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Game Pass Hidden Gem: Dreamscaper

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A.J. Maciejewski

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For any roguelike fan who's looking for their next Game Pass obsession, you've come to the right place because here's Dreamscaper.

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I like the sound of those permanent unlocks

Dreamscaper is one of those games that I simply can't stop thinking about. Even though I originally played it over a year ago, I keep wanting to unravel its world and uncover everything that I haven't found yet. Its premise is that you alternate between the real world which is oddly dreamlike and the dream world whenever you go to sleep which is strangely lifelike yet full of monsters. v1d30chumz 35-172-230-154

Not only is this setup immersive and intriguing, it actually ties into Dreamscaper's gameplay as you'll explore the gradually-opening real world while enabling and unlocking upgrades only to then fight your way through the dream world as you traverse procedurally-generated dungeons. Even just the traversal is incredible as you'll have to use keys and bombs to open rooms and unearth treasures as well as solve the odd puzzle room if you want to maximise your loot-gathering for that session. For more, here's my full review:

Dreamscaper Review

As you gather loot and swap out weapons and accessories, you'll become much more powerful which is a must because the difficulty between areas increases substantially. Deploying shields while unleashing a variety of melee and long-range attacks and carefully dodging incoming blows and projectiles makes for some satisfying combat and when you throw in an imaginative assortment of bosses that symbolise negative emotions and states of mind, you're left with one phenomenal formula that'll keep you hooked. 😄

Considering I originally played Dreamscaper on Nintendo Switch, playing it again on Xbox Series X made me very impressed as it runs a lot smoother on that console and its visuals are more striking to boot. I thought it looked great on Switch but now, whenever I go back to Dreamscaper, I'll have to pick up the Xbox version for sure, especially with its 4K Ultra HD and 120 fps support.

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Time to fight my innermost Fear

If you still haven't played Dreamscaper, what are you waiting for? From its clever and captivating premise to its blend of action, puzzles, and exploration; it has everything you'd want in a roguelike so I highly recommend giving it a go.

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