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How to Find Your Location in No Man's Sky Next

Finding your place in space

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No Man's Sky contains an unimaginably massive open universe and it's simply too big to be fully explored by the community. However, there is an easy way to find your position within the vastness of outer space so allow me to explain.

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It's easy to get lost in space when your map looks like this

Signal Booster

Keep in mind; you have to be in the Euclid Galaxy which is the same galaxy that every No Man's Sky player starts in. Other than that, the only requirement is to be able to build a Signal Booster which is an item made with metal plating (50 ferrite dust), carbon nanotubes (50 carbon), and 15 sodium. Once you have the materials, access the quick menu by pressing up then select portable technology and find the Signal Booster in the list. Finally, place it with A (if you're using an Xbox controller) then interact with it using X and at this point, a long string of numbers and letters will appear on the bottom left. This string is 21 characters long and is separated into one part that's five characters and four parts that consist of four characters. You should ignore the two parts on either end and just look at the three parts in the middle so you end up with a string that contains twelve characters. Last but not least, write it down! v1d30chumz 44-210-77-106

No Man's Sky Next screenshot 2
This is where you find the character string you need

Galactic Atlas

After that, you should go to the Galactic Atlas at This is a new website that released with the No Man's Sky Next update. It's basically a map of the Euclid galaxy and it contains a huge number of player-submitted regions and star systems including the galactic hub which is the largest player-created civilisation in No Man's Sky. The website doesn't have very many features right now but hopefully, that will change in upcoming months. I'd love if the atlas had community events or more in-game functionality so you could create a path between two stars. Anyway, click on "Find My Location" at the bottom and a little window should pop up. Don't click on the symbols; just use the text field at the bottom. The 12 digit code is hexadecimal so you can only type the numbers 0 to 9 and the letters A to F. Once you type in the code correctly, click on the arrow and a marker will appear that shows exactly where you are.


If you want to go to any of the systems that you see in the Galactic Atlas, you need to track down a portal and find enough glyphs so you can enter the code at the portal. Instead of entering letters and numbers, you have to enter strange symbols but each symbol corresponds to one of the hexadecimal numbers. If you don't want to use glyphs, you can always play in creative mode.

No Man's Sky Next screenshot 3
Enter the character string in the red box

That's how you find your location in No Man's Sky Next's Galactic Atlas. Where is your favorite planet? Share your location below so we can check it out and perhaps we'll see each other in this huge virtual universe.

How to Find Your Location in No Man's Sky Next thumbnail
How to Find Your Location in No Man's Sky Next
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