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Gaming Channel of the Week: An Introduction

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A.J. Maciejewski

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Running a gaming channel is fun but it's also hard work and getting recognized is more difficult than ever so we made a program that'll give up-and-coming gaming channels a boost and you can learn all about it here.

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There are more gaming channels than game controllers; will you stand out from the crowd?

What's all this, then?

Seeing as it's increasingly challenging for gaming channels to get noticed, we wanted to feature channels that should be more popular but for whatever reason, aren't. The idea came about after I found myself watching some great YouTube videos then realising that they only had dozens of views and even fewer subscribers. It's a fact that YouTube's algorithms favour channels and videos that are already popular which makes sense but they definitely don't give budding channels enough of a chance to naturally gain an audience. Of course, there are rare exceptions but the point remains: it's hard for gaming channels to get exposure. v1d30chumz 3-235-173-74

Our Gaming Channel of the Week program allows any gaming-related channel to apply and each week, we'll select a channel that we feel deserves more recognition for what they do. It's as simple as that.

Does it have to be a YouTube channel?

No, it does not. Although there are a ton of gaming channels on YouTube, we would also love to feature Twitch channels, blogs, websites, podcasts, and even interesting Twitter feeds. Of course, those are just a few examples and if your channel is something completely different then feel free to apply and we'll definitely check it out.

What does the Gaming Channel of the Week get?

Every Friday, we'll publish an article all about that week's Gaming Channel of the Week. This article will have our thoughts on the channel, links to some of the channel's content, embedded videos and tweets from the channel, and interview questions and answers with the channel's owner, contributors, and fans as well as anything else we can squeeze in. Basically, it'll be a showcase of all the awesome content that your channel produces. Our visitors will love to check it out and you can also easily share it to promote your channel.

Are there any strings attached?

None at all. We want to discover and feature gaming channels that deserve more attention and we don't expect anything in return.

Sounds awesome! How do I apply?

All you need to do is fill out our simple Gaming Channel of the Week application form to nominate a channel. It can be found here:

Gaming Channel of the Week application form

Do I need to own a channel to nominate one?

No, you don't. You can apply whether you're a channel owner, contributor, or simply a fan.

When does this all begin? Current status

We were planning to begin publishing Gaming Channel of the Week articles on the first Friday of 2019. However, due to current lack of interest in the Gaming Channel of the Week program, we have decided to discontinue it for now. That being said, feel free to fill out the form anyway and we'll still read your application and perhaps feature your channel in some capacity.

Should I submit a separate application for each online profile associated with the channel?

Please don't do this. If your channel is on YouTube as well as Twitch and has a website and podcast and such then put whatever you consider to be the main link for your channel in the "Channel URL" field then add any other links to the "Additional links, comments, etc." field which can be found in the second half of the application form.

Gaming Channel of the... Year?

Yes, we will feature our favourite gaming channel at the end of each year as our Gaming Channel of the Year.

Comments, questions, concerns?

Please leave a comment below if you have any further questions or would like anything clarified.

We're looking forward to checking out your Gaming Channel of the Week nominations!

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