Gryphon Knight Epic: Rune Locations Guide

Gryphon Knight Epic: Rune Locations Guide

A walkthrough to find all six runes

A.J. Maciejewski

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Gryphon Knight Epic is a fun game but finding these treasures can be rather tricky. Luckily, you've come to the right place because here, I break down how to acquire all of them easily.

Zafira Faris Desert City

The Waterbreathing Rune allows you to follow paths underwater or in the sand. It unlocks the "I can hold my breath for 10 minutes!" trophy/achievement.

  1. Shoot the eye when you reach an upper-left corner as seen here
  2. When faced with this choice, go left
Gryphon Knight Epic screenshot 1
Waterbreathing Rune in Zafira Faris' Desert City stage

Simiel Totec Jungle

The Dash Rune allows you to dash forwards or backwards by double-tapping. It unlocks the "Can't touch this!" trophy/achievement.

  1. Simply fly left through this waterfall when you reach the bottom
Gryphon Knight Epic screenshot 2
Dash Rune in Simiel Totec's Jungle stage

Eugenia Frischengust Magic Tower

The Magic Rune increases your maximum magic points. It unlocks the "My mind... it amazes me!" trophy/achievement.

  1. When you reach this choice, go left
  2. After solving the puzzle with three colours, shoot these colour vials in this order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple
  3. Fly left through the mirror
Gryphon Knight Epic screenshot 3
Magic Rune in Eugenia Frischengust's Magic Tower stage

Asterion Hornedson Viking Camp

The Health Rune increases your maximum life. It unlocks the "It's just a flesh wound!" trophy/achievement.

  1. When you reach this choice, go right
  2. Shoot this giant icicle until it cracks
  3. Backtrack left then go up at the choice from step 1
  4. Shoot down this steel ball when you get to it
  5. Backtrack again to the choice at step 1
  6. Go right then descend this newly formed hole
Gryphon Knight Epic screenshot 4
Health Rune in Asterion Hornedson's Viking Camp stage

Dawid Melekh Dawid's Temple

The Charisma Rune reduces prices at the shops. It unlocks the "How ya doin'?" trophy/achievement.

  1. When faced with this choice, go left
  2. Trick these statues into hammering the ground to reveal a hidden path then descend it
Gryphon Knight Epic screenshot 5
Charisma Rune in Dawid Melekh's Dawid's Temple stage

Lorraine Learn Sea

The Speed Rune increases your speed. It unlocks the "Quick as a bolt!" trophy/achievement.

  1. Simply go down when you reach this circle of rocks
Gryphon Knight Epic screenshot 6
Speed Rune in Lorraine Learn's Sea stage
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