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How to Beat Everspace with the Scout

Build tips for amateur pilots

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Selecting the right ship in Everspace can be tricky so here's a handy build and tips guide so you can get the most out of the scout.

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Cloak to escape any fight

The small but agile scout can be a tricky ship to master if you're not used to its unique play style. First of all, it costs 10,000 credits to unlock so you'll have at least a few runs under your belt before you purchase it. The scout differs from the interceptor in a few key ways as the interceptor has more health while the scout has better manoeuvrability and sensors and access to the cloaking device. v1d30chumz 3-215-190-193

Suggested perks

You should prioritise maximum energy, energy regeneration, and additional ship and enhancement slots as well as the star map as these are crucial upgrades that will make your time with the scout a lot easier. For starters, maximum energy is useful because it's your primary resource that's used to boost, fire your weapons, and install devices. If you don't have enough energy, you won't be able to use powerful weapons and devices. Extra equipment slots are great because you'll make space for weapons, device slots, and consumables as well as an extra enhancement. Finally, the star map lets you know what areas are dangerous when navigating new zones.

Everspace scout screenshot 1
Outlined in red are the two energy upgrades, extra equipment slots, and the star map

Once you have more device slots and energy, you can buy useful upgrades like trading, critical hits, nano bot efficiency, and max speed.

What glyphs or subroutines should you use?

You can't go wrong with the Shadow Strike subroutine which is a great enhancement that lets you fire while cloaked without being detected at the cost of a small amount of life. You won't take any fire while cloaked so you should be able to deal a ton of damage to enemy ships at no risk to yourself. The Ancient Weapon is a great addition as well and I've written a handy guide for it, too.

Everspace scout screenshot 2
An example inventory setup early on in one of my runs

General tips

Keeping your distance from enemies and making smart use of your devices are the most important pieces of advice to completing the game with the scout. The cloaking device allows you to escape detection even in the middle of a heated battle which is incredible. Just make sure you don't fire any weapons or you'll attract enemies again. I also highly recommend having the energised boost in your arsenal, a device that moves you forward very quickly but depletes your shield. It can be used to quickly escape combat when things go sour. If you have the cloaking device and energised boost on hand at all times, you should be able to escape any situation.

For your primary weapons, I recommend using the Shock Rifle which is a very long-range weapon that you start with if you use loadout A. Use it to kill enemies from a distance and make sure to use the lock-on feature to make your targeting easier. Your second primary weapon should be your choice of close-range weapon. The Beam Laser or Flak Cannon are both good choices.

Everspace scout screenshot 3
Shooting down enemy ships is a lot easier when you're too far for them to shoot back

You might have to destroy corvettes or frigates in later sectors if they're holding jump suppressors. This unfortunately is a weakness of the scout. You should use plenty of consumables (such as damage boosters and limiters, combat drones, energy injectors, drone overrides, and whatever missiles you have) to make these fights easier. Against frigates, you can cloak or energised boost away when things get overwhelming. In case you didn't know, you can only kill frigates by destroying the shiny blue nodes dotting their exterior. Against Corvettes, you don't have the luxury of running because they'll start replenishing their shield. Fortunately, it's not too difficult to avoid their fire but make sure there are no other enemies around. Also, ensure to kill the shield charge drones.

The scout is a very fun ship to pilot but it requires some smart moves to make it through all six sectors alive. I hope these tips helped you on your journey! Keep an eye out for my next Everspace guide where I'll help you beat it with the Gunship.

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Gameplay video for How to Beat Everspace with the Scout
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