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How to Beat Everspace with the Ancient Weapon

Make a challenging game easy

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Anyone who has played Everspace can attest to how difficult it is to make it through all six sectors alive. Right? Well, not so much when you have the most powerful weapon in the game right at the start.

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Godlike powers are mine!

Ancient weapon details

The ancient weapon has a range of 4000m and has a terrifying 300 DPS against both hulls and shields. With such a huge range, you can take out most enemies before they even see you. The caveat is that you take damage every time you fire the weapon. The amount of damage correlates to your ship's armor and ranges from 4 damage with the scout to 2.5 damage with a fully upgraded gunship. v1d30chumz 3-215-190-193

Ancient weapon location

You start with the ancient weapon when you equip the ancient weapon glyph. You can find glyphs inside ancient depots after destroying a very angry guardian that looks like a black hole and shoots tons of missiles at you. Stay away when you destroy the guardian because it'll turn into a black hole, instantly sucking you in. Once destroyed, your ship will be energized with a red cloud of energy. Then, enter the depot and head to the central chamber where the red energy will unlock the glyph.

Everspace ancient weapon screenshot 2
An ancient depot (the black hole near the centre of the picture is the guardian)

There are eleven glyphs in total and the first one you unlock is always the ancient structures glyph. You need to keep finding ancient depots and collecting their glyphs until you uncover the ancient weapon. While you're searching for glyphs, you should make use of the ancient structures glyph which displays the location of ancient depots on the star map.

Ancient weapon tips

You'll eventually find the ancient weapon glyph. Congratulations! Before you start, I suggest buying a second enhancement slot for either the leech or the equilibrium glyph. I also suggest using the gunship because it has the highest damage resistance and you'll take less damage from firing the weapon. If you're more comfortable with one of the other ships then that's okay, too.

Everspace ancient weapon screenshot 3
The ancient weapon glyph (bottom left) and the leech glyph (top) are both highlighted

Keep your distance from enemy ships. If you stay further than 2000m away, you should avoid all fire. Remember that your weapon's range is 4000m so you have to move closer if they're out of range. If you're using the leech glyph, you gain health every time you kill an enemy so you can heal by picking off weak enemies like drones. The downside of the leech glyph is that you can't use nanobots to repair your health. You can get around this by crafting nano injectors. A nano injector requires nanobots, gas, scrap, and dark matter to craft and the exact amount depends on whether you bought crafting upgrades. If you're using the gunship for its increased damage resistance, you should create a front shield generator as soon as you can which requires plasma, scrap, and gel.

Everspace ancient weapon screenshot 4
One-shotting weak enemies never gets old!

That's all for this guide. Using the ancient weapon obviously makes the game a lot easier but you can still die on the last couple sectors if you're not prepared for the dangers lurking there. You should particularly prepare yourself for sector 5 and 6's dangerous conditions by learning how to take on frigates. Below is a video where I complete a run on hard difficulty with the ancient weapon. The video has minor spoilers so don't watch it if you don't want to know what lies beyond sector 6.

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Gameplay video for How to Beat Everspace with the Ancient Weapon
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