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Game Pass Hidden Gem: The Pedestrian

2D puzzles in a 3D world

A.J. Maciejewski

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Puzzle fans pay attention because I have a great Game Pass title for you this week; it's the gorgeous and tricky The Pedestrian.

│ Unfortunately, The Pedestrian is no longer available with a Game Pass subscription as it has been delisted. ⚠️

The Pedestrian screenshot 1
I'm not sure if this solution will work but there's no harm in trying!

The Pedestrian is a simple game at its core as it basically tasks you with reaching the exit door of complex scenarios with interlinking puzzle-like rooms. The controls are super-easy as all you do is move left and right while interacting with the odd contraption and perhaps move up or down a ladder once in a while. However, as the campaign progresses, things become much more complicated as you'll be introduced to many more mechanics and gimmicks that come together to form a challenging yet completely doable campaign. v1d30chumz 35-172-230-154

Although it sounds simple at this point, one of the primary components to The Pedestrian's gameplay involves arranging the rooms before you navigate through them. You do so by dragging them around a surface then drawing lines between doors and ladders in order to make them go to wherever you wish. This gameplay mechanic is where the challenge comes into play because you'll have to snag keys to unlock doors as well as enable elevators, jump on trampolines, extend columns, avoid lasers, and much more. This makes the order of rooms that you traverse a critical component to solving each scenario and reaching the exit and once you do, it's oh so satisfying. 😄

The Pedestrian gameplay video →

Finally, a big part of The Pedestrian is its visuals which are simply awesome. You play as a character that resembles a washroom sign and the rooms that you work through are drawn on a series of signs but where things get interesting is that your surroundings depict a realistic and living city so whether you're playing in front of a dingy subway or a bustling street, there are a lot of impressive sights to take in. In fact, I'd even go so far as to say that it's one of the most visually impressive indie games that I've ever played.

The Pedestrian screenshot 2
The best part of being in the gutter is working yourself out of it

If you're a puzzle game fan and subscribed to Game Pass then I highly recommend playing The Pedestrian and if you want a real challenge, try to complete the entire campaign without using a guide. Stay tuned next week for another Game Pass Hidden Gem!

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