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Hyper Void's Universe Keeps Expanding

This tempest refuses to die down

A.J. Maciejewski

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Last year, I had the privilege to review the intensely challenging yet undeniably addictive Hyper Void. Therefore, it brings me great joy to share some news of how this space shooting gem just keeps getting better.

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This may look familiar to 80s arcade game fans, but there's a lot more to it than meets the eye

What the heck is a Hyper Void?

Hyper Void was originally released for PlayStation 3 in February 2015 and was ported to PlayStation 4 in September. It's generally played a lot like Atari's 1981 arcade hit Tempest but with a great deal of added complexity. The most notable of which is the weapon system that allows you to fire from a variety of three different kinds of weapons. However, don't expect to mindlessly blast away because your projectile stream weakens over time. Therefore, the balance between using the appropriate weapon given each situation and not overusing it is very satisfying. Anyway, I think that's good for a general overview but if you'd like to know more then check out my full review here. v1d30chumz 3-235-186-94

Coming soon to Xbox One with new features

In only five days (January 6th), Hyper Void will be available for Xbox One. For the first time, retro gaming fans who only own an Xbox can experience this challenging 3D shooting adventure. But, that's not all. If you read my review then I outlined how I found the lack of online features a bit disappointing, so it makes me happy to announce that this version will finally have leaderboards! Not only can you strive to earn every achievement but now you can try to be the best of your arcade-loving friends... and perhaps the whole world.

Hyper Void screenshot 2
It feels good to be number one! Take that, developer of the game...

Experience the epic soundtrack

I talked briefly about Hyper Void's top-notch tunes in my review so it's fantastic to be able to listen to them all in one place. There are a few options available, too. You can stream the entire soundtrack on YouTube and Spotify or just buy the whole thing from Google Play. The hipster in me wonders if it'll ever be on vinyl but probably not, so streaming or downloading it will have to do.

Get your VR headsets ready

Not only will Hyper Void be a PlayStation VR launch title (whenever Sony decides to release it), it'll also boast an impressive 120 frames per second native rendering. It could possibly have the best technical stats of any launch title but how it will look remains to be seen by the public. That reminds me, I mentioned in my review that playing it in stereoscopic 3D "may actually be excessive" since the visuals are already mind-blowing enough so it's pretty funny that they're going the extra mile when it comes to immersing you in the game. Anyway, the developers have mentioned that they're working hard on Oculus Rift support for Steam but no official confirmation for supporting the device has been made as of yet. Whatever the case, I'm definitely looking forward to some virtual reality space shooting.

Hyper Void screenshot 3
I can imagine that playing Hyper Void in virtual reality will be almost too intense

The future looks bright for Hyper Void and it's great to see its developers not giving up on their vision. That being said, I can't wait to see what game they come up with next if their first outing is this impressive!

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Official trailer for Hyper Void
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