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Fracked for PSVR Is Mighty Promising

Go Frack yourself

A.J. Maciejewski

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I loves me my PlayStation VR and there's a brand new shooter on the horizon for it that's quite fun; allow me to introduce Fracked.

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Fracked shooting screenshot
Don't judge me for using the laser sight; I think it's cool

Fracked has you play as some dude who likes to kill aliens. Upon beginning the demo, you're tasked with skiing down a somewhat long path as an avalanche chases you. Pretty exciting stuff! But, things become more intense when you see aliens murder a guy and upon finding a gun, you shoot those ugly bastards which feels awesome. I played on easy mode because I'm no good at first-person shooters so I got a handy targeting laser which made shooting bad guys much more satisfying for me. Anyway, you play Fracked with 2 PlayStation Move controllers and it features multiple steps to reload your firearm so running out of bullets can be quite a panic-inducing event. Thankfully, the controls are spot-on for shooting fun, especially considering that you can walk and run around freely which I appreciate. v1d30chumz 44-212-99-248

Of course, there are some slight issues that I have with Fracked and hope to see them ironed out before its full version releases. For starters, I got some sort of bigger gun but couldn't figure out how to reload it and there was no tutorial. Also, there are climbing parts which are super-tedious. I wouldn't mind if they were sprinkled in every once in a while but in the demo, they are too frequent and too lengthy. Plus, I paused the game and later resumed in mid-climb which made me fall to my demise and I had to start all over again. Yeah, screw that noise! I hope a feature gets added that lets you auto-climb or something because it's more irritating than fun.

Other than these complaints, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Fracked. Its voice acting is excellent and hearing the dialogue between your guy and some lady who flies around in a helicopter adds a sense of personality and companionship to the otherwise solo affair.

Fracked climbing screenshot
Warning: don't pause the game when you're climbing or you will fall

Stay tuned for my Fracked review on its release date of August 20, 2021. For now, play the demo; what are you waiting for, dummy?

Official trailer for Fracked thumbnail
Official trailer for Fracked
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