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Hey! Pikmin: List of Unlockable amiibo Log Statues

All 41 compatible Nintendo artifacts

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The latest first-party Nintendo spin-off on 3DS has some pretty nifty amiibo support. Here, you'll find a list of all of the unlockable statues as well as two methods to acquire them so Olimar better make room onboard his ship!

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Hey! Pikmin amiibo log page 1
The first page of the amiibo log showcases many of the Super Mario series

How to unlock your amiibo

Hey! Pikmin features 41 unlockable amiibo figures from the Super Mario series, Animal Crossing series, and Splatoon series (as well as a couple extras). If you own any of the below statues, simply tap the amiibo button on the level select screen then follow the onscreen instructions to scan an amiibo. Next, one of the secret spots in that sector will have the amiibo show up in it. Finally, simply enter that secret spot and solve the easy puzzle to unlock the amiibo within as well as some extra Sparklium. v1d30chumz 3-235-173-74


Super Mario series

  • Mario - "Colossus in Suspenders"
  • Mario (gold edition) - "Priceless Artifact"
  • Mario (silver edition) - "Great Man"
  • Luigi - "Unsung Hero"
  • Peach - "Memento of Love"
  • Yoshi - "Incomprehensible Life-Form"
  • Rosalina - "Fashion Mystery"
  • Bowser - "Fearsome Boss"
  • Wario - "Gaudy Goon"
  • Donkey Kong - "Powerful Pencil-Pusher"
  • Diddy Kong - "Barrel of Laughs"
  • Toad - "Anatomical Enigma"
  • Daisy - "My Princess"
  • Waluigi - "Insensitive Lout"
  • Boo - "Fanged Marshmallow"
Hey! Pikmin amiibo log page 2
Page 2 contains a lot of the Animal Crossing series

Animal Crossing series

  • Isabelle (summer outfit) - "Business Pet"
  • Isabelle (winter outfit) - "Imaginary Friend"
  • K.K. Slider - "Seated Strummer"
  • Tom Nook - "Uncomfortable Swaddler"
  • Timmy & Tommy - "Uniformed Crew"
  • Mabel - "Apron Model"
  • Reese - "Rosy-Outlooked Trotter"
  • Cyrus - "Hair-Trigger Furball"
  • Digby - "Solemnity Party Chairman"
  • Rover - "Unblinking Guilt Reflector"
  • Resetti - "Subterranean Menace"
  • Blathers - "Argyle Collector"
  • Celeste - "Midnight Dreamer"
  • Kicks - "Inadequacy Wellspring"
  • Kapp'n - "Embarrassment Target"
  • Lottie - "Painted Alien"

Splatoon series

  • Inkling Girl (orange hair) - "Exhausted Soldier"
  • Inkling Girl (green hair) - "Electric-Lime Hairdo"
  • Inkling Boy (blue hair) - "Squirting Squirt"
  • Inkling Boy (purple hair) - "Devious Drencher"
  • Inkling Squid (green) - "Chartreuse Arrow"
  • Inkling Squid (orange) - "Uplifting Arrow"
  • Callie - "Sparkling Ingénue"
  • Marie - "Chilled-Out Cucumbress"

Alternate unlock method

Obviously, not everyone owns all of these amiibo statues. So thankfully, Nintendo allows you to unlock all the ones that you're missing via the Pikmin amiibo. Basically, you can scan it repeatedly within each of the eight sectors in order to unlock an assortment of up to five additional amiibo figures each. Unfortunately, you're limited to one sector per day but you can set the clock on the 3DS ahead one day to get around this limitation. Of course, you'll also have to work your way to the final sector but that's pretty easy to do.

Hey! Pikmin amiibo log page 3
Last but certainly not least, here's the Splatoon series

Well, that's all of the compatible amiibo to unlock in Hey! Pikmin. If this list helped you out then please leave a comment below. Also, let me know if you need any more clarification and I'll try my best to assist you.

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Crash trailer for Hey! Pikmin
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