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Game Pass Hidden Gem: Superliminal

A mind-bending experience

A.J. Maciejewski

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If you're looking for something different to play on Game Pass then I have you covered because here's the very unique Superliminal.

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I hope that's just red paint from the renovations

Superliminal is a game all about perspective and expectations. That might sound like a bold statement but it actually describes its gameplay quite well. At its core, it's a first-person exploration game where you simply walk through environments but things are definitely not always what they seem. Where perspective factors in is that you can pick up and move objects and if you hold one above your head in a room with a high ceiling, it may look like it's regular size. However, as soon as you drop it, it falls from above and becomes proportionally larger in the process. You can do the same thing by holding large objects and aiming them down to make them much smaller. I'm sure this sounds absolutely bananas but I'm only beginning to scratch the surface. v1d30chumz 35-172-230-154

Another element that sets Superliminal apart is its environments which will play with your mind. For example, you may enter a room that looks small but once you start walking around, you'll realise that it's actually enormous. See an object in front of a wall? Come closer and you'll notice that it's merely painted on the floor thus giving the illusion that it's 3D at first. It really is bewildering stuff. 😵

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Superliminal screenshot 2
When they said the door was at the end of the hall, I should have asked; which one?

As you progress through Superliminal, the primary driving force is simply wondering what the heck is going on. Are you sleeping? All you know is that there's some shifty dream therapy clinic but are you a part of it? You'll have to finish the campaign in order to find out. Thankfully, the puzzles along the way are brilliantly crafted and may take some experimenting but ultimately, it's rewarding stuff that's worth the effort. From duplicating objects to acquiring sources of light so you can navigate maze-like settings; there's a lot packed in.

Something that I thought of while playing through Superliminal is that I imagine speedrunners will have a great time memorizing puzzle solutions and trying to think of ways to cut corners so if you enjoy speedrunning then this is a great game for that. There are even achievements for completing the campaign quickly with the toughest one being under 35 minutes. Considering it'll take you hours to complete the first time, striving for such a low completion time will be a satisfying endeavour for sure.

Superliminal screenshot 3
It's neat how some houses are a lot bigger inside than you'd think

As I said, Superliminal is a mind-bending game so if you enjoy practical puzzles with a healthy dose of abstract concepts then definitely give it a go. The fact that it's available on Game Pass is just awesome, too, so stay tuned every Friday for more hidden gems.

Oh, and I almost forgot; Superliminal recently received an update to make it optimized for Xbox Series X complete with 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. There's also developer commentary and a new challenge mode which I haven't tried yet. Cool beans! 😎

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