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Game Pass Hidden Gem: Pupperazzi

Silly fun dog photography

A.J. Maciejewski

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Pupperazzi is one of those Game Pass games that's worth playing for a laugh yet it's quite enjoyable to boot so let's snap some photos.

│ Unfortunately, Pupperazzi is no longer available with a Game Pass subscription as it has been delisted. ⚠️

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This proud pup sure looks snappy

While browsing the collection of Game Pass titles, I stumbled upon Pupperazzi and wondered just what the heck it could be about. After installing it and playing for a while, I fell in love with its hilarious game world, adorable visuals, and silly story that'll set you on the path to become a social media superstar in the world of puppy photos. 📸 v1d30chumz 35-172-230-154

Pupperazzi is played in first-person and you actually play it as a camera with legs. I didn't realise this until I unlocked selfie mode and once I enabled it, I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Anyway, the game world is filled with dogs that run around freely, wear adorable outfits, and do things like surf, ride bikes, and play arcade games. In other words, they're a lot like humans albeit without all of the drama. 🐶

Pupperazzi gameplay video →

The gameplay of Pupperazzi simply involves taking photos of doggies while checking off a series of challenges that task you with snapping pics of very specific things. For example, you'll have to take a photo of dogs playing with a Frisbee and you can also perform tasks such as clean up garbage in a skate park in order to make it available to the public. All of these tasks are super-easy to accomplish which makes Pupperazzi an incredibly laidback experience yet the soft colours and charming sense of humour also make it a very funny game whether you're winding down by yourself, streaming, or having a laugh with friends. 🤭

As you complete challenges and increase your social media followers, you'll unlock additional environments to explore as well as camera lenses, features, and filters. It's oddly satisfying to amass a vast collection of options and experimenting with them is a treat, especially whenever you take a particularly artistic photo of a goofy doggy. I also like petting the dogs which makes them follow you around eventually and watching them react to the collection of toys that you can throw their way is as rewarding as it is adorable. 🥏

Pupperazzi screenshot 2
Why am I taking photos when this doggy can paint anything?

Pupperazzi is a game that I ended up loving way more than I thought I would thanks to its superb sense of humour and adorably welcoming world. Have you played it yet? What do you think of this charming little indie title? 😊

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