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How to Get the Warp Drive in No Man's Sky Next

Getting started as an aspiring explorer

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No Man's Sky is a galaxy-sized exploration game that's all about going to different stars and exploring the wonders that reside there. If you want to get out of your starting system and explore as soon as you can then this step-by-step guide is for you. I played through the first few hours and made note of everything that you need to do to start exploring space so let's get to it!

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No Man's Sky Next screenshot 1
It sucks being stranded on a barely inhabited planet

Lost on an alien world

  1. Collect 75 ferrite dust from rocks to repair your scanner.
  2. Keep an eye on your life support and hazard protection: life support is powered by oxygen which is found in glowing red plants and hazard protection is fueled by sodium from glowing yellow plants. Use the scanner (left stick) to locate all kinds of useful resources then when you're ready, use it again to locate your starship and hop on board.
  3. Craft a metal plating with 50 ferrite dust and use it to partially repair the launch thruster. You'll need to navigate to your starship's inventory. A marker should appear so go to it to find some navigation data.
  4. Craft a signal booster from a carbon nanotube (50 carbon), metal plating (50 ferrite dust), and 15 sodium then use it to locate the holo archive. Go to the portable technology menu by pressing up then go to the holo archive to pick up a hermetic seal.
  5. Repair your analysis visor with more carbon nanotubes. Now, you can use the overlay at the top of the screen to locate your ship again. Since you have the analysis visor, you can locate points of interest with left trigger.
  6. Return to your ship and repair it with your hermetic seal.
  7. Your pulse drive is damaged and you need to repair it with dihydrogen jelly and two carbon nanotubes. You've already made carbon nanotubes but dihydrogen jelly is crafted from 50 dihydrogen which is found in blue crystals.
  8. Once you're done, return to your ship and lift off!
No Man's Sky Next screenshot 2
My ship is repaired at last!

Building your base

  1. Answer the ship's communicator and some red coordinates will appear on the map. Fly there and interact with the broken technology to find a terrain manipulator blueprint.
  2. Go to your multi-tool's inventory to craft the terrain manipulator with two carbon nanotubes and a dihydrogen jelly.
  3. You'll have a new objective to create a base computer but you need chromatic metal which can be obtained by processing copper in a portable refiner or by destroying hostile starships. Copper can be found with the analysis visor but you need to mine it with the terrain manipulator.
  4. Construct a closed shelter from wooden base components. You'll need a lot of carbon in order to do this.
  5. Next, you need to create a blueprint analyser from 20 magnetised ferrite and carbon nanotubes. To make 20 magnetised ferrite, you must return to your portable refiner and place 80 ferrite dust then wait for it to process into 40 pure ferrite that you can put back into the refiner as the raw material and wait for it to turn into 20 magnetised ferrite.
  6. Return to your base and create the blueprint analyser. You now need to find one buried technology by searching the planet while scanning with the analysis visor. Search for the icons that look like Wi-Fi signals. Once you're near a buried technology, you need to unearth it with the terrain manipulator. Finally, return to the blueprint analyser and research a base component.
No Man's Sky Next screenshot 3
Behold; my magnificent base!

To the stars

  1. You'll have a new objective so return to your ship and fly into space. You may need to create launch fuel from metal plating and 40 dihydrogen.
  2. Go to the space station and ask aliens about the code you found. One of them will give you another set of coordinates. While you're here, sell items that you don't need at the galactic trade terminal.
  3. Travel to the coordinates to find a crashed freighter and set of hyperdrive blueprints.
  4. Find 125 chromatic metal by destroying enemy ships or by processing copper in a refiner.
  5. Buy 5 microprocessors onboard the station at the galactic trade terminal for approximately 19000 units each. The terminal is in a small room next to the technology vendors. You can make units by selling items at the galactic trade terminal.
  6. Construct the hyperdrive then return to space and use the scanner to locate a broadcast signal. Go there to find antimatter and a blueprint for antimatter housing. If you ever die and lose the antimatter, you should get an objective to find a new one.
  7. Craft the antimatter housing with 50 ferrite dust and 30 oxygen. You'll need another one soon so you may as well craft two. Also, craft a warp cell with an antimatter and antimatter housing then fuel the hyperdrive.
  8. Return to space and access the galaxy map with down. Here comes the fun part: go to any system you like! In the new system, use the scanner to locate an anomalous signal then fly there. Speak to the alien who offers an antimatter blueprint.
  9. Construct antimatter with 25 chromatic metal and 20 condensed carbon. Get condensed carbon by putting carbon into a refiner. Construct another antimatter housing if you didn't earlier.
  10. Last but not least, construct another warp cell and fuel the hyperdrive then travel to another star system.
No Man's Sky Next screenshot 4
Faster-than-light travel is so pretty in No Man's Sky

Atlas mysteries

  1. A broadcast will show you the location of another antimatter. Go there and speak to the monolith which will ask you three questions but your answers don't matter because it will still give you the antimatter.
  2. Return to space and you'll be asked if you want to search for answers to the mysterious anomalies or explore the galaxy freely. It doesn't matter which option you pick because neither choice is permanent. Even if you choose to explore but later decide to pursue the story, you can still do so after you find a space anomaly and speak to Priest Entity Nada.
No Man's Sky Next screenshot 5
The Atlas monoliths are quite mysterious.

If you followed this guide all the way, congrats! You started your interstellar journey and have the means to create your own warp cells but this is only the beginning of your journey. If you have trouble at any point, leave a comment below and I'll be happy to help you. v1d30chumz 44-210-77-106

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How to Get the Warp Drive in No Man's Sky Next
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