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Indie Game of the Month Awards July 2020

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A.J. Maciejewski

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Every month, I like to show respect to all of the talented indie devs out there by shining the spotlight on the best of the best so here are July's greatest indie games in 12 distinct categories.

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Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 2D Platformer of the Month

Bloodstained may have started as a main game and a retro spin-off but it looks like it's becoming a series with 3 fantastic already released games. This latest installment is a wonderful follow-up to the old-school original and definitely worth playing if you love a challenge. v1d30chumz 3-235-173-74

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 Review Award image →
Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 screenshot
That monstrosity is no match for Zangetsu's mighty blade!

Starlit Adventures Golden Stars Casual Game of the Month

Some games simply don't get as much love as they deserve and that's certainly the case with the adorable and incredible arcade-style indie Starlit Adventures Golden Stars. It's packed with oodles of content that makes its core gameplay of descending tricky hazard and enemy filled levels turn from an indie romp into the full package. Do you have what it takes to guide Bo & Kikki to master each of the challenges that await them while collecting gems and unlocking delightful trading cards? I'm sure you do so give this one a try.

Starlit Adventures Golden Stars Review Award image →
Starlit Adventures Golden Stars screenshot
Playing this makes me excited for the holidays

Superliminal Adventure Game of the Month

The trailer for Superliminal impressed me but playing it made my enthusiasm for it grow even stronger. Traversing environments filled with optical illusions and perspective-shifting puzzles is a mind-blowing premise for a first-person adventure game and it works beautifully.

Superliminal Review Award image →
Superliminal screenshot
Is them the dice? Nah; them's the paint...

Radical Rabbit Stew Puzzle Game of the Month

Radical Rabbit Stew simply feels like a long-lost arcade puzzler from the '90s. Whacking rabbits into pots is oh so satisfying and when you factor in loads of mechanics and enjoyable boss fights, you're left with a challenging and undeniably cute indie puzzle gem.

Radical Rabbit Stew Review Award image →
Radical Rabbit Stew screenshot
Oh, you rascally rabbit!

Kingdom Rush Strategy Game of the Month

It may have been out for a while but Kingdom Rush is finally available for Switch and it's one of the best tower defense games that I've ever played. Its difficulty curve is perfect and the lovely animated visuals are great fun to observe as you set up your defenses.

Kingdom Rush Review Award image →
Kingdom Rush screenshot
I feel bad for shooting down those dogs; evil as they may be

Alphadia Genesis RPG of the Month

KEMCO publishes a ton of retro-inspired indie RPGs and Alphadia Genesis is yet another fantastic game in their catalogue. Not only does it feel like a genuine '90s RPG, it also has one of the most likeable casts of characters that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Alphadia Genesis Review Award image →
Alphadia Genesis screenshot
Is there any sweeter moment than finally getting an airship?

Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break Genre-blender of the Month

Admittedly, I've been a Rock of Ages fan since the beginning yet that doesn't mean that you won't fall in love with its combination of boulder-rolling and real-time strategy, too. It's such a funny game and the gameplay is an absolute blast. What's not to love?

Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break Review Award image →
Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break screenshot
My ball's faster than your ball, just you wait!

Heroes of Hammerwatch - Ultimate Edition Roguelike of the Month

Although I've never played Heroes of Hammerwatch previously, this Ultimate Edition blew my mind with its rewarding gameplay loop, tight combat, and pixel-perfect graphics. I'd even go so far to say that it's possibly my favourite Roguelike of the year as of now!

Heroes of Hammerwatch - Ultimate Edition Review Award image →
Heroes of Hammerwatch - Ultimate Edition screenshot
Why did they set up camp here? It's bright and sunny a mere minute walk away...

Neon Abyss Twin-stick Shooter of the Month

Although twin-stick shooters are often overhead, this side-scrolling shooter with light Metroidvania elements is a joy to play. It features some truly innovative power-ups, too, and amassing a wealth of those is an incredibly rewarding feat, that's for sure.

Neon Abyss Review Award image →
Neon Abyss screenshot
Don't look so surprised to see me, you naughty bat

Panzer Paladin Retro-Inspired Game of the Month

Tribute Games are masters of creating top-notch modern games with a retro aesthetic and Panzer Paladin is one amazing old-school indie. It plays like a long-lost late-era NES game yet features a brilliantly clever weapon system. Excuse me; I have to go play it again.

Panzer Paladin Review Award image →
Panzer Paladin screenshot
To ice pops! I mean... Arms!

Superhot: Mind Control Delete DLC of the Month

As a stand-alone expansion to the original game, Superhot: Mind Control Delete incorporates a super-rewarding roguelike structure and new mechanics to the familiar formula that fans love. So, if you have fond Superhot memories then diving into this is a must.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete Review Award image →
Superhot: Mind Control Delete screenshot
I wish every game was like John Wick

CrossCode Indie Game of the Month

There have been many astounding indie games in July but CrossCode stands tall as the best. As a brilliant blend of genres set in a virtual game-within-a-game, CrossCode comes across as a gorgeous 16-bit masterpiece that plays wonderfully. I highly recommend it.

CrossCode Review Award image →
CrossCode screenshot
Hey, Lea; what did that snowman ever do to you?
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Gameplay video playlist for Indie Game of the Month Awards July 2020
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