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Get Your Rage on with Furi

Prepare to test your mettle

A.J. Maciejewski

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If the concept of intensely challenging one-on-one arena combat entices you then Furi's a game to keep on your radar. I recently played through a short demo so let's explore this grueling world and see if it puts up a fair fight.

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Looks like someone's ready to kick some ass

A desperate tale

You play as a mysterious man who's imprisoned by a menacing jailor. With almost no back-story explained, it immediately makes you want to find out more about this fellow's situation. What's even stranger is that a man in a sinister bunny mask keeps emerging to push him along in his journey. The demo focuses on the first battle which is against the jailor himself. Even though you eventually defeat him, the protagonist is still far from being free. v1d30chumz 44-192-38-248

The striking neon visuals and stylish character designs (by Takashi Okazaki of Afro Samurai fame) make both the story scenes and gameplay segments come alive with an ominous ferocity. To top things off, the energetic electronic music will get your blood pumping. Audio effects are perfectly implemented, too, as they allow you to hear cues for incoming attacks so you can parry with expert timing. Overall, Furi presents itself with an ambitious confidence that is entirely deserved.

Furi screenshot 2
Is this a shoot 'em up or an arena combat game?

A demanding duel

Furi's campaign consists of an array of boss battles. This may seem odd at first but once I worked my way through only one, I can easily say that the full game is going to be one intense ride. You play by running around an arena and exploiting the boss's moments of weakness. All you basically do is slash with your sword, fire projectiles (like in a twin stick shooter), dash to dodge out of harm's way, and parry in order to cancel your foe's strikes. The first three of those moves can be charged, too.

Anyway, standing still while your opponent readies his blade only to attempt to slash you multiple times and be parried in the process thus leaving him vulnerable to attack just feels awesome. Be warned, though, these battles are ridiculously challenging and extremely lengthy. You'll need to set aside a good chunk of time just to defeat one boss. Considering how intense the gameplay is, it could easily be a very intimidating game for many gamers. However, if you're up for a challenge then Furi surely won't disappoint.

Furi screenshot 3
It took a while, but I finally conquered the first battle!

Furi arrives on PlayStation 4 and PC later this year so be sure to check back for more coverage. I, for one, can't wait to see what bosses lurk in the unknown when the full game releases. Are you looking forward to this one? Let's talk in the comments below!

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Gameplay video for Furi
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