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Indie Game of the Month Awards August 2021

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From sliding cardboard boxes to exploring roguelike dreams, there were a lot of memorable indies last month and they deserve awards.

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Greak: Memories of Azur Metroidvania of the Month

Greak: Memories of Azur is one of the most beautiful recent indies as its art style, animated scenes, and gorgeous sound culminate in one incredibly presented world. Plus, its blend of characters makes mastering combat and puzzles an always intriguing challenge. v1d30chumz 35-172-230-154

Greak: Memories of Azur Review Award image →
Greak: Memories of Azur screenshot
Aww... How lovely...

Pile Up! Box by Box 3D Platformer of the Month

Pile Up! Box by Box is one of those indies that really scratched an itch for me. Between its adorable graphics to its elaborate room-based stages, I had a ton of fun mastering its campaign. On top of that, you can play it cooperatively with a friend which makes it even more enjoyable. I also appreciated its rewarding collectibles which go hand-in-hand with backtracking that's actually fun considering puzzles remain solved once you work them out. Overall, it's an easy-breezy and cute game that makes for one charming package.

Pile Up! Box by Box Review Award image →
Pile Up! Box by Box screenshot
I'm just a little box in a big complicated world

Mickey Storm and the Cursed Mask Co-op Game of the Month

Speaking of co-op, the brilliant level designs in Mickey Storm and the Cursed Mask make playing it with a chum a super-fun experience as you fly down waterslides and work past tricky scenarios as a couple of siblings. It's a colourful game that's great to play with kids.

Mickey Storm and the Cursed Mask Review Award image →
Mickey Storm and the Cursed Mask screenshot
I don't know how these siblings keep their balance

OMNO Casual Game of the Month

Progressing through the mysterious and quirky world of OMNO is quite an experience to behold. Between its gorgeous scenery, clever mechanics, and awe-inspiring creatures; you won't soon forget your travels in its offbeat yet charming game world.

OMNO Review Award image →
OMNO screenshot
Hey, guys; did you hear that I just won an award?

Armed Emeth RPG of the Month

Armed Emeth may not be an RPG with an epic grand-scale story but it more than makes up for that with its incredible party management options where you customize robots that you fight in. Throw in an addictive bounty system and you're left with one great indie RPG!

Armed Emeth Review Award image →
Armed Emeth screenshot
Now, Fango; don't let this award go to your head!

A Monster's Expedition Puzzle Game of the Month

A Monster's Expedition appears to be a simple puzzler where you knock down trees to make bridges and rafts but it's impressively tricky and features a top-notch sense of humour that's right up my alley. It's a must-have for any practical puzzle enthusiast.

A Monster's Expedition Review Award image →
A Monster's Expedition screenshot
That anecdote is less dumb than what people argue about online

Dreamscaper Roguelike of the Month

After ranking #8 on our yearly underrated games list, Dreamscaper is back yet again to deservedly win our Roguelike of the Month award. I honestly can't stop thinking about this gem of an indie with its clever premise and immersive structure so... congrats!

Dreamscaper Review Award image →
Dreamscaper screenshot
Dream home sweet dream home

Star Hunter DX Shoot 'em Up of the Month

Star Hunter DX is a difficult yet tight shmup that any genre fan will love with its selection of distinct characters, nifty mechanics, and eye-popping visuals. If these sorts of indies appeal to you then give it a go and see if you have what it takes to 1cc it; I sure don't.

Star Hunter DX Review Award image →
Star Hunter DX screenshot
Time for this robotic kitty to kick some tail

SkyDrift Infinity Racing Game of the Month

I loved SkyDrift when it debuted on PlayStation 3 and it's back and better than ever! SkyDrift Infinity tasks you with controlling an airplane as you weave through tight spaces and launch weapons at your opponents. What more could you want from a racer?

SkyDrift Infinity Review Award image →
SkyDrift Infinity screenshot
It's a bit unnerving flying this close to the ground

Arietta of Spirits Retro-Inspired Game of the Month

Some indie games are bursting with heart and Arietta of Spirits tells a beautiful story of a family who misses their recently departed grandmother. Its gameplay is setup like a classic Legend of Zelda game and the adventure will stay with you for a long time.

Arietta of Spirits Review Award image →
Arietta of Spirits screenshot
Take that, bushes!

Fracked VR Game of the Month

Out of all the first-person shooters I've played in VR, Fracked perhaps has the most enjoyable core mechanics with its cover-and-shoot formula. It can get tough at times, especially for a genre newbie like me but it remains one exhilarating shooter.

Fracked Review Award image →
Fracked screenshot
Ever get the feeling like you're descending into madness?

The Forgotten City Indie Game of the Month

Last but not least, here's The Forgotten City which deserves the top prize for overall indie game of August 2021. Not only does it feature a thrilling mystery narrative that's full of stand-out characters, you'll also time travel on your way to slowly unravel the secrets of an ancient city and its many inhabitants. We highly recommend it to anyone with a soft spot for narrative-driven games.

The Forgotten City Review Award image →
The Forgotten City screenshot
Georgius sure is gorgeous, isn't he?
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Gameplay video playlist for Indie Game of the Month Awards August 2021
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