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How to Use Potions in Horizon Forbidden West

Stash, equip, craft, and expand

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Are you confused about how to effectively use the potions that you've been finding in Horizon Forbidden West? Don't worry; I was, too, so I decided to write this handy guide to help anyone who's struggling with the same problem.

Horizon Forbidden West: potion stash menu
Seems like I have many potions in my stash but how do I use them?

Where do potions go after you collect them?

Horizon Forbidden West introduces the stash concept to Aloy's inventory as she can only carry so many of each item type then when she reaches the limit, new pick-ups head directly to her stash. For the first part of the campaign, I kept picking up potions only to find that they weren't showing up in my inventory. I could see my equipped potions but the number would never go up. v1d30chumz 18-232-59-38

On the surface, this can initially seem like a bug but it's actually because you only have limited capacity for different types of items and some items are even combined together when their total capacity is taken into account. Potions are one of these item types which means that you can only carry a certain amount of potions no matter their type so if you happen to have a maximum Potion Pouch capacity of 3 and you're holding 3 stamina potions, every health potion that you pick up will go directly to your stash and you won't be able to use them until you find a location where you can access your stash which is usually within towns and small settlements.

Horizon Forbidden West: potion retrieval menu
Taking potions individually from your stash allows you to be more selective

How do you equip potions?

So, you've managed to fill up your inventory with all resistance potions and can't figure out how to actually equip the health potions that you've been finding? Then, you've come to the right place! First, you can choose which potion to have readily available by pressing left and right on the D-pad while in mid-game. By tapping down on the D-pad, Aloy will use the item that's currently selected and after holding down, you'll open a menu that lets you choose which items are available in this handy Hunter's Kit menu. Specifically, you can scroll through the items that you currently have equipped and unequip them or swap them out. Simply scroll to the potion that you want to use and choose to equip it with the X button to have it available to use in the heat of battle by tapping down on the D-pad.

Now, if you've already filled your Potion Pouch with potions that you don't actually want to be available then you can either use or stash them to make space for better ones. After that, you can go to your stash to equip the potions that you want to have on-hand by using the Take menu option or you can craft potions using the steps below. However, be careful not to use the "Restock All Categories" option when taking items from your stash if you'd like to actually pick and choose the potions that you want to have ready to use.

Horizon Forbidden West: potion equip menu
Make sure to equip the right potions before your next big encounter

How do you craft potions?

Although you'll probably find a lot of potions on your travels, you can also make your own. To do this, approach a workbench and navigate to the Potion Crafting section. Here, you will see your potion limit and you'll have the ability to create any potions that you want with the resources that you've gathered thus far. Make sure to craft potions that you want to equip first because once you reach your limit, you won't be able to make any more until you use or stash the ones that are already filling your Potion Pouch.

How do you carry more potions?

3 potions to start seems like a very small amount so expanding your potion inventory should be one of your first priorities. In order to do so, approach a workbench and go to the Pouch Upgrades section. The best way to ensure that you get the correct resources is to create a job for the next upgrade then go hunting. The job will highlight a place on the map where you can find the suitable animal parts but it's not necessarily the only location to find them; keep in mind that some animals are much easier to spot than others.

How to Use Potions in Horizon Forbidden West thumbnail
How to Use Potions in Horizon Forbidden West
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