Indie Game of the Month Awards April 2020

Indie Game of the Month Awards April 2020

Indie devs did a Good Job!

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With countless games releasing constantly, some indies definitely deserve more attention so I decided to start shining the spotlight on the best indie games every month. If you enjoy indies as much as I do then I'm sure you'll find some awesome games here. Enjoy!

Taimumari: Complete Edition 2D Platformer of the Month

Having just released on Xbox One, Taimumari: Complete Edition combines clever stages that are full of variety with a cute aesthetic and challenging core gameplay that'll put your retro skills to the test. What more could you want from a 2D platformer?

Taimumari: Complete Edition Review Award image →
Taimumari: Complete Edition screenshot
Take that, you dastardly E-robot thing!

TY the Tasmanian Tiger HD 3D Platformer of the Month

If you were around during the PS2, Xbox, and GameCube era then you probably played (or at least heard of) TY the Tasmanian Tiger. It's a delightful 3D platformer and the developers brought it back in a brand new HD version for Switch. So, if you enjoy completing quests and collecting items within elaborate and imaginative stages all set in a charming take on Australia then this is one game that you should definitely play. Just don't forget to pack your boomerang because who knows what's lurking in The Outback?

TY the Tasmanian Tiger HD Review Award image →
TY the Tasmanian Tiger HD screenshot
TY's got his cool shorts on and he's ready to throw down

Biped Co-op Game of the Month

I love playing games with my co-op chum and although Biped took a while to grow on us (partially due to a faulty controller), we ended up loving every minute of this impressively challenging, undeniably clever, and downright adorable platformer.

Biped Review Award image →
Biped screenshot
You have a good one, too; little robot pal

Pen and Paper Games Bundle RPG of the Month

After playing a lot of indie RPGs recently, few of them have surprised me as much as the imagination-fueled Pen and Paper Games Bundle. It contains 3 full and distinct games that are an absolute blast to jump between as you watch your parties grow and succeed in the plentiful quests that await them. They're very funny games, too, so if you enjoy silly humour then this pack is for you.

Pen and Paper Games Bundle Review Award image →
Pen and Paper Games Bundle screenshot
Can our nerdiness outwit this futuristic samurai?

Shinsekai Into the Depths Survival Game of the Month

Shinsekai Into the Depths is yet another game that took a while to grow on me and once it did, I was captivated by its immersive atmosphere and exploration-heavy survival gameplay. Uncovering the mysteries of its undersea world is simply a joy.

Shinsekai Into the Depths Review Award image →
Shinsekai Into the Depths screenshot
Watching enemies explode into green clouds is so satisfying

Fairy Knights Puzzle Game of the Month

Being a big fan of puzzle / RPG hybrids as well as Taito's classic arcade game Tube-It, Fairy Knights clicked with me immediately. It may have a simple setup but charging through its levels while taking out enemies by solving puzzles just feels awesome.

Fairy Knights Review Award image →
Fairy Knights screenshot
Me and my trusty cat are sure to cause massive damage

HyperParasite Roguelike of the Month

Believe it or not, HyperParasite isn't the first twin-stick roguelike that I played which features the ability to possess enemies yet it remains a fantastic experience. It can be brutal at times but overcoming that challenge to take down an exceptionally difficult boss is rewarding stuff, especially because it purely tests your ability to think on your feet and take advantage of whatever it throws at you.

HyperParasite Review Award image →
HyperParasite screenshot
Possessing folks and wreaking havoc is so much fun

Freakout: Calamity TV Show Twin-stick Shooter of the Month

It's usually obvious what to expect when diving into a new twin-stick shooter but Freakout: Calamity TV Show offers a jaw-dropping campaign that'll frequently make you feel like you're in an action movie. Whether you're taking down a massive train piece-by-piece or shooting walls open to funnel enemies towards you, it's easy to enjoy every second of challenging gameplay within its quirky world.

Freakout: Calamity TV Show Review Award image →
Freakout: Calamity TV Show screenshot
I don't know what the heck this TV show is but I can't wait for season 2!

Sky Racket Shoot 'em Up of the Month

Even though it's not a traditional shmup, Sky Racket has all the markings of an excellent arcade shooter. Mastering the scrolling stages as you whack projectiles back at enemies and challenge ridiculous bosses makes for a very fun time; and it's co-op, too!

Sky Racket Review Award image →
Sky Racket screenshot
Just a couple of chums against the weirdest ducks I've ever seen

Syder Reloaded Retro-Inspired Game of the Month

Syder Reloaded takes the classic Defender formula and amplifies it by featuring action-intense gameplay, a variety of modes, and flashy visuals. I originally played it on Ouya and I'm very happy that it has finally made its way to Nintendo Switch.

Syder Reloaded Review Award image →
Syder Reloaded screenshot
Neon explosions and old-school gameplay for the win!

Final Assault VR Game of the Month

April was an excellent month for PlayStation VR and the best game that I played for the platform was Final Assault. Commanding an army within its real-time strategy formula that's set during World War II is so wonderfully executed that I can't recommend this enough.

Final Assault Review Award image →
Final Assault screenshot
It's like playing with toy soldiers but the stakes are much higher

Good Job! Indie Game of the Month

Finally, out of all the indies that I played in April, the most enjoyable is Good Job! It's not only fun in a highly unconventional way, it's also hilarious. Performing simple tasks within its corporate world often results in chaos yet finally accomplishing your goal is so satisfying that you'll keep coming back for more. Speaking of which, I hope to see some DLC or a sequel at some point; it's great stuff!

Good Job! Review Award image →
Good Job! screenshot
Maybe if I hide behind this plant then no one will notice that I'm not working...
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