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Indie Game of the Month Awards June 2021

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2021 is half over but it feels like we've already had 10 years worth of great indie games this year so here are June's best in 12 categories.

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Eagle Island Twist 2D Platformer of the Month

Eagle Island Twist is a brand new version of a 2D action roguelike platformer where you use an eagle to attack enemies and it provides much more structure with its clever stage-based campaign. It's challenging, beautiful, and I highly recommend giving it a go. v1d30chumz 18-208-187-128

Eagle Island Twist Review Award image →
Eagle Island Twist screenshot
These mushrooms aren't going to know what hit 'em

Mighty Goose Action Game of the Month

I love classic 2D action games and Mighty Goose is a wonderful adaptation of the Metal Slug formula with its hilarious visual gags, action-packed levels, and pixel-perfect visuals. Throw in awesome power-ups, a permanent upgrade system that's very rewarding, mind-blowing boss fights, oodles of tricky scenarios, enjoyable weapons, and adorable animal helpers and you're left with an action game that's chock-full of variety of good times. Needless to say, if you love these kinds of games as much as I do then you need this in your collection.

Mighty Goose Review Award image →
Mighty Goose screenshot
I know geese can be aggressive but this is ridiculous

Lego Builder's Journey Adventure Game of the Month

Lego Builder's Journey is not like what you'd expect from a Lego video game as it takes an open-ended approach to its gameplay where you build paths for characters while watching a minimally-presented story unfold. It's truly a unique experience from start to finish.

Lego Builder's Journey Review Award image →
Lego Builder's Journey screenshot
What wonders await in this fun-filled adventure?

Skellboy Refractured Action-Adventure Game of the Month

I'm always delighted when indie game developers care about their games so much that they continuously improve them and Skellboy Refractured is a perfectly fine-tuned game where swapping body parts and weapons is a treat as you progress in its upbeat campaign.

Skellboy Refractured Review Award image →
Skellboy Refractured screenshot
I may have a pumpkin for a head but at least I'm smarter than these zombies

LiEat RPG of the Month

Although it features traditional RPG combat, LiEat is a distinct experience as you complete 3 mini-tales while uncovering the truth about your character; a little girl who's also a powerful lie-eating dragon. Yes, it is as awesome as it sounds!

LiEat Review Award image →
LiEat screenshot
Next time you're thinking about lying, just know that it can be dangerous

King of Seas Action RPG of the Month

Having a laidback time navigating the high seas while taking on a variety of missions only to enhance your capabilities sounds like a good time and thankfully, King of Seas offers an open-ended swashbuckling adventure that's worth its weight in rum.

King of Seas Review Award image →
King of Seas screenshot
Nothing quite like an overnight sail

Long Ago: A Puzzle Tale Casual Game of the Month

Rolling a ball around a grid-based map while trying to collect everything on it in as few moves as possible can be challenging yet Long Ago: A Puzzle Tale's clever mechanics and storytelling make it an impressively immersive and enjoyable journey.

Long Ago: A Puzzle Tale Review Award image →
Long Ago: A Puzzle Tale screenshot
Excuse me; I think this is going to take a while

Tiger Trio's Tasty Travels Puzzle Game of the Month

There have been many games that teach the fundamentals of programming in interesting ways yet few have accomplished that feat as well as Tiger Trio's Tasty Travels with its downright adorable graphics and intuitive gameplay that'll easily appeal to anyone.

Tiger Trio's Tasty Travels Review Award image →
Tiger Trio's Tasty Travels screenshot
Animals love sushi, too!

Metal Unit Roguelike of the Month

Roguelikes are far more enjoyable when you can customize your character with strategic loadouts so thankfully, Metal Unit and its massive arsenal of weapons, abilities, and equipment is a rewarding and challenging game that's hard to put down.

Metal Unit Review Award image →
Metal Unit screenshot
Joanna looks ready for action

Mushihimesama Shoot 'em Up of the Month

CAVE are masters of creating intense shoot 'em ups and as one of their older titles, Mushihimesama has held up beautifully with its immersive insect-blasting premise and large variety of modes that change up the mechanics in ways that'll keep you coming back.

Mushihimesama Review Award image →
Mushihimesama screenshot
Did someone order an exterminator?

Astalon: Tears Of The Earth Retro-Inspired Game of the Month

In my opinion, the best retro-inspired games are ones that feel like they could have been released back in the day so imagine my surprise when I played Astalon: Tears Of The Earth which has you control 3 unique characters as they travel through a super-challenging tower that's filled with dastardly foes and tricky traps. The fact that its graphics and sound are spot-on is just the icing on the cake.

Astalon: Tears Of The Earth Review Award image →
Astalon: Tears Of The Earth screenshot
Ascending this tower is going to be trickier than I thought...

Stonefly Indie Game of the Month

Although it received a lukewarm reception at launch, there's no doubt in my mind that Stonefly is a special game. From its beautiful visual style to its outstanding soundtrack and its challenging unconventional gameplay to its super-rewarding upgrade system; Stonefly has all the elements of an excellent indie game. It may take some patience to get used to how to play it but let me tell you; it's worth it!

Stonefly Review Award image →
Stonefly screenshot
Playing Stonefly is a delight on every level
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