not only that, Noctis has a good excuse to test the power of Ramuh. Seeing the summon animation at the end of this mission was pure awesome-sauce. Ramuh is unbelievably massive and watching him throw his powerful beam of lightning down to the ground far below was nothing short of epic. I'm looking forward to discovering more of these bad-ass summons...

Final Fantasy XV screenshot 2
You're right, young Noctis; I smell something fishy!

Chapter 6: A Way Forward

Thankfully, this chapter was short, sweet, and far less eventful. It began with a car ride where Iris joined us. I enjoyed watching her look around in amazement at all the wondrous sights as we journeyed forward; that was pretty cute. We eventually ended up at an imperial fortress where we stalked an official which kind of reminded me of Act 3 in Metal Gear Solid 4, but I digress. After an easy boss, we destroyed a Magitek generator then a powerful warrior named Aranea Highwind challenged us to a fight. Chapter 6 concluded with Gladio taking a short leave and the rest of us with a new mission: to find parts of a boat so we can take it to our next destination...

Playing the waiting game

I don't want to keep complaining about Final Fantasy XV because it can be fun at times. However, it's really starting to test my patience. For starters, there are way too many loading screens that can last a couple of minutes. Whenever one comes up, I usually go to the bathroom or check my emails because it's so boring sitting there waiting for it to load constantly. Speaking of waiting, watching the boys in the Regalia while awkwardly chatting to each other is starting to get on my nerves. I wish I could skip these parts but then I'd have to wait at a long loading screen again. Another thing that annoys me is how slowly your health recovers. If you're in a safe place and want to replenish your health, why can't it go up immediately? There's no point in forcing the player to wait ten minutes.

Final Fantasy XV screenshot 3
Noctis makes riding a chocobo look cool

These few chapters certainly had their fair share of stand-out moments but I hope the general sense of tedium starts to die down soon. Stay tuned for more as I play through this bro-filled adventure and leave a comment to let me know what you think of Final Fantasy XV.

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