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Game Pass Hidden Gem: Donut County

Silly town-ruining shenanigans

A.J. Maciejewski

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If you're looking for a few laughs and you're a Game Pass subscriber then Donut County is a kooky indie that'll put a smile on your face.

Donut County will leave Game Pass soon so be sure to play it before it's delisted. ⏳

Donut County screenshot 1
I have a feeling those bunnies are eyeing that giant carrot

Donut County has you play as a mischievous raccoon named BK who has an app that can control real-life holes. Doing so will swallow whatever can fit into the earth and once BK collects enough stuff underground, he wins a goofy prize that's totally worthwhile (considering all the damage caused; it isn't, haha 🤭). It goes without saying but this is an incredibly silly premise for a game and it makes for one ridiculous adventure. v1d30chumz 35-172-230-154

The first thing that'll strike you about Donut County is just how lovely it looks with its soft colour palettes and textureless environments. I also love how the cast is mostly animals because it's incredibly charming and memorable. The music is great, too, and ranges from ambient vibes to trippy hipster beats only to play a corny and funky little tune whenever you complete a level. Plus, the sound effects are fantastic and match the onscreen chaos perfectly whether something's exploding or an NPC is frantically calling someone on the phone.

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In between levels, you'll watch the cast of characters talk about how messed up everything is while they sit huddled around a fire underground and seeing BK's reactions is always hilarious. You could probably draw some parallels to real world issues but I prefer not to as it's simply a fun and whimsical game that'll make anyone laugh. 😄

You might be wondering how Donut County is played. Well, you control a hole and things fall in it whenever you move it under an object that can fit. As you gather objects, the hole grows bigger to a point where even large buildings will fall through it. This might sound simple but as the campaign progresses, you'll encounter many puzzling situations such as when you have a snake poking out of the hole that you use to interact with objects and there's water that fills your hole so you have to let a bird that acts as one of those bobbing drinking toys to drink it all up before you can have things fall through again. These clever situations add up to one silly adventure. 🕳️

Donut County screenshot 2
I guess the Earth being hollow isn't that far-fetched

I enjoyed Donut County greatly so I highly recommend it to anyone who has a soft spot for games with a healthy dose of silly fun. 😊

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